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Diablo 4 has finally left the OBT format and switched to the status of open servers, and players from all over the world rushed into the new world of a fairly well-known series that continues the idea of dark fantasy and the confrontation of humanity with the invasion of dark forces and demonic creatures.

Best Character to Start

You need to choose a hero that best suits your playstyle and fits into your fire team if you’re not playing alone. You can choose:

  1. The barbarian – a melee fighter who can accelerate his damage and fight with literally every weapon in the game.
  2. Sorcerer- uses strong single and mass procasts to attack the enemy with various schools of magic, depending on MP.
  3. Rogue – a mixture of a dagger and an archer with the ability to choose the direction of development. A melee or ranged fighter with strong physical damage from skills and normal attacks.
  4. Druid – a master of summoning animals, and can change his appearance and turn into a bear or wolf The direction of the attack and its strength depend on the appearance.
  5. Necromancer – Raises the dead and attacks enemies with his army. One of the strongest and relatively simple classes in the game. Resources and dead enemies for the resurrection of the army are literally everywhere, and the essence that is needed for magic is generated very quickly.

Getting Levels and Their Meaning

Getting Levels and Their Meaning

Diablo has always been built on the principle of gaining experience for the sake of stat points and skill points, which you can use at your discretion to strengthen the hero and choose your direction for the class.

Experience can be obtained by leveling, clearing dungeons, killing bosses, or order a leveling from the Skycoach service from the link – https://skycoach.gg/diablo-4-boost/products/powerleveling-2099.



Having chosen your character, you need to run through the initial location and see all the tasks that you can take to advance along the storyline and additional sources of experience and gold. You will enter the combat zone with minimal equipment and weapons, and you will have to get yourself the best items of equipment yourself.

Just destroy all the monsters that will come across you on the way to get levels and learn your first skills, look for large and small caves to perform sweeping and take out more valuable items and weapons to strengthen your hero, or for sale.

Your experience will vary a bit, depending on whether you are a console or a PC gamer. Reviews from players indicate that the experience is much more enjoyable on mouse and keyboard.



The first serious sources of experience, leveling, and learning the ideas of Diablo 4 chapters are dungeons.

These are special zones that have a fairly small amount of space that is overflowing with monsters and potential rewards.

Each enemy is a source of good weapons and armor, but the chance is peculiar. Due to the large number of monsters and the fast kill time, the chance of getting something really significant increases many times over, which is why dungeons are so valuable, especially for beginners. This is not counting the very fast progression of levels, increasing the power of skills and advancing your hero.

Dungeons can be of two types:

  • Dead ends – in which you need to go in, destroy all the monsters, find a chest with a random reward and go outside, continuing your adventures.
  • Corridor – locations that, in addition to the usual cleaning and search for valuables, also carry the idea of moving between locations in one act, which is important for the storyline. Be prepared for the fact that such locations will have several floors full of monsters.

Equipment and Weapons

Each type of weapon and equipment in Diablo 4 has its own strengths and an overall level that determines their value. The most important and powerful items will always be sets.

This is a type of equipment that gives significant increases to the parameters of the hero and strength for certain skills when two or more items from the set are found. These are the rarest and most valuable items that Diablo 4 has.

Next comes the legendary equipment, which can be knocked out from bosses, random monsters, or found in a chest. This is the kind of item that initially comes with an impressive list of bonuses that often don’t affect skills.

With weapons, the situation is similar, and sets often have weapons that are associated with the effects of sets.

Equipment repair

Everything in the world of D4 has its own wear and tear, and from time to time objects already fall into your hands being on the verge of breaking.

Don’t worry – if your equipment or weapon reaches the value 0, they won’t disappear or be destroyed, they will simply cease to be available for putting on and will be removed from the inventory. By the way, this can play a trick on you during hunting, or farming, if a serious weapon or armor flies off.

Check the repair status before leaving, and contact the blacksmiths in all cities to repair equipment for gold.



In Diablo 4, there is the concept of fame, which helps players to strengthen their heroes and help each other in the development of the territory and various auxiliary mechanics.

To gain fame points and move to a new level, receive bonuses to experience, gold, potions, and auxiliary items to enhance equipment.

To receive an increase in the level of fame and grow in level, you need to:

  • Discover new territories
  • Find and activate Lilith’s altars.
  • Open the gates of Contemplation.
  • Complete secondary tasks that are not related to the main quests and the passage of acts.


In Diablo 4, you can travel in the classic way, using teleports to locations that you have already explored and opening up the possibility of returning to them. The new way is to go on the road on a horse.

To do this, you need to go through the first three acts and go to the Cathedral of Light as part of the accompanying story mission and complete the tasks of local NPCs in order to get your first mount. The horse can be customized and given the look that appeals to you the most, but you cannot upgrade the pet.

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