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Drew Grant Bio

Drew Grant is an American author, journalist, editor, and producer. She is also fond of pop culture / real crime, currently associated with digital media outlet ranker. In the past, she has worked for the likes of RealClear Media Group, The New York Observer, Salon, crushable, and 236.com. A New York resident, Grant earned a bachelor’s degree in English and literature in 2006. A year later, she began her professional career as an editorial assistant to pop culture at 236.com. Drew Grant Age is 48 years old.


Drew Grant Bio
Drew Grant Bio

Grant began her work as a staff writer in the New York Observer in September 2011 and will work there for about to six years before joining the RealClear Media Group. Since May 2018, she has been working at Ranker. Grant is also a freelance writer, editor, and critic, and has also worked for Forbes, AV Club, Observer, Bunny Airs, and Real Clearlife to name a few.

Professional Career Drew Grant 

After graduating from Oberlin College in 2006, Drew Grant joined the Huffington Post’s sister site 236.com the following year as an editorial assistant for pop culture. Drew worked there for one year and four months before joining the blog publisher, WebSpace Initiatives, as an editor. She worked there for ten months from August 2008 to May 2009.

From April 2009, she started blogging at Nero, a digital communications company that focuses on strategies, creativity, and technology, with the goal of educating the audience on further engagement. Informed, motivated and empowered to take action. Grant joined Crushable.com as a staff writer at which she began blogging for nerves. Crucible used to be an online news outlet that specifically reported on pop culture, but later changed its name to Egypt and became an online magazine for women.

Drew Grant Net Worth
Drew Grant Net Worth

After to do working there until February 2011, for nearly two years, Grant joined the Salon Media Group as a pop culture writer. Founded in 1995 by David Talbot, Salon is an American news and opinion website with a politically progressive, liberal editorial stance.

Drew Grant Office

Grant worked in the company’s New York office. She worked for the salon for seven months and then joined the New York Observer in September this year as a staff writer. The New York Observer’s grant period was significant. She worked there for five years and ten months until June 2017. After adding to the ranks, she eventually became an art and entertainment editor.

It also compiled the television vertical, TV Download of the Observer. Following his departure from the Observer, Grant was hired by RealClear Media Group, which spans the interests of a combined company of 14 brands. She moved from New York to Los Angeles to take up a new job. Drew Grant worked for the RealClear Media Group for about six months, from November 2017 to April 2018. Since May 2018, she has been working as a writer and list writer at Ranker. She is also a renowned freelance writer, editor, and critic, and has contributed to various fashion and entertainment news, including Cosmopolitan, Forbes, AV Club, Observer, Maxim, The Toast, Jezebel, Real Clearlife, and Bunny Air is included.

Personal Life

Drew Grant Pop Culture Reporter was born in Park Slope, a resident of northwest Brooklyn, New York. Little is known about her early life and childhood. When she was young, she moved to Delaware with her family. After growing up and graduating from high school, Oberlin attended Oberlin College, a liberal arts college in Ohio. In 2006, she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Language and Literature.

Drew Grant Wiki
Drew Grant Wiki

After dating for three years, Ari proposed the grant. She accepted and they were married in 2014. Drew Grant Ari Melber has steadily expanded its professional career and in July 2017 became the host of MSNBC’s “The Bet with Eri Melber”. The couple finally divorced in 2017. No results found in the relationship. Children. At this time, Drew Grant Reporter has a relationship with a boy named Richard Alexander and she often appears on her social media posts. Currently, she lives in Los Angeles, California.

Personal Information:

Birth Name: Drew Grant
Date of Birth:  May 25, 1972
Nationality:  American
Birth-Nation:  United States of America
Profession: Journalist, Author
Marital Status: Married
Hair Colour:   Dark-Brown
Eye Colour: Dark Brown
Ethnicity:     White-American
Weight:   55 kg
Drew Grant Height:      171 cm
Drew Grant Net Worth: $500 k
Ex-Husband: Ari Melber

Causes of Divorced? Drew Grant

Drew Grant was married in 2014 to NBC legal analyst and host of The Beat, then-boyfriend and now ex-husband Ari Melber. Ariadne Drew married at a private ceremony. The couple met in 2010 during a social event. After that, the couple started meeting each other; both of them were successful in their professional lives but failed to live their lives and divorced in 2017, three years after their marriage.

However, the couple has no children. According to reports, Eri Melberg had a hard time with his ex-wife. After divorcing Grant, Erie said that their love life was a problem. He tweeted, “Sometimes a girlfriend means to listen to” Scar’s song “on a Saturday, including the hashtag #Lanning.

Drew Grant Net Worth

Drew’s earnings are mostly for his professional career. She receives a salary of $ 53,000 annually.

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