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Carlton Gardens (Melbourne)

The Carlton Gardens are in two parts: the Axis Gardens on the south side of the site, and the Northern Garden, which was the scene after the end of two great 19th-century exhibitions. Adjacent to Victoria, Rathdowne, Carlton, and Nicholson Streets on the outskirts of downtown Melbourne. The entire block was originally designated by the Victorian Parliament in 1878.

During the global displays of 1880 and 1888, the southern aspect of the nursery turned into a nursery of joy with numerous attractions. South Carlton Nurseries, as it is presently known, is utilized for display purposes. It’s mostly designed by William Sangster and Joseph Reid. The south door of the building, towards the city, is at the top of the design.

At the front of the building was a surface contour, and in a semi-circular space is an ornamental fountain in the middle. A formal view is provided by a 24-meter-wide avenue, and two other paths form a reading axis from the fountain. In 1888, another fountain, the Westgarth Fountain, was added.

Temporary exhibition attachments during the 1880 Melbourne International Exhibition covered the northern part of the site. Hodgkinson designed the area to complement the building, once the pavilions were temporarily removed.

Royal Exhibition Building and Carlton Gardens

The Royal Exhibition Building and the surrounding Carlton Gardens were designed for the great international exhibitions of 1880 and 1888 in Melbourne. The building and grounds were designed by Joseph Reid. The building is made of bricks and wood, steel, and slate. It features Byzantine, Romantic, Lombardic, and Italian symbols.

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Carlton Gardens Australia
Carlton Gardens Australia

The property includes a global show development that has seen in excess of 50 displays somewhere in the range of 1851 and 1915 in different areas, including Paris, New York, Vienna, Calcutta, Kingston (Jamaica), and Santiago (Chile). Everyone shares a common theme and the goal is: to chart material and moral progress through industry exhibitions from all countries.

Outstanding Universal Value

Brief synthesis

The Royal Exhibition Building and the Carlton Gardens are living preservation of the international exhibition movement that flourished in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The presentation building was worked as an amazing corridor.

Moroever, a lasting structure at first expected to house the Melbourne Global Show of 1880 and the Melbourne Centennial Worldwide Display in 1888. These were the biggest events in colonial Australia and helped introduce the world to the Australian industry and technology.

The site includes three parcels of Crown land in Melbourne, two Crown Lands for public entertainment (Carlton Gardens), and an exhibition building. Further, a recently built museum (exhibition reserve). The inscribed property consists of a 26-hectare rectangular block surrounded by four city streets. An additional 55.26 hectares in the surrounding buffer zone.


The totality of the composed property is kept up inside the cutoff points set in 1879. The Melbourne Gallery was manufactured north of the Regal Show Working in 1998-2000.


The Royal Exhibition Building and the Carlton Garden property have retained the high authenticity of the layout. Which has maintained its original appearance on the International Exhibition Site, which was acclaimed in 1879? The site is still surrounded by city streets and is based on the Bluestone Planet. Iron railings bound to the exhibition grounds in 1880.

In addition, the Great Hall of the 1880s retains much of its shape and design, both internally and externally. As the only great hall of a large industrial exhibition in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The authenticity of the form is evident in its survival. Also, connected to East and West, not part of the original design and intended to be used only temporarily,

Demolished in the middle of the 20th century. Some modern interventions have been replaced, including two structures connected to the Northern Heights in the 1960s and 1970s that were demolished and the original structure repaired. Recent restoration work includes the restoration of lost jewelry around the parapet line.

Protection and Management Requirements

This property has legal protection and a proper planning framework. Further, the organization considers the broad measures gave by both the Australian Government and the Victorian Government under arranging and legacy enactment and strategies.

The Burra Sanction Standards uphold the Illustrious Show Building and the Protection The board Plan of the Carlton Nurseries and the World Legacy Condition Zone Procedure Plan. Also, together, these documents provide a policy framework for protection and management.

Property is protected and protected through regular and rigorous repair and protection programs at all levels of government.

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