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Dana Wheeler-Nicholson Bio

American actress Dana Wheeler-Nicholson was born on October 9, 1960, in New York, USA. Dana’s films, such as Fletch and Saks Air, left a good print in Hollywood. However, Dana Wheeler-Nicholson is best known for her role as Gail Stanwyk in the 1985 film Fletch. Furthermore, the handsome actress began her film career in 1984 when she was in her early twenties. Dana Wheeler-Nicholson’s age is 60 years old.


So far, Dana Wheeler-Nicholson has played a bucket of movies. Also, the actress has been contributing to the Hollywood film industry since the ’80s. Dana Wheeler-Nicholson’s most recent appearance was in 2015, in six years. In addition, Wheeler is the granddaughter of American comedian Malcolm Wheeler Nicholson, founder of DC Comics.

Dana Wheeler’s Husband

Dana Wheeler-Nicholson married Alex Smith in 2011. Alex Smith is Director, Writer .F and Producer. The couple also worked together in the movies. Alex won several Best Director awards at the film festivals. Furthermore, he has directed films like Blood in the Blood, Slaughter Rule, Walks Out, The Canning and many more. Moreover, many of Alex’s films were nominated for Best and he has also won Best Director and Author Award. In addition, Smith has also worked as a producer on numerous films such as winter in the Blood, Dance with the One, Walking Out and more.

Dana Wheeler-Nicholson Bio
Dana Wheeler-Nicholson Bio

In fact, he is one of Hollywood’s favorite directors. Dana and Alex worked together in the movie ‘Blood in the Blood’ and ‘Dance with One’. There is no exact information or evidence about when Alex and Wheeler-Nicholson started dating each other. Also, but it is understood that after Dana Wheeler-Nicholson’s relationship with Nick Chinlund in 2002, they may have started dating each other.

Professional Career

Also sometimes known as Dana Wheeler-Nicholson, she has appeared in numerous feature films but is perhaps best known for her role in Fletch; Moreover, which has attracted interest from Gail Stanwyk, Will’s wife, and title character (Chevy Chase). Furthermore, have Dana Wheeler-Nicholson is best known for her performance as Mattie Blake, wife of Wyatt Earp’s common law in Toms town (1993). Wheeler – Nicholson, Bye Love (1995), Dennis Calls Up (1995), Fast Food Nation (2006), and Parkland (2013). Also, on television, Wheeler-Nicholson guest-starred in Seinfeld, Law & Order, Law & Order: Criminal Intentions, Sex, and the City, Boston Public, and Boston Legal.

Dana Wheeler-Nicholson Bio
Dana Wheeler-Nicholson Bio

Dana starred in the short-lived NBC comedy Beverly Hills Buntz from 1987 to 1988 And was cast in 2001 on ABC Daytime Soup Opera All My Children. In the mid-2000s, Wheeler-Nicholson moved to Austin, Texas, from Los Angeles. Moreover, from 2007 to 2011, Dana Wheeler Nicholson was to be repeated as Angela Colette in the NBC drama Friday Night Lights. In addition, in 2014, Wheeler-Nicholson played Scarlett O’Connor’s abusive mother-in-law in ABC’s musical drama series Nashville. In 2015, Dana Wheeler Nicholson portrayed Hannah Fidel’s independent drama film 6 years, portraying the mother of Ben Rosenfield.

Personal Information:

Birth Name:             Dana Wheeler-Nicholson
Mother Name:  Dana
Father Name:       Douglas Wheeler-Nicholson
Date of Birth:      09/11/1960
Nationality:       American
Birth-Place:   New York, United State
Profession:               Actress
Marital Status:        Married
Hair Colour:  Light Brown
Eye Colour:      Light Blue
Religion:    Christianity
Ethnicity:       white American
Weight:    65 kg
Dana Wheeler Nicholson Height: 5 feet 9 inches
Children:    2
Dana Wheeler Nicholson Net Worth: $1 Million
Dana Wheeler-Nicholson Husband: Alex smith

Dana Wheeler-Nicholson Net Worth

Dana Wheeler Nicholson’s net worth is $1 million The actress has long been working in Hollywood. Also, her life in films has been more than three decades. According to the Pace Scale, the average income of Hollywood actresses and actresses is $49,841 annually. However, Wheeler-Nicholson does not appear in many of today’s films, but she was an influential actress of Wheeler-Nicholson’s time.

Regarding salary at this time, the annual salary of a Hollywood actress is $18,764 to $237,830. In addition, although the amount may have been a little lower in Dana Wheeler-Nicholson’s time, Dana Wheeler-Nicholson may have paid a fair amount for her contribution.

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