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Erin Angle Bio-Wiki

Erin Angle is the wife of Edward Jonathan Bernthal, also known as Jon Bernthal. Also, Erin and her husband have three children, but little is known about them. As of 2024, Erin Angle Net Worth is estimated at $2.5 million.

Eric Engel doesn’t talk much, and his life is very private. As if it’s hard to see. And what she usually appears with her husband at the red carpet events. It may seem strange that Erin Angle is keeping a low profile, but not all celebrity spouses pay attention.

Erin’s Career

There is no information about his life before meeting Jon Bernthal. It is unknown whether she was working as a professional when she met June and started dating. She has not provided an interview or statement to let the world know about any of his other pursuits or pursuits. Erin Agle Age is unknown.

Erin Angle Has Three Children with Jon Bernthal

After some years of dating, Erin Angle was married to Edward June Bernthal on September 25, 2010, in Potomac, Maryland. Erin Angle and her husband live happily ever after in their Los Angeles home with their three children, Henry, Billy, and Adeline. They sold their Venice cottage for about $2 million.

Pictures of Erin Angle and her children are hard to find unless you check out Jon Bernthal’s Instagram. Henry is six years old, Cat 4, and Adeline two years old. The age of Erin Engle is unknown. Erin Angle is the niece of Kurt Angle, and most did not know that she belonged to the famous WWE star.

Unlike her husband, Jon Bernthal, and her uncle, Kurt Angel, Erin Angle Bernthal chose to stay out of the spotlight and become a housewife. Jon Bernthal’s wife has decided to devote herself to taking care of her home and caring for her three children while her husband engages in films and TV series to supplement it.

Quick Erin Angle Bio:

Full Name Eric Angle
Marital Status Married
Birthplace United States
Ethnicity White
Nationality American
Eye color Dark-Brown
Hair color Blonde
Build Slim
Spouse Jonathan Edward Bernthal (m. 2010)
Erin Angle Height 5 feet 4 inches
Online Presence Instagram
Children 3 (Adeline Bernthal, Billy Bernthal, and Henry Bernthal)

Jon Bernthal’s Wife Is Not Active On Social Media

Erin Angle is a unique woman. Jon Bernthal’s wife is not as active on social media as the most famous spouses are. She does not manage any Facebook pages other than her personal account. Plus, if you’re trying to find some sexy pictures of her on Instagram, you’ll be disappointed. Erin Angle is not on Instagram unless you see her picture on your husband’s account. From a family of wrestlers, Aaron Engel was a wrestler himself before becoming the wife of Jon Bernthal.

She has no idea of ​​her worth but her husband is wealthy and has been covered. Erin Angle’s husband has been a successful actor, starring in films and TV series. Additionally, the father of Earn Engel’s children has performed more than 30 plays on Broadway and locally. June Bernthal was born on September 20, 1976, in Washington DC.

His most popular role in a TV series was Shane in “The Walking Dead” from 2010 to 2012. What probably surprised many people was Brad Bodnick’s role in the comedy-crime movie “Wolf of Wall Street.” What people may not be aware of is that Erin Angle’s husband became famous in 2002.

Erin Angle & John Bernthal
Erin Angle & John Bernthal

Some Details About Erin Angle’s Husband

Jon Bernthal’s information is more accessible than his wife, Erin Angle. He studied at Skidmore College, New York, and then went to Moscow, where he became a student at the School of Art at the Moscow Art Theater.

He was not only studying but was also perfecting his baseball-playing skills. Erin Angle’s husband was a baseball player in the European Professional Baseball Federation where he played professional baseball. John Bernthal was seen playing by the director of Harvard University and was invited to study at the Massachusetts Repertory Theater for a degree. He graduated in 2002.

Bernthal: Small Engine Repair

Shortly after graduating, the second half of Erin Angle began to put her education to the test. She contributed to about 30 30 plays. Also, in June Bernthal’s drama “Small Engine Repair”, Erin Angle’s husband and the cast received an Ovation Award. In addition, John Bernthal was also nominated as the lead actor in the play. In addition, Erin Angle’s husband acted in big-screen production and television, contributing to her overall worth.

Bernthal: TV Roles and Films

Other notable TV series in which Erin Engle’s husband has played include “Law & Order: Criminal Intent,” “Boston Legal,” “CSI: Miami,” “Pacific” and more. However, his most important role was Sean Walsh in 19 episodes of “The Walking Dead”, which nominated him for a Scare Award for Breakout Performance Male.

Aaron Engel’s spouse was being paid about $ 80,000 for each event. Furthermore, Erin Angle should be very proud of her husband, Jon Bernthal. He is always busy acting, and that is probably why Erin decided to stay home and raise her children. Jon Bernthal has played 25 roles in various films. These include “Day Zero,” “Snatch,” “Fury,” “May and Earl, and the Diving Girl.

Netflix’s The Punisher

Erin Angle’s husband, Jon Bernthal, is on “The Punisher,” and people act not only on the actor but on his wife, Erin. The TV series premiered last month, and the show is about guns and violence either being pushed back in the current political environment or being criticized.

Recently, Erin Angle’s husband said that the show is just an art that reflects on issues related to gun violence in society. Erin Angle and June Bernthal have a combined total of $2 million. They are happy together, and you should not expect a divorce, a trend that many celebrities are following.

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Quick Facts About Erin Angle

Here are some quick facts to know about Hollywood celebrity wife, Erin Angle. Erin Engel Kurt Angle is the kind of person for whom her family love is the priority. That’s why he got married in Potomac, Maryland when he intended to get all his near and dear friends. Erin Angle loves animals. Also, there are two dogs of English descent in her family.

She calls this shot about family news that is shared with the public because her husband has revealed that when asked in an interview about the gender of the child, he is the sex of his second child Before announcing it. As of 2024, Erin Angle Net Worth is estimated at $2.5 million.

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