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Amy Redford Bio

Amy Redford is an American actress best known for her role as Elizabeth Brenner in the romantic comedy film “Giving It Up” and the historical drama in Sylvia MacCard’s The Last Confederate: The Story of Robert Adams. Also, the daughter of twin Academy Award-winning actor and director Robert Redford, Amy has been exposed to the glamour world since childhood. Furthermore, she always wanted to be an actress, and after graduating from high school, Amy Redford studied drama/theater arts at San Francisco State University. In addition, Amy Redford also studied at Colorado Boulder University and took theater classes in London.


Amy Redford Bio
Amy Redford Bio

Redford debuted its screen in 1998 with an episode of CBS ‘crime drama’ Delaventura ‘. Amy Redford debuted on the big screen a year later, in 1999, in the romantic comedy ‘Giving It Up’. In the years to come, Amy Redford has guest-starred on TV shows such as ‘The Supernovas’, ‘Sex and the City’, and ‘Law and Order: Criminal Intentions’. Also, in 2007, she performed a memorable performance in ‘The Last Confederate: The Story of Robert Adams’. Like his father, Redford is just as comfortable behind the camera. As a producer and director, she has been involved in numerous projects.


1998 Amy Radford was active in the American and British theater scene in 1998 before being screened in Season One of ‘Dilantora’. This year, she also appeared in the live-to-video movie ‘Love and Imagination’. General Chat Chat Lounge In 1999, she acted opposite Mark Feuerstein in the romantic comedy film ‘Giving It Up’. Redford plays Elizabeth Brenner, the director of the no-nonsense account, for which Feuerstein’s character, Ralph Gigante, promotes emotions and looks intensely for the treatment of her so-called addiction to sex. Also, in 2000, she featured guests on three TV shows, ‘The Supernovas’, ‘Sex and the City’, and ‘La And Order: Special Victims Unit’. In the 2001 comedy film “Merge and Acquisition,” Redford portrayed a “Times” editor. She shared the screen with Jennifer Lopez in the romantic drama “Maid in Manhattan” in 2002.

Similarly, In 2003, Amy Redford played one of the lead characters in Sam Navy’s drama film, “Funny Funny”. She also appeared in the indie drama “List Man Running” this year. In 2005, she has cast as Maureen Groves in the season four episode of ‘LAND OR ORDER: Criminal Intentions’. Moreover, she then worked with Romero Dawson and Nathan Crocker on the musical drama ‘The Music Inside’, in the romantic drama ‘This Revolution’ and with daughter Bina Lanyard and Steven Brian Conard.

Amy Redford Wiki
Amy Redford Wiki

Also, Redford as a producer and director has also had some success. Furthermore, In 2007, she produced an episode of the documentary series ‘Aperture’. In 2008, she began directing with the musical drama “Guitar”, which she also produced. Also, the film was a critical failure but received a slight response from the audience. In 2016, she produced and directed the short video ‘Everyday People’.

Amy Redford Family & Personal Life 

Amy Radford was born on October 22, 1970, to Robert Radford and historian and environmental activist Lola Van Wagen. She had three siblings, Scott Anthony, Sonna Jane and David James “Jamie”. Her parents have known each other since they were very young. Lola left college for marriage in Redford. On November 17, 1959, two months after his birth, Scott Anthony died of infectious death syndrome. Her older sister, Sona Jean, is the wife of a painter and journalist Eric Schlosser. Her brother Jamie is a producer, writer, and director.

She is established and serves as President of the James Redford Institute for Transplant Awareness (JRI), a non-profit organization that aims to educate the public about the importance of organ donation. Also, to increase. As the daughter of cinema’s most prominent figure in American cinema, Redford flourished in the entertainment industry. In addition, her passion has always been in play.

Amy Redford Education

After graduating from high school, Amy Redford attended San Francisco State University and eventually earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Drama / Theater Arts. She was a student at Colorado Boulder University and spent a lot of time studying theater in London. In addition, Redford married Scottish photographer Mark Mann on June 25, 2000, until February 4, 2004. She later began a relationship with screenwriter Matt August. Currently, she is engaged and has a daughter, Eden Hart, named August (born 2008).

‘The Last Confederate: The Story of Robert Adams’ was also released in 2005. In the film, Redford plays Sylvia Mac card, a historical figure who lived during the American Civil War (1861-65). Her other cinema credits include ‘When I Find the Ocean’ (2006), ‘Sunshine Cleaning’ (2008), and ‘First Person Singular’ (2009). Also, her latest cinema was in the 2017 drama movie ‘Heat Crime’.

Amy Redford Net Worth
Amy Redford Net Worth

Her upcoming film is in the ’60 feet, 6 inches’ pre-production stage. Furthermore, two other projects for comedy-drama “Phoenix” and adventure romance “El American” have been announced, with Redford as the director.

Amy Redford Bio

Real Name Amy Redford
Nickname N/A
First Name Amy
Last Name Redford
Date of Birth 1970-10-22
Gender female
Amy Redford Age 49
Nationality United States of America
Religion NA
Place of Birth Santa Monica
languages spoken, written or signed English
Physical Stats
Amy Redford Height 178
Weight NA
Hair Color blond
Eye Color brown
Profession Movie director, Movie actor, television actor, Movie producer, actor
Awards NA
Work Period Start NA
Work Period End NA
Amy Redford Net Worth 49 Million
Family & Relationships
Father Robert Redford
Mother Lola Van Wagenen
Spouse/patner/ NA
Child NA

Amy Redford’s Net Worth:

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