Get your pair skydiving thrill with the activity stuffed bounce in the core of Melbourne! Defeat seashore and city sky diving in Melbourne’s just seashore skydive. Experience the last rush of the fall at over 200km/h for an insane 60 seconds, and afterward glide under the umbrella for 5-7 minutes with astounding perspectives from above.

Best Skydive Melbourne: Extraordinary perspectives, incredible spots, incredible client care, and incredible teachers. You’re in the safe skies with the SkyDive Australian crew, so step out of your comfort zone and push personal boundaries with the SkyDive experience that will remember you forever.

Always want to tick your bucket list on skydiving? St. Kilda Beach is a great place to do this, with easy access from the Melbourne CBD and incredible views of Melbourne and Port Phillip Bay. Have the most exciting experience of your life with a skydive jump of up to 15,000 feet.

Amazing Adventure

Skydiving is the highest, fastest, most extreme adventure sport in them all! Securely paired with your experienced and professional tandem instructor, you’ll be guided through your entire skydiving in Melbourne’s only beach skydiving zone at Melbourne’s St. Kilda Beach.

As the excitement grows, your expert instructor will prepare you for the countdown and together you will exit the plane and make the final jump to 15,000 feet! Experience a life-changing free fall of 60 seconds at an awesome speed of about 200 km / h.

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Sky Diving In Melbourne Australia
Sky Diving In Melbourne Australia

The underlying pace of free fall and the rush make skydiving an undertaking that can’t be coordinated. When the teacher has conveyed the parachute, unwind in the tranquil overhang and see the stunning ethereal perspectives on St. Kilda Seashore and Melbourne.

Enjoy the benefits of beach and city skydiving in one go. Silent gliding in the air provides the perfect contrast to the fast, noise-free free fall on your beach drop zone. Upon completion of your Skydive, be sure to pump your adrenaline!

Awarded a great sense of accomplishment and personal accomplishment. If you are thinking of taking a leap once, or just enjoying skydiving, a tandem skydive is the ultimate adrenaline rush and a real treat for adventure lovers.


Skydiving Melbourne is no longer exciting. Experience the ultimate adrenaline rush tandem skydiving from the Sky Diving Center near our St. Kilda Drop Zone, Melbourne CBD. Get off the plane for 15,000 feet for the 60-foot insanity of life-changing freefall.

Float under the roof for 5-7 minutes and enjoy 360-degree views of Melbourne curling around the glittering harbor Philip Bay. Our dedicated and experienced skydiving staff knows exactly how to remember the Melbourne Skydive. Then revive the thrill with our awesome skydiving video and photo packages.


Amazing views of the Yara Ranges and Yara Valley Vineyards. A great job to do around Melbourne! Book directly with us and score a bonus $ 20 merchandise voucher to spend on awesome t-shirts, hoodies, beans, and more after your skydiving! It is important to book directly and one voucher per person to spend after your jump.

Sky Diving in Melbourne

Underground is a popular tourist destination. In addition to a great mix of different cultures, Australia is blessed with natural beauty. This beauty is a thousand times higher in the capital city of Melbourne, Victoria.

The vast beaches along the Bass Strait and Port Phillip Bay look more beautiful than 15,000 feet in the air. Skydiving in Melbourne attracts thousands of visitors each year, many of whom remember it as the most memorable event of their lives.

In Melbourne, you have the choice to look over three changed areas for this jump: the Incomparable Sea Street, the Yarra Valley, and St. Kilda. Peruse on for more data about these spots.

Enjoy sky-diving fully in Melbourne. Vertoe is present in the city to take care of your baggage storage needs. Click luggage storage Melbourne for all details.

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