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Rob Dyrdek Wife’s name is Bryiana Noelle Flores. She is an American model and a successful entrepreneur. She was featured in Playboy Magazine and eventually became ‘Playmate of the Month’, which made her famous. Rob Dyrdek Wife has worked for several beauty and apparel brands. They are one of the models whose top list modeling agencies are lining up to sign them.


Bryiana was the winner of the ‘Perfect Page of the World’ in 2014. ‘Currently, she is serving as President of’ Iconic Beauty ‘, a collaborative brand in women’s empowerment. Bryiana Noelle Flores is married to former television actor Rob Deardick. Rob and Bryiana are blessed with two children.

Early Life

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Rob Dyrdek Wife Bryiana Noelle Flores was born on July 21, 1991, in Selena, California. Rob Dyrdek Wife spent most of her childhood in Los Banos, central California. Bryiana is from the Philippines, Chinese, Caucasian, Cherokee, Spanish and Black Foot. When Rob Dyrdek Wife was young, she had a life-threatening illness. Doctors suggested a surgery that included a bone marrow transplant, but Bryiana was dead on the idea of ​​having surgery. Instead, she decided to continue her medication.

Her strong determination and never-ending attitude helped her recover, but this was not the end of her trauma because she was constantly bullied at her school. Many of her schoolmates made fun of her slim body and Rob Dyrdek Wife stature. When she expressed her desire to be a model, everyone discouraged her by saying that she could never be a model because of her stature. But Rob Dyrdek Wife followed her heart and removed all obstacles before deciding to choose modeling as her career.

After completing her high school education, Bryiana participated in some local beauty. In 2008, she was crowned ‘Miss Teen of the Nation’, and two years later, she was awarded the title ‘Miss California Teen’. Then she moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in modeling. She got her first professional assignment in Los Angeles. She was featured in the famous Playboy Magazine, and her charming photos made her the ‘Playmate of the Year.’ ‘One year later, she won’t The Perfect Page of the World ‘and later she became a supermodel.

Rob Dyrdek Wife Career

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Today, the world can see Bryiana as a successful model, but it has not been easy for her to become one today. At just 5 feet and 3 inches old, she had to be determined enough to succeed as a model. But her sincerity and strong determination gave him the confidence to climb the ladder of success. Her striking facial features and a lean body helped her in modeling efforts. Rob Dyrdek Wife is currently serving as president of a brand of ‘iconic beauty’ that supports women’s empowerment.

She was so impressed by her efforts to create the best performance of women in the organization that she decided to share her experience and knowledge, which she had acquired throughout her career. Bryiana strives to make this brand a great platform for women around the world.

Personal Life

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In 2013, Rob Dyrdek Wife loved the love of her life only after becoming famous with Playboy Magazine. From the beginning, Rob was convinced that Bryiana was her soul mate. The age difference between the two has never been a problem in their relationship. The wedding that Rob Deardick suggested was nothing short of a fairy tale. At an event held at Disneyland, Rob made a grand entrance and surprised his lady love. He then went down on his knees, presented a beautiful diamond solitaire and proposed a wedding. Rob Dyrdek Wife 2024.

To celebrate their engagement, the couple went on holiday to the amazing Caribbean island. After a year and a half of traveling around, they finally got married in September 2015. Marriage was a very important issue because only close friends and relatives were on the guest list. Bryiana and Rob were given a son in September 2016. They named it Kodah Dash Dyrdek. Their second child, a baby girl, was born December 29, 2017, which she named Nala Ryan Dyrdek.

Personal Information:

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Full Name: Bryiana Noelle
Rob Dyrdek Wife Age: 31 years old
Birth Date: July 21, 1991
Horoscope: Cancer
Birth Place: Los Banos, California, USA
Profession: Model, designer, and entrepreneur
Rob Dyrdek Wife’s Height: 5 feet 3 inches (1.62m)
Nationality: American
Weight: 38.5 Kg
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black
Waist Size: 25 inch
Bra Size: 32C inch
Hip Size: 33 inch
Full Name: Bryiana Noelle
Martial Status: Married
Children: 2
Bryiana Noelle Net Worth: $30 Million

Appearance, Clothing style

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Bryiana has long dark brown and hazel eyes. It measures 5 ft 3 in (1.62 m), weighs 100 lbs (45kg) and has significant figures of 32-25-33. According to the style of her dress, Bryiana prefers ordinary looks, often wearing denim shorts and a tank top, as she lives in warm climates. She also likes costumes in the costumes of Disney characters

Rob Dyrdek Wife Net Worth & Salary

Bryiana’s Net Worth is estimated at about $30 million, while her husband’s total worth is estimated at about $50 million. The couple benefits from their numerous business ventures, while Bryiana also earns money from her Instagram account, as her post can cost up to $3,330. Dyrdek also owns a seemingly luxurious mansion in Los Angeles, which, naturally, has a separate skateboard park in the backyard.

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