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Writing an essay is not an easy task, and our tips will help students cope with it. Today we will reveal the secrets of preparing a creative essay successfully.

Creative essay ─ definition, structure, topics

An essay is a prose paper of small volume and free composition. In this genre, the author expresses a personal opinion on a particular topic, backing it up with relevant arguments, but does not claim to be an exhaustive interpretation of the subject.

What is a creative essay?

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As a type of academic work, essays are assigned in various subjects: social science, history, psychology, sometimes in mathematics or physics, but most often in English language and literature. Teachers of these disciplines often ask students to prepare a creative essay – an informal work close in essence to fiction. But not all students have a creative streak, so such tasks become difficult for them. If you are one of them, order an essay on a reliable essay writing service https://essayshark.com. You will receive a paper template that will show you how to handle creative essays correctly.

General requirements for writing a creative essay

  1. The essay should present the theoretical level of knowledge of the topic (problem).
  2. The essay should demonstrate your personal opinion on the problem being presented (i.e., value judgments – an opinion based on the belief and views of the author).
  3. The text of the essay must be balanced. If you express one point of view, then the opposite should be presented and analyzed in the text.
  4. The content of the essay should be thoughtful, logically correctly built, and structured (you should write an introduction, main body, and conclusion).
  5. It is necessary to present the sources of information, figures, and facts referred to.
  6. The essay must be creative.

Structure of a creative essay

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The creative essay plan includes 3 points :

1. The first part is an introduction, in which the main thesis of the paper should be defined. An introduction is a starting idea (problem) associated with a specific topic. The introduction defines the topic of the essay and contains definitions of the main concepts encountered.

2. The second part is the main part where you need to develop the thought. Content (main part) is a reasoned presentation of the main theses. The main part is built on the basis of analytical work, including the analysis of facts.

The most important concepts included in writing my paper are systematized and illustrated with examples. The judgments given in the essay must be conclusive. The proof is a set of logical methods of substantiating the truth of a proposition with the help of other true and related judgments. The structure of any evidence includes:

  • thesis – a proposition that must be proved;
  • arguments – judgments based on categories that are used to prove the truth of the thesis;
  • conclusion – a judgment that logically follows from the arguments given by the author.

3. The third part is the summary, where you need to clearly formulate the conclusion defined at the beginning of the work. The part is the final conclusions on the topic, what the author came to as a result of reasoning.

Creative essay topics

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We offer several topics that can be used if a student writes a creative essay.

  1. The future of the country is my future.
  2. Do you agree with the statement that every person should take care of their intellectual development?
  3. In dialogue with life, it is not the question that is important but our answer.
  4. Do you agree with the statement that the fate of the book is decided by the reader?
  5. Is it possible to compromise between tradition and progress?
  6. Creativity in my future profession.
  7. My favorite character of the Silver Age.
  8. Man and nature are part and whole.
  9. Is there equality in friendship?
  10. Does society need advertising?
  11. What is truth? (based on readings)
  12. Is communication impossible without a culture of speech?
  13. What is a victory for me?

Tips for preparing a creative essay

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To prepare a good paper, you need to know the characteristic features of a creative essay

  • a specific topic that can be covered in a small work;
  • the brevity of the presentation;
  • expression of subjective author’s position;
  • the presence of an argument;
  • presentation logic.

Despite the fact that free composition is used in the essay, this paper should not become a train of thought; it is necessary to concisely and clearly state your position on the topic and argue it.

Based on this, the main tips for writing a creative essay:

  1. Choose a topic that you are best at. Even if it is not too creative, the main thing is that you have your own idea about this issue.
  2. Give your own opinion on the issue raised.
  3. Do not use too complex and incomprehensible terms; alternate short, medium, and long sentences to make reading the text easier.
  4. Support it with evidence (historical facts, examples from art, media materials, statistics, and personal experience).
  5. Make sure that the conclusion and introduction do not contradict each other and follow the logic of the presentation. If you don’t know how to end your essay, look at examples of already written essays on your topic.

As for the formatting rules, it is best to use the standard settings: Times New Roman, font is 14 pt, one-and-a-half line spacing, justified alignment, and paragraph indentation according to the requirements.

The beauty of the essay lies in the absence of strict restrictions. Complete freedom of creativity, the ability to express your opinion and share your thoughts, and a perfect solution to a problem are inherent in a creative essay that makes the genre attractive to a creative person who presents original ideas.

Thus, a creative essay is a paper of a small volume on a specific topic. The author freely expresses their point of view, usually relying on their own experience. The creative essay has no clear genre boundaries.

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