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Always clean your sex toys before and after use to make sure they are safe to use. We are sure that it is clear to you that dirty vibrators and other sex toys can cause unpleasant infections.

If you are lazy, you can occasionally use a special tool for sex toys, as well as condoms. When you learn to take proper care of them, they will last you a long time and you will not have any health problems. To help you take better care of your sex toys, we’ve made a list of things you need to know.

1. Consider the material

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While all sex toys need to be maintained properly, that doesn’t mean you’ll maintain every toy the same way. Think about the materials before you start cleaning. In order to make the best decision and properly maintain sex toys, it is best to think about this before buying. We know you are only thinking about types of the dolls, for example, if you want mini sex dolls or some other type, but you should also focus on choosing non-porous materials such as silicone. Otherwise, you risk a toy that can keep harmful bacteria, which are mostly hard plastic, elastomer, jelly rubber, etc. They can retain large amounts of bacteria even after cleaning.

Look for medical quality materials instead, and according to the owner of the xndoll.com that would be medical silicone and TPE. Every quality sex toy will have instructions on how to clean it. If you bought a product that did not come with instructions, feel free to ask the dealer for an opinion. However, porous toys can also be less harmful if a condom is used and when it comes to solo use. If it starts to smell strange or changes color, you must stop using it.

2. Investigate sex toy cleaners

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Here, the opinions of experts are divided, because some believe that it is enough to clean a toy with soap and water, while others think that it is not enough. For them, a specialized sex toy cleaner is a better option. If you decide on a cleanser, try to find a product that is water-based and free of alcohol and parabens. You will find a lot of such products on the market, so read the ingredients and pay attention to the manufacturers. Before buying, be sure to look at the reviews, experiences of other customers and the reputation of the product. However, you can always use alternative methods.

3. Maintenance of porous and non-porous materials

So, there is a difference in the materials when it comes to maintaining these toys. Depending on your choice, you should follow these few rules. For example, you will never immerse a battery-powered vibrator in water and do similar things. ABS plastic is a non-porous material which means that hot water and soap or sex toy cleaner will be enough for cleaning. You will choose it in a lint-free fabric bag. Cotton belongs to the group of porous materials and you will use cold water and soap, dispose of it in a clean container or drawer. Some other common materials are crystal, stone or wood.

They are non-porous and you will maintain them just like ABS plastic. Silicone, also belong to this group of materials, and you can clean them in two ways. First way is hot water and soap, as well as sex toy cleaner while other way is boiling water or sanitize in a dishwasher. Latex is a porous material and you need to use water at room temperature as well as soapy washcloth.

4. Storage

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Whether you have cleaned the sex toy properly or not, it will not be ready for reuse if you have not stored it well. The next step after adequate cleaning is to put the toy in a clean place. Such a place should have conditions that correspond to the material of the toy. However, once you have cleaned the toy, drying follows. After it dries well with a clean towel, put it in a sterile object or bag.

This will protect it from other objects that contain a lot of bacteria. You can buy specialized bags and items for storing these toys on most websites and you will have many options. Popular places to store toys are a nightstand, bathroom cabinet or underwear drawer. Try to keep vibrators and similar sex toys away from powders, oils or perfumes.

5. The importance of proper maintenance of sex toys

Imagine eating food that has been at the bottom of your bag or drawer with various items for a long time. This is exactly what playing with an unclean sex toy that is incorrectly stored looks like. It will be sticky and covered with bacteria. It will also affect her appearance and lifespan. Worst of all, you can have serious health consequences, especially those prone to sexually transmitted infections. Ignorance of materials and misuse of toys is another factor that leads to such health conditions.

For example, if you used porous material during anal sex or exchanged it with other partners and used it again, you made a huge mistake. Even after thorough cleaning, this item becomes unusable if you are not the only one who used it for one opening. Clean your toys every time and don’t ignore differences in materials. We are sure that you want to keep your body parts away from hair, dust, viruses and other debris.

6. Drying toys

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You can leave all the products to dry in the fresh air to dry well. For example, porous toys are very similar to human skin. They have tiny holes that look like pores on your skin. This means that a lot of bacteria are kept here, which remain even after cleaning. Pay attention to non-porous materials that contain batteries, because they need to be removed before washing and dried well before returning the batteries. After washing them, open the battery compartment and leave it in the fresh air to dry.


In order not to risk your health and money, it is important to maintain your toys properly. In that case, use appropriate cleaning agents, storage space and dry them well after washing. Try to use top quality sex toys, because such materials are better disinfected and provide greater sexual pleasure.

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