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If you’re reading this article you’ve probably experienced a rush of excitement while playing some good old game of pokies, and now you wonder how this game is so addictive.  Pokies, whether real machines or online versions of the game are one of the most popular ways to gamble both in New Zealand (as it is one of their favorite casino game), and in the world. In addition to sports betting, most people have fun placing their bet on matching some fruit.

Although in modern games there are at least a million combinations of different symbols one can match, the game is often associated with fruits, because of the first machines that came out on the market, and are still present in most casinos today. Pokies have two main advantages. For one, the stakes are not particularly high and fall into the comfort zone that suits most people. Also, online pokies have a good mix of skill and luck, so anyone can win.

In recent years, people engaged in researching the gambling industry have tried to figure out the reasons for the incredible dominance of these games among casino fans. Many scientists have come to the conclusion that the popularity of pokies is largely influenced by psychology.

The whole story about the connection between psychology and these games can be viewed from two aspects. On the one hand, we have players who each have a unique psychology, while on the other, there are casinos that use different methods to influence the psychology of users to play pokies even more.

Pokies – individual psychological approach to players

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Each player who participates in one of these games has unique motives that encourage him to do so. Most people think that money is the main incentive that drives people to play. However, psychologists are of the opinion that the fun and excitement of players while participating in a casino game are the main reasons for their popularity. While people are having fun, the body secretes the hormone of happiness, and their brain recognizes such a state as something desirable and tries to maintain it as long as possible.

Although playing pokies in a casino is an extremely attractive and enjoyable activity that can bring the player a monetary win, this form of entertainment should also be consumed in moderation. Excessive playing can lead to serious addictive diseases that require hospital treatment.

Most people who research gambling take the view that it is impossible to win in the long run, but that it is possible to minimize losses.

How do providers affect the psychology of players?

It’s no secret that the world’s leading manufacturers and distributors of these games spend huge sums of money to research the impact of various features of games on the psychology of players. Namely, they try to find out what needs to be improved in a certain game in order to attract as many clients as possible. After all, more players automatically mean more money for the company.

Design, theme, and sound effects of games

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People who research pokies and the behavior of players who participate in them have come to the conclusion that the design, theme, and sound effects of these machines themselves have a great impact on the player’s psyche. Games with modern graphics and a familiar theme have a pleasant effect on players and keep their attention for a long time. As a result, they often lose track of time, and hours seem like minutes.

When it comes to the music and sound effects that are part of every pokies game, players are said to be in a better mood when they hear pleasant tones while participating in a game with a favorite theme. Also, music in traditional casinos has a positive influence on visitors, and thus on pokies players.

Number of pay lines

Traditional machines had one pay line. When you inserted a coin and pulled the lever, there were two possible outcomes—win or lose. However, modern ones also have over 100 pay lines, giving you a higher chance of winning.

Also, in practice, it looks a little different. This is where the so-called LDWs (Losses Disguised as Wins) effect occurs, thanks to which losses are disguised as wins, and when one pay line matches, the player gets back only part of his invested money.

Although this is a real loss for the player, modern machines cover it up with flashing lights and spectacular sound effects. This is intended to achieve a psychological moment that will cause a feeling of victory in the player’s head, although it is not actually the case.

Game speed

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Another factor by which providers affect the psychology of players is the very speed of a particular casino game. Namely, the research came to the conclusion that modern pokies machines with faster gameplay occupy the attention of players for longer than some from twenty years ago.

After all that has been written, it is important to keep your gambling activity controlled.

Here are a couple of tips:

  1. The player should choose the casino that suits him best;
  2. A player must always have a certain plan when gambling;
  3. The player must set a certain amount of money for gambling and must not exceed it;
  4. A player should set a certain playing time to which he must adhere to;
  5. In case of big losses, the player should not try to recover the money, but give up and try again.

Final word

After this article, some might conclude that all pokies casino games are designed to cheat players. However, we must understand that, like all other companies, pokies providers simply want to make money from their products, and people who don’t like that always have the choice to find another form of entertainment.

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