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Carla Gugino Bio

Carla Gugino is an American actress best known for her role as Sally Jupiter in the movie ‘Watchman’, Ingrid Cortez in ‘Spy Kids’ trilogy and Dr. Vera Gorski in ‘Soccer Punch’. TV series ‘Threshold’ and ‘Karen Sisco’. In addition, she has appeared in a number of films, including ‘Son in the Law’, ‘Night at the Museum’ and ‘The Space Between Us’. To date, she has performed a number of acoustic roles. Born to an orthodontist father and “bohemian” mother, Gogino was raised in two different homes after her parents separated when she was two years old.


She was an “A” student in her high school and graduated as a valedictorian. Inspired by his aunt, former model Carol Merrill, she studied acting. Gugino finally came to his aid and was released from the age of 16. The most talented and charming actress stands as a successful and passionate artist in today’s modern entertainment industry. Whenever she’s not shooting, she likes to hang out with her friends. She also enjoys yoga at leisure.

Professional Career

In Carla Gugino’s early work on television, programs include ‘Saved by the Bell’, ‘Wonder Air’, ‘Dougie Hooser’ and ‘Falcon Crest’. During the late 1980s and early 1990s, she appeared in films such as ‘Troup Beverly Hills’ and ‘Listen to her’. In 1995, she played the non-St. George’s role in the BBC’s The Buccaneers. The following year, the actress portrayed the role of Ashley Shaffer in the drama ‘Spin City’. Shortly afterward, he did films like “Snake Eyes”, “LifeLife” and “Judas Kiss”, in which he co-produced the last film.

In 1999-2000, Gogovino acted as Dr. Jenna Simon in the series Hope Chicago. She later appeared in films such as ‘The One’ and ‘Spy Children’. Between 2003 and 2004, she played the titular character in the series ‘Karen Cisco’. In 2005, American Beauty joined the cast of the “Threshold” series as a doctor. Molly Ann Caffrey ‘. That same year, she also acted in the flick ‘Carla Gugino Sin City’. From 2007 to 2010, she appeared as Amanda Daniels in ‘Job’.  During this time, Gugino also contributed to the drama series ‘California’ as well as films such as ‘American Gangster’, ‘React Mar’, ‘The Inborn’, ‘Watchman’, ‘Elektra’ and ‘Sharp’.

Carla Gugino Wiki
Carla Gugino Wiki

She was featured in films like ‘Soccer Punch’ and ‘Mr. Popper’s Penguins “in 2011. Soon after, he played Suzanne Berg in the miniseries ‘Political Animals’. In the years to come, Gugino starred as Kate Hewson in ” Wayward Pines’ ” (2015) and also starred in her films “San Andreas” (2015) and the sitcom “The Brink” (2015). ۔ During this time, he also played Shelley in the comedy-drama series ‘Roadies’. In 2017, the actress filmed ‘The Space Between Us’ and ‘Gerald’s Game’.

Personal Life 

Carla Gugino was born on August 29, 1971, in Sarasota, Florida, USA, to Carl Gugino, an orthodontist, and her English-Irish wife. When she was two years old, her parents divorced after which she was raised partly in her father’s home in Sarasota and partly in her mother’s home in California?

Carla Gugino Net Worth
Carla Gugino Net Worth

She mentioned in an interview that they had no wedding plans because they thought it was unimportant. She also said that there is something sexy and fun about being just a boyfriend and girlfriend. They have nothing but the desire to be with them. They have never had children and have no plans. Carla Gugino’s enjoys massage and loves dark chocolate.

Personal Information:

Birth Name:             Carla Gugino
Father Name:          Carl Gugino
Date of Birth:           August 19, 1971
Nationality:              American
Birth-Place:               Sarasota, Florida
Profession:               Actress
Marital Status:        Married
Hair Colour:               Dark brown
Eye Colour:                Green
Ethnicity:                 American
Weight:                    61 kg
Carla Gugino Height:   5 foot 5 inches
Carla Gugino Net Worth: $14 Million
Carla Gugino Husband: Sebastian Gutierrez
Siblings: Carl Jr. (Half-Brother)

Carla Gugino Married

Speaking about her love life, Gugino has been in a relationship with Venezuelan director and screenwriter Sebastien Gutierrez since 2005. Also, Carla Gugino commented on the fact that they had been in a relationship since the 1990s but never married.

Carla Gugino Net Worth

Carla Gugino Net Worth is estimated at $14 Million.

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