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Summer allows homeowners to spend quality time in the outdoor spaces enjoying the warm weather. But some neglect their outdoor spaces during the cold season and only consider renovation in summer when they want to host a party or invite friends for an outdoor dinner.

There are many ways to renovate or upgrade an outdoor kitchen. Therefore, homeowners looking for BBQ island or kitchen improvement tips have many options. This article highlights simple ideas to remember when building or upgrading an outdoor kitchen.

Plan the Project on Time

Plan the Project on Time

Homeowners who yearn for the sizzling sound of the steak on the grill and the inviting smell of the BBQ should start planning the outdoor kitchen building project early enough. But where can they get inspiring ideas and the latest trends?

The leading websites, such as rtaoutdoorliving.com and social media platforms, offer unlimited ideas and images to enhance creativity. These platforms also recommend quality modern appliances and systems to enhance the outdoor experience.

Remember that creating an outstanding and functional outdoor kitchen needs advanced skills and creativity. Therefore, it is advisable to start early enough to avoid last-minute rush. The contractor also needs time to order quality appliances, materials, and decorations and install them to achieve the desired look.

Evaluate the Available Outdoor Space

Before ordering the latest BBQ set for an outdoor kitchen, homeowners should assess their outdoor space and what would work best for them. They should also choose the appliances based on the available space and the purpose of the outdoor space.

For example, people who love to host parties should invest in large appliances for food preparation and leave enough seating spaces. They might also need a refreshment bar with beverages, a fridge, and quality bar stools for outdoor parties.

Ordering appliances and systems without measuring the available space might lead to inconveniences or untimely replacement. Therefore, involve a contractor to measure the space and pick a design layout that best matches the space.

Compare the Available Appliance Options

Compare the Available Appliance Options

After choosing the outdoor space design, it is time to choose the ideal appliances. Fortunately, the leading appliance manufacturers provide different BBQ island appliances to match customer preferences.

For example, a homeowner can buy an outdoor kitchen package with a fridge, cabinets, gas or charcoal grill, trash drawers, sink, and garbage disposal unit. The built-in BBQ grills are also a popular option for modern homeowners.

The latest built-in grills have H burners, rotisserie kits, stainless steel tops, heat zone separators, and searing rods, which could enhance the grilling game. Therefore, visit local and online stores and compare the appliance designs and prices to pick the best without stretching the budget.

Install a Unique Countertop

The outdoor kitchen countertops should provide generous working space for people preparing food. They should add color, create a focal point, and impress guests when hosting dinners and home parties. But what are the trendy countertop materials in the market?

Each countertop material has its pros and cons. For example, granite is a popular choice for homeowners because of its beauty and durability. However, it requires regular sealing, mainly because it is exposed to harsh weather in the outdoor space.

Slate tiles and concrete are unique and durable but require complicated maintenance procedures. Other materials homeowners can consider include stainless steel, glass, engineered stone, quartz, porcelain, and travertine.

When choosing the countertop material, consider the weather conditions, budget, location, and the intended purpose of the BBQ island.

Buy a Pizza Oven

Buy a Pizza Oven

An outdoor pizza oven is a trendy addition to the BBQ island. Besides being trendy, a pizza oven can impress guests and make the event memorable by feeding them. The leading pizza ovens use wood and can roast potatoes, cook turkey, bake potatoes, and make pizza.

But what is the ideal size of the pizza oven? Professionals recommend going for a giant oven that could fit the available space. Although the large ovens take time to warm up, they can bake more food and are easy to use.

Create a Generous Storage Space

The storage space can make or break the outdoor BBQ island. Unlike other features usually designed for aesthetics, storage spaces are attractive, functional, and necessary. Large storage spaces are always better because they allow homeowners to store utensils, pans, pots, and accessories separately.

Consider installing closed and open shelves and cabinets for easy storage and access to various things on the outdoor BBQ island. The open shelves are ideal for attractive pieces such as modern glasses and plates. The shelves demonstrate a sense of style, protect small devices, and allow easy access during food preparation or parties.

Provide an Outdoor Television

Provide an Outdoor Television

Some homeowners like watching sports or movies with family and friends late in the evenings while enjoying their beverages. If the patio has a generous space for a television, consider mounting it on the wall or a large patio post.

If space is a limiting factor, consider installing the TV on the ceiling with a ceiling mount to allow convenient viewing. Those with a covered patio and a tight budget can use an indoor television outside.

However, outdoor TVs are more convenient because they are designed to withstand harsh weather and adjust the glare to enhance the viewing experience even with bright sunlight.

Install Quality Lighting

LED bulbs and string lights offer an affordable way to enhance the BBQ island. The string lights create a welcoming and intimate atmosphere for outdoor parties and social gatherings. Fortunately, string lights are easy to find, choose, and install.

They are also available in different designs, colors, patterns, and shapes to match the patio’s theme. Although string lights are not used every night, homeowners do not need to remove and store them because they can be used all year round.

Homeowners looking to install or upgrade BBQ islands have many inspiring design options. Although individuals have different tastes and preferences, these suggestions can help homeowners create a unique and stylish outdoor space. Remember to consult professionals when designing the BBQ island to avoid making costly mistakes.

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