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Azuka Ononye is a Nigerian professional dancer. Also, Azuka Ononye also worked as a backup dancer with several famous artists. Ononye also performed on several shows, including The X Factor. Azuka Ononye was also a backing dancer for Elisha’s third album, The Entertainer. Azuka Ononye’s age is 40 years.

Moreover, Ononye started his career as a commercial model and actor in Nigeria. He has also appeared in numerous commercials such as Guinness, Captain Morgan, and T-Mobile. In addition to his dance career, Azuka’s fans were more concerned with his personal life and overall worth. Plus, we’ve got interesting facts about it. For more details about Azuka Ononye, contact us.

Childhood of Azuka Ononye

Azuka Ononye was born on December 14, 1980, in England, UK. Azuka had moved to the UK with his brothers at a young age. Also, Azuka is a Nigerian professional dancer. He worked as a backup dancer with several famous artists.

Ononye also performed on several shows, including The X Factor. Azuka Ononye is from middle-class family background, so he stayed with his brother in poor economic conditions until he got a big break on the reality show X-Factor. In addition, Azuka and her brother live in a council flat in Fulham, west London. Moreover, Ononye is of British nationality and, as far as his race is concerned, he has a black ethnic background.

Inside Of Azuka Ononye’s Career

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Speaking of Azuka Ononye’s career, Azuka Ononye later got a job as a backup dancer of English recording artist Elisha Dickson when his band name was Mis-Teek. They immediately clicked and became friends. In 2010, Ononye was the back dancer for Elisha’s third album, The Entertainer.

Also, the album was released in the UK on November 29, 2010, and released the lead “Little Drummer Boy” on September 5. Azuka danced when he performed in the final of Miss World 2010. He has also worked as a backup dancer of many world-renowned artists such as Tenny Rampa. Similarly, Azuka performed on several shows, including X-Factor.

Azuka Ononye’s Dancing Career

It was a very favorite contest by Simon Cowell, judge of The X Factor, a British TV talent competition series. Simon really warmly appreciated all of his performances. Simon Cowell’s acclaim may also be the reason for his huge popularity on the show. In addition, he has worked in advertising for Guinness, Captain Morgan, and T-Mobile.

Azuka also performed at the Miss World 2010 exhibition. In addition, the professional dancer, Azuka, also danced for Alexandra Burke and Tiny Tampa at Azuka Ononye X-Factor. Ononye has also appeared in numerous films, just like a video game: The Movie and Fracture Space.

Net Worth

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A hardworking man, Azuka Ononye, accessed spotlights and tabloids on the Internet outside of Nigeria. He will surely make a big name for himself in the years to come. Azura Ononye’s salary is approximately $19,672.90, a year from her dance. However, its total worth and salary are still under consideration. But, his wife, Elisha, has an estimated net worth of about $4 million by 2024. Elisha’s annual salary was $580,000 from British Got Talent.

In addition, Azuka has been active on his social media and has a large fan following on social networking sites such as Instagram and Twitter. He has 890 followers on Twitter, and more than 13k followers on Instagram. Talking about the physical measurements of Azuka, he is about 180cm tall and weights about 71kg.

Personal Information:

Birth Name: Azuka Ononye
NickName: Azuka
Mother Name: Sal Gibson
Father Name: Yvonne Cole
Date of Birth: 1980 /12 /14
Nationality: British / Nigerian
Birth-place: United Kingdom
Profession: Dancer
Marital Status: Married
Hair Colour: Bald
Eye Colour: Dark Brown
Religion: Christianity
Ethnicity: African
Weight: 71 kg
Height: 5 feet 11 inches
Children: 1
Azuka Ononye Worth: $1 Million
Azuka Ononye Wife: Alesha Dixon

Azuka Ononye Married Life

Speaking of the personal life of Azuka Ononye, Azuka Ononye is in a long relationship with his girlfriend, Alesha Dixon, a British singer, rapper, model, television producer and, at the same time, a talent show judge. About a decade ago, the couple introduced themselves as friends when they were dancers and Elisha was on the road for his music career. The loving couple finally started dating in 2012.

Then they openly accepted their relationship and spent the weekend in Marvella on the Costa del Sol. According to reports, the pair were also spotted shopping and eating around Puerto Banus. On June 20, 2012, Azuka and his longtime partner, Elisha announced that they were expecting their first child together. Elisha gave birth to her first child, Azura Siena, on October 7, 2013. The couple was often seen in public places with their beautiful daughter. It seems that their relationship is going well and there is no point in the breakup.

Alesha Dixon

The two are loyal to each other, and Alesha probably shows off her boyfriend on long vacations and Louis Vuitton clothes. It is reported that Elisha and Azuka got married in 2017, but it has not been confirmed yet. Rumors of their marriage often make headlines after Auntie when she introduces her as his “husband” back in 2017 when the two were inducted into the Michael McIntyre show.

According to Bosel, the couple is about to get married. “This is my dear husband. You can call it Azuka! Ant McPartin and Declan Donnelly officially announced at the end of Britain’s Got Talent Season 10 in June 2024 that Elisha is waiting for her second child with Azuka. And in several other interviews, Elisha said that she was not tied to him. It is still a matter of whether Elisha and Azuka have already exchanged their vows.

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