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Belen Rodriguez Wiki

Belen Rodriguez is an Argentine-Italian model, fashion designer, host, television producer, performer, singer, and businesswoman. It gained recognition after modeling several international brands and being featured on the cover of eminent magazines. She continued to promote racism, as well as the adult magazine ‘Playboy Italy’, which defamed her and made it a sex symbol. Later she became a TV presenter and started hosting various programs. Most importantly, she has twice hosted the Sanremo Music Festival. Also, Belen Rodriguez Anni has also launched himself as a singer and actor, and under her belt, there are three singles and numerous films.


Belen Rodriguez Wiki
Belen Rodriguez Wiki

Together with his younger sister, Cecilia, she founded the Family Factor Company and designed and produced the beachwear line, ‘Mei Fui’. She owns a restaurant in Milan called ‘Rocky’, which earned its name in the New York Times’ food section. Also, Belen Rodriguez Italia along with her husband started the clothing store chain, 4 stores, but after initial success, it failed. Further, international media have named him “Reputation Sofia Loren” and “Italian Sara Carbonero”.

Childhood & Early Life

Belen Rodriguez was born September 20, 1984, in Buenos Aires, Argentina to Gustavo Rodriguez and Veronica cozzani de Rodriguez. Moreover, she has two younger siblings: brother Jeremias and sister Cecilia. She completed high school graduation in 2001. Furthermore, she later enrolled in the Faculty of Communication Sciences at the University of Buenos Aires. But, she left to focus on her modeling career.

Professional Career

She was part of numerous fashion campaigns for ‘Miss Sixty’, ‘Taglia 42’, ‘Cotonello’, ‘Pinup’ and ‘Yamamayo ‘ from 2004 to 2008. In 2007, she began her four-year-long association with TIM, showcasing television commercials called Donna Dei Sogni (Dream Woman), with Elisabetta Canalis and Christian De Sica. In 2005, it made the banning headlines for the ‘ Vuemme Calendar 2006’. Also, in the following years, Belen Sorella did enviable photoshoots on many calendars for ‘De Nardi Calendar’, ‘Fair Calendar’, ‘Maxim Calendar’ and ‘Tim Glamor Calendar’. Belen, who had previously refused to pose for the Playboy Miami pageant, went on to show ‘Playboy Italy’ in the summer of 2009.

Belen Rodriguez Bio
Belen Rodriguez Bio

In early 2008, she traveled to Florence, Rome and Naples to attend fashion shows for brands such as ‘John Richmond’, ‘Stripe’, ‘ Vanitas ‘, ‘ Jadea ‘, and ‘Trendy Two’. In the following years, it collaborated with the hair and beauty salon chain ‘Cottrell’, the intimate wearable brand ‘Jediya’, and the clothing brand ‘Imperfect’. She became the face of jewelry firm ‘2 Jewels’ and technology firm ‘LinkedIn’ in January 2012. In May of the following year, they, along with Jerry Scotty, promoted mutual cooperation between pasta brand Barilla and McDonald’s restaurant chain in Italy.

In 2013, she became a fashion designer, collaborating with stylist Fabio Castelli on the clothing line ‘Incomplete’. Later this year, she, along with her sister Cecilia, presented the clothing brand’s 2013-2014 fashion line as models and designers. Also, she also worked on a new beach line, ‘Me Fui’, in the summer of 2014. In 2014, she and her then-husband, Stefano Di Martino, became spokespersons for ‘Richmond Perfumes’. In January 2015, after a 10-year long business relationship with John Richmond ended, it created a sensation.

Career As a TV Host

Belen Rodriguez started as a guest on November 2006 at Telecommunications, Val Camonica local television network Telecom. The following year, she began his career as a TV presenter by co-hosting the late-night comedy show ‘La tintoria’ with singer Taiyo Yamanouchi.

In 2007, she co-hosted two more TV shows, Sanremo Show’ and ‘Style Libro Max’. Later this year, she participated in the entertainment news program Verissimo, hosted by Silvia Toffanin. In 2010, she was a guest performer at the prestigious Italian Song Contest, Sanremo Music Festival. She later hosted the show in 2011 and stepped down as an alternate host in 2012. She signed a special contract with Mediate in 2011 and made the television series ‘Colorado’. As part of the deal, it also hosted the television talent show ‘Italy’s Got Talent’ with Simone Annicchiarico next year. Furthermore, since 2014, she has been the co-host of the talent show ‘Tú sí que vales’. She joined the show ‘Striscia la notizia’ as host in 2015 and returned to the next edition of the show.

Singing Career

While hosting ‘La tintoria’ ‘ in 2007, her co-host and singer Taiyo Yamanouchi offered him a special contract for the start of his music career, which she refused. However, two years later, she acted as a singer with the song ‘Die Movie’.

In 2010, Belen Rodriguez sang a full version of Toto Cutugno’s single ‘Aeroplani’ with the singer during the third night of the 2010 Sanremo Festival. In addition, it released the single ‘Amarti è folle’ for the soundtrack for the film ‘Non c’è due senza te during the Sanremo Music Festival, titled’ Maria Belén ‘during the Sanremo Music Festival 2015.

Acting Career

Belen Rodriguez began her acting career in the 2010 film ‘Natale in Sudafrica ‘, in which she played the female lead. She then worked in the feature film ‘Se sei così, ti dico sì’ and appeared in an episode of the television series ‘Il commissario Montalbano’. During 2011-12, she was a regular guest on the set work ‘Così fan Tutte’… She played the lead role in the 2012 animated film ‘Gladiator the Roma’. Moreover, her latest acting credits include the lead role in the feature film ‘Non c’è 2 senza te ‘ and a guest appearance on the television series ‘Don Matteo’ in 2016.


Belen Rodriguez filed a lawsuit in 2006 against Google for indexing obscenity websites that allocated its image. Also, in 2013, Belen Rodriguez created a controversy after posting a video on Instagram in which she could be seen punching his son in her mouth.

Personal Information:

Birth Name:             Belen Rodriguez
NickName:              Belén
Mother Name:         Veronica Cozzani De Rodríguez
Father Name:      Gustavo Rodríguez
Date of Birth:   September 20, 1964
Nationality:   Argentina
Sun-Sign:    Virgo
Profession: Models Dancer
Marital Status:  Married
Hair Colour:        Brown
Eye Colour:   Hazel
Weight:  60 kg
Belen Rodriguez Height:  5 feet 9 inches
Children:          Santiago De Martino
Belen Rodriguez  Net Worth: $1 Million
Belen Rodriguez Husband: Stefano De Martino (M. 2013–2015)

Major Works Belen Rodriguez

While Belen Rodriguez has a diverse career as a model, TV producer, actor, singer, and businesswoman, Belen Rodriguez is known for her work as a host. Further, in 2011, she became the host of the Sanremo Music Festival, one of Europe’s most important shows. Belen Rodriguez Wiki, Facts, Life, Career, Net Worth, Instagram, Age

Awards & Achievements Belen Rodriguez

Belen Rodriguez won the Premio Regia Televisiva Award in 2011 for her work as a television host. Also, Belen Rodriguez also won the Galà Della Pubblicità Public Award in 2014 for her advertising work.

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