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Chance The Rapper Bio

Chance the Reaper is an American hip-hop recording artist with a Chance the Reaper Net Worth of $25 million. Also, Chance the Reaper was born in April 1993 in Chicago, Illinois. He is a member of the Save Money Group and lead singer of the band The Social Experience. Moreover, Chance, the Rapper released its first 10-day mixtape in 2012. He is notable for being one of the most successful unsigned musical artists ever.

He doesn’t have a great deal on label records, and because of his success, the Grammys have also made stream albums eligible for awards. Furthermore, its mixtape Acid Wrap was released in 2013 and reached # 26 on the US Hate Seekers chart and # 63 on the USR&B and Hip Hop charts.


Chance The Rapper Wiki
Chance the Reaper Net Worth

Chance the Rapper released Mixtape Free Based Freestyle (with Lil B) in 2015 and the color book in 2016, which reached # 8 on the Billboard 200 chart. It was featured on Justin Bieber’s song “Confidence” which reached # 1 in Denmark. Also, it appeared with artists such as Chance the Rapper Jeremy, R. Kelly, James Blake, Kanye West, Lil Wayne, 2 Chains, Young Thug, Future, Tea Paint, Skrillex, Common, Madonna, Busta Poem, and Macklemore & Ryan. Chance the Reaper Net Worth 2017 is $25 million USD.

In addition, on February 12, 2017, Chance the Rapper won three Grammys, Best New Artist, Best Rap Performance, and Best Rap Album. In July 2018, Chance invented a hometown called Chicagoist. He is also dipping his fingers into the world of acting, which also featured some high-profile film performances. Chance the Reaper Net Worth is $25 million USD.

Personal Life

Chance the Ripper has married his girlfriend, Kirsten Corley. He was married on March 9, 2024. Their two daughters, Kensli, were born in September 2015 and Marli was born in September 2024. Also, before their marriage, Chance and Kirsten had a long relationship. This resulted in more child support issues from Kensli. Later in March 2017, the dispute was settled out of court. His daughter, Kensli, was born with the atrial flutter and this led to a re-discovery of her Christian faith. He believes that God is thankful for his blessings and for his success. He now lives in Chicago with his family.

Source of Wealth

Chance The Rapper’s wealth is mainly from the sale of his music over the years. He also makes money from online streaming and sales of his music. He also makes money on selling goods and earns money from tours and partnerships with other artists. Another important source of revenue for this popular wrapper is the support of commercial sponsorships and brands. In this regard, he has been involved with top brands such as Nike, Nestlé, Doritos, MySpace, H&M, Doctors and more.

Chance The Rapper Net Worth
Chance the Reaper Net Worth

Early Life

Chance is the stage name of The Reaper Chancellor Jonathan Bennett. He was born on April 16, 1993. He was born in Chicago, Illinois. His father, Ken Williams, is a politician named Bennett. Kane was a former mayor of Chicago, aide by the late Harold Washington. He was also an aide to then-Senator Barack Obama. Bennett’s mother worked for the Illinois Attorney General. His name is Lisa Bennett. Thanks to his parents’ career, he didn’t need big money like many other rappers.

He has a younger brother named Taylor Bennett. He grew up in Chatham, a neighborhood on Chicago’s South Side. Chance the Rapper attended Jonas College Prep High School, a public four-year electoral enrollment high school in Printer’s Row neighborhood in the heart of downtown Chicago. After graduating from high school, Bennett attended a community college for a week before leaving. When he was in fifth grade he started to become interested in music.

Career Highlights

Bennett began his music career in high school. He was influenced by the music of the late Michael Jackson, whom he heard on cassettes until his fifth grade. In addition, jazz and gospel songs played by her parents also influenced her, as was Kanye West’s hip hop song on the radio. Also, she started rapping in the sixth grade and in her freshman year of high school, formed a hip hop duo group with a friend.

His earliest performances took place at the Herald Washington Library in Chicago at the YOUmedia songstress loft. He was ranked second in a competition for writing local songs. In addition, the then Mayor of Chicago, Richard M. Daley, loved his song. Moreover, he added to the “Show Me Love” song. This is the song from the album released by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. Chance the Reaper Net Worth is $25 million USD.

Opportunity and Karim Abdul Jabbar performed “I was a rock” at the 2016 ESPY Awards tribute in honor of the late Muhammad Ali. He wrote a song that was used in Nike’s film commercial. Similarly, the occasion was also among the shrimp that Nestlé used to promote its cut-bar. He was involved in a new trade campaign with H&M. In addition, he rejected the request to join a good music record label owned by Kanye West. Also, he rejected this offer because he prefers the freedom to be a freelance artist.

Chance The Rapper Net Worth
Chance the Reaper Net Worth

2017: He performs at the Grammy Awards and also presents the gospel choir and orchestra by Tom Brooks, along with gospel artists like Kirk Franklin and Tamela Mann. Chance the Reaper Net Worth 2017 is $25 million USD.

Chance the Reaper Net Worth Awards & Achievements

In this Grammy Award, she received 7 nominations and won 3 Grammys. Chance the Reaper Net Worth won the “Best New Artist” award. Lil Wayne and his track “No Problem” with 2 Chains won “Best Rap Performance”, and his album “Coloring Book” won “Best Rap Album”. Also, the song “Last Christmas” was nominated for an Emmy Award in the “Outstanding Original Music and Lyrics” category. Other artists who shared the nomination include Canon Thomson, Eli Brueggemann, and Will Stephen. Chance the Reaper Net Worth 2017 is $25 million USD. Chance the Reaper Net Worth is $33 million USD.


2018: Furthermore, he sings two new songs, “My Own Talk” and “The Man Who Has Everything.”

2019: In Super Bowl LII, he appeared in Back Street Boys as well as a commercial for  Doritos. Moreover, they put together a remix of “I want it this way.” His first studio album “The Big Day” was released in July.

Quick Facts: Chance the Reaper Net Worth Net Worth

Birth Name:  Chance the Reaper
Date of Birth:    April 16, 1993
Nationality:   American
Profession:   Singer/Producer/Actor
Marital Status:   Married
Hair Colour:  Black
Weight:     77 kg
Height:  177 cm
Chance the Reaper Net Worth Net Worth: $33 Million
Ex-wife: Kirsten Corley

Chance the Reaper Net worth

By 2024, Chance the Reaper Net Worth has more than $40 million in value. Also, Forbes even made an astounding $33 million in 2017 alone. Chance the Reaper Net Worth 2017 is $25 million USD.

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