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When it comes to gaming, there will always be a typical debate about which is better: PC gaming or console gaming. Both are more suitable in their respective ways, but PC gaming is far more flexible, versatile, and can be upgraded constantly.

However, there are many PC gamers who really dislike console gaming. Are you wondering why? In that case, you can scroll down below to check out the potential reasons. You can click here to have a look at the best PC games.

Top 6 Reasons Why PC Gamers Does Not Like Console Gaming

Here are some reasons that explain why PC gamers do not like console gaming at all.

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1. Consoles can not be upgraded

When it comes to consoles, the first complaint of PC gamers is that they can not be upgraded. It implies that after some years, technology outstrips the console’s cost-to-power ratio benefit. In general, if you acquire a console when it first comes out, you may obtain the best hardware for a relatively low price.

Brands get more money from downloads and online subscription services than from the first sale of the console. But, as the technology is quickly evolving, gaming PC systems are a better alternative since you can upgrade them with the most recent technological advancements. It is not the same case with consoles.

Because of the adaptable and modular essence of how PCs are created, a high-end gaming PC will always be quicker and more powerful than a gaming console. With the continuous technological advancements, the consoles will lag further behind.

2. Limited modifications of games with add-ons

In general, console systems are severely limited when it comes to altering games using plugins, add-ons, and emulation software. Besides that, many console games need permission from the creators before they want to make any tweaks. However, PC gamers do not have to deal with this problem as PC games can be customized openly.

Emulation is probably illegal, but it does not halt PC players from installing a program to enjoy the famous old-school consoles like the PlayStation 1 and Super Nintendo. It would never be possible on a gaming console because they are relatively limited in terms of their potential to be modified or how they function.

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3. Console games are one-trick ponies

Consoles are indeed one-trick ponies that are constructed to perform just a limited number of tasks. The missions they are formulated to do are completed to a high degree, which makes them a decent choice if you know exactly what you are looking for. If you need more flexibility, like the ability to compose documents, modify photos, or even launch an internet business, a dedicated PC system is a way to go.

Up to some extent, Windows, Linux, and even MAC are open-source operating systems that enable you to download a variety of software programs that can assist you to do plenty of tasks. In addition to that, you can also get to play visually stunning games. Due to this flexibility, PC systems are far better than consoles.

4. Console graphics retain only a few adjustment choices

Another complaint of PC gamers is that consoles cannot be altered in terms of graphical settings. It implies that a few games may not seem completely suited for the playstyle you desire. Besides that, the customizable choices between high and low refresh rates based on the screen quality or the version of the console is a relatively latest feature of consoles.

A few gamers want to play on low settings, so they would not wish to spend a lot of money on the latest console or powerful gaming machine. In addition to that, the PC is adaptable to any settings you prefer to play on, which makes it more versatile.

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5. Console games and piracy

PC fans perceive themselves as a massive barrier to firms that try to persuade players to acquire their costly goods at exorbitant prices or use monthly paid subscriptions for their services. Based on your moral code, you might or might not approve of the idea of doing pirate things. PCs have more freedom and they allow you to get software, games, and media for free using torrent or illegal P2P services.

It is an incredible benefit for those who do not have enough funds or come from developing countries where they can not buy expensive software or the most up-to-date games. For instance, the freedom to use software for free might turn out to be for a good cause in some situations, such as when an individual utilizes it to advance their education or for the betterment of the nation.

6. Consoles will become outdated with the latest releases

There are some PC gamers who choose not to constantly upgrade their system, which is another benefit of PC gaming. In addition, the PC always supports older games continuously and also makes new games available.

For instance, if you have an old gaming PC, you can still play the latest games using platforms like Steam. However, you have to purchase a new Xbox or PlayStation that was released recently to play the new cutting-edge games. Similarly, you must get the old console of that timeframe when you want to play old games.

In addition to that, many people are aware of the fact that older consoles lose updates and software support which are essential to keep them operating smoothly. However, a PC would not have that problem for several years. When it comes to long-term viability, PC gaming is a considerably better bet than a console which has a lifecycle of fewer than five years.

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Bottom Line

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons why PC gamers usually do not show interest in console games. They prefer to stick with PC games as the upgrades are broad, unlike the limited upgrade options in console games. Even in graphics, PC games have more choices than console games. In addition, read Game Manual.

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