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How can you pique viewers’ attention in the opening eight seconds of a video? If you struggle to grab their interest, check out these 5 tips for creating better YouTube intros. The first eight seconds of a YouTube video are also called the “introduction,” which you can make with YouTube intro maker free, like Vista Create, and this intro is the most important part. There’s a lot going on in this short amount of time to keep people interested and keep them from getting bored. You should give them something to enjoy, get their attention, and hint at the value you promised in the title.

Are you ready for your YouTube channel to grow? The only way to know is to try out different approaches. And just for you, here are five ways to get people interested in your YouTube videos right away.

1. Show Off Your Video’s Best Parts

Give a suggestion about the most fascinating element of your YouTube video instead of the conventional technique of introducing a subject. Choose a video that causes viewers to gasp, laugh, or grimace.

Finding this time is also simple. Usually, here is when things start to become interesting in your tale. This could occur when a secret is shared rather than a joke, or when a “failed” activity causes people to laugh until they start to weep.

These sections draw your readers in by providing them with a preview of what’s to come. They have the motivation to remain and observe since they know what will happen!

Source: descript.com

2. Say You Can Help with a Problem Solution

Which issues is your target audience dealing with? Do they have a hard time getting accepted to school, finding fulfilling employment, or even training their pets? Do they want to pay off their credit card balances in a stress-free manner?

Introduce yourself by addressing their concerns and offering solutions if you have any idea what they could be. This one step will make your viewers feel that their lives will be altered for the better just by viewing your movie.

3. Try Asking a Question

In addition to being an excellent discussion starter, questions are also effective at the beginning of YouTube videos. This works because it forces the observer to pause and consider what you’re asking. They are unable to consider abandoning the video while they are attempting to find the solution, at least not yet.

This is exactly what you’re hoping for. Your primary goal should be to get people to stop what they’re doing, pay attention to the video, and interact with it.

So, if you ask a question in your introduction, make sure it’s:

  • Relevant to viewers’ lives
  • Something interesting to think about
  • Simple to grasp
  • It will be talked about in the video

4. Appeal to Senses

When writing an introduction, make an effort to appeal to as many of the senses as you possibly can. Provide the audience with something intriguing to look at, even if it’s only a new perspective from the camera. In order to break up the monotony of merely hearing your speech, you should let them hear a variety of noises and include some text.

When these elements are missing from a video, the experience is not nearly as entertaining as it may have been otherwise. The action progresses less quickly, and the atmosphere in the scenes is much too silent. A moment later, you realize that you are bored and decide to switch off the video.

But adding these things will keep people from leaving:

  • Effects of sound;
  • The music changes;
  • Different types of text;
  • Jump cuts, panning the camera, zooming in and out, and zooming in and out;
  • Try animated intros if you want to try something new.

5. Start with a Quote That Makes to Think the Audience

You could start your video with a quote if you want to give people hope. This simple step gets people ready for happier things to come, so they can get through the introduction and watch the rest of the video.

The best part is that it’s easy to find well-known quotes. You can get them from people who work in the field, books, TV shows, movies, and so on. When you use a quote, just remember to give credit to the person who said it first.

In the end, all you have to do to make people laugh is do something silly. Do something shocking to make them gasp. Try to be the best part of their day, and they’ll be more likely to watch your videos.

Source: cinema8.com

6. Establish a sense of urgency from the beginning by setting a timer or countdown clock

Setting a timer or countdown clock can be an effective way to create urgency and make your viewers feel like they need to watch the video right away. It adds a sense of excitement and keeps them engaged, rather than allowing them to lose interest and move on.

If the video is under 8 minutes, try having the timer hit “0” as soon as you finish talking – this encourages viewers not to leave until they find out what happens next. This technique can help keep people from skipping through your content or switching over to another video before yours has finished playing.

7. Utilize the 80/20 rule: 80% valuable content & 20% branding

When creating videos for YouTube it is important to make sure that viewers gain immense value from watching your content in the first eight seconds. Utilize the 80/20 rule: 80% valuable content & 20% branding – this means that creating content that educates and entertains is far more important than putting a logo on the screen or having branded colors or music playing in the background. You need to grab their attention and make them curious if you want them to stay engaged with your video until the end.

Source: darvideo.tv


Capturing the attention of viewers in the first eight seconds is an essential part of succeeding on YouTube. There are many tactics to use such as engaging visuals, attractive thumbnails, and a strong hook that can help grab a viewer’s attention and keep them engaged for the entirety of your video. With these tips in mind, you can be sure your videos will stand out from all the rest!

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