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Drunk UNO transforms the classic card game into a great social drinking game that everyone and everyone can enjoy – just grab a few drinks and a UNO card deck. You can follow rules 1 the Drunk UNO Rules game.

Drunk UNO Game Rules

Rule 1

If you cannot play the card with your hand, pick up the card. If you can play that card you are safe, if not drink. You can follow rules 1 the Drunk game.

Rule 2:

If you are dropped off or overturned on drinks. You can follow rules 2 in the Drunk UNO game.

Rule 3:

When a standard wild card is played, it is a social drink. Everyone, including the card player, drinks alcohol. If the +4 Wild is played, then 1 drinker, including each dealer, and if the following player cannot play the card, they drink 5 (1 Social Drink and 4, + 4 ).

Rule 4:

Like regular Uno +2 and +4 card stacks but only +2 with +2 and +4 with +4 card. These are drinks too. For example, if I play +2 cards and the next player plays +2 cards and cannot play the following cards, then they must pick 4 cards and have 4 drinks.

Rule 5:

The only exception to regular rules here is that you can reverse a +2 or +4 unless you change the color in which it was changed. This is what makes the game interesting when there are heaps of drinks in the game. You cannot skip +2 or +4 cards.

Rule 6:

If a player holds his second last card and does not call it Yuno, then everyone who plays has a time frame to call. Between this timeframe is the time they let the card drop and the next player plays or picks up the card. The player also has this timeframe to call Yoon if he can remember. Once the next player does not pay attention to their turn, they are safe. If you get the voice off without saying uni, you have to finish the rest of your drinking *. If it’s almost empty you should remove a brand new beverage.

* Must show your cards to players at all times so that people can try to catch the players in Uno.

Rule 7:

pay attention! Once you play some games, people will start to get drunk. If at any point you have not to able to realize that it is your turn or you forget what color to play, drink. You can follow rules 7 rules of the Drunk UNO game.

Rule 8:

Once one wins, everyone calculates their card. Each card = 1 drink and all +2 and +4 cards are collected as well.

Rule 9:

If your card expires, shuffle the cards that have been made and continue till you find a winner. As always, please remember to drink responsibly! The purpose of this drinking game is not to make you ill because of the overuse of alcohol. Need a ride? Download Uber or Lyft and get $ 5 on your first safe, easy ride. If you enjoy it, please comment on the comments and tell us all the facts about how we can improve it!


  • Giant Uno Cards Deck (cuz, why not?)
  • OR standard Uno Cards Deck

So how do you kick off the game?

The dealer has to issue 7 cards to every player for playing Drunk UNO. Then the first player to the left of the dealer starts the competition.

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How does one become the dealer then?

Playing partners have to collect cards from the pile. Whoever picks the card with the highest number is the dealer. But if two players take the lead but tie their picks, then they will have to choose the card again.

The card above the pile is made to show face. The first player should start the game again. He has to select the card with his hand to match the card above the pile. Matches can be based on color or number. But in addition, he can also attach it to a wild or +4 action card. Otherwise, if he fails to do so, he must take a drink, then select a card from the pile of drawings. Then every player takes his own turn.

What marks the end of the UNO Drinking Game?

When a player has issued all the cards except one card, the game ends and you have to scream “wool”. Otherwise, if he fails to scream, then he will have to take four drinks and pick up his cards again. Below are more rules that make the game more interesting. UNO Drinking Game is a famous game in the world.

How to Setup Drunk UNO Game:

  1. To decide who is a dealer, you can draw a card for the maximum number or the oldest player. Action cards are more than cards with numbers. After number 10, it is overturned, give a turn, give wild, give 2, give 4. 4 If 2 players tie for a higher card, they draw 1 card after each. You can follow rules 1 the Drunk UNO game.
  2. Each player has to face. After dealing with 7 cards on each card, turn one card upwards from the deck. You can follow rules 1 the Drunk UNO game. UNO Drinking Game is a famous game in the world.

The person on the left side of the dealer (clockwise) always starts first. If it is away from the action card (explained below) then it applies to the player, even if it is a pickup card. You can follow the Drunk UNO game. UNO Drinking Game is a famous game in the world.


You can follow the Drunk game. Drunk UNO is an exciting social game to play with your friends. Most people come up with minor game changes. The above rules, therefore, provide you only one guideline. You can get creative play and create more excitement in the game. So would you like to try the game? Then bring 3 or more willing partners together and experience the excitement! You can follow the Drunk game. UNO Drinking Game is a famous game in the world.

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