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Alma Versano Bio-Wiki

Alma Versano is the daughter of Israeli actress Gail Gadot. Beke’s father, Jaron Versano, is a real estate developer. That is the parents’ first child, and despite being a celebrity child, Alma Versano spent her early years away from the media glare.

Unlike her sister, who was in the news before her birth, Alma’s arrival made no headlines. Behind him were his mother’s shooting schedules. At the time Gailma was pregnant, she had no special Hollywood project, while she was shooting ‘Wonder Woman’ several months before Maya was born.


Alma Versano Wiki
Alma Versano Mother

Alma Versano’s sister can often be seen on Cheek and Jarron’s Instagram pages. Alma’s parents regularly post pictures of happy family moments on their social media pages. Although Alma is an American-born Israeli, she is of mixed heritage, most of her ancestors are Jewish and European.

Rise to Fame

Alma Versano was born in November 2011 in the United States. Her younger sister Maya Versano was born on March 21, 2017, in Los Angeles, USA. Not much is known about Alma’s birth, perhaps because Gaal was not yet a Hollywood star at the time. When Gail was pregnant with Maya, she was shooting for ‘Wonder Woman’.

Therefore, previous images of the former Israeli with a pregnant belly were plastered all over the tabloids. Young versions of the girls, Alma and Maya, are mostly kept out of the media glare, as their parents rarely take them to public events.

However, anyone can find images of Alma on the Cheek and Jarron’s Instagram pages. Hotel and ‘Wonder Woman’ actresses often share their precious moments with their girls. Since Gail has a significant role in empowering women, she hopes that her daughters will grow up with the same values ​​and will one day become strong and opinionated women.

While Alma fully understands the issue of gender equality, she is still a big fan of the comedy ‘Wonder Woman’, although she is still very young. She was a regular on her mother’s shoots and enjoyed the whole experience of watching one of her favorite comic characters come to life. Gail sets an example for Alma during the ‘Wonder Woman’ shoot.

Alma Versano Parents
Alma Versano Parents

Because the pregnant actress not only performed her action sequences but also took care of her daughter. According to some media reports, Alma Versano Wonder Woman is already planning to play the role of Wonder Woman after her mother’s divorce. The age difference between Alma’s parents is 10 years, but that did not affect their relationship in any way.

In fact, Gael and Jarron had fallen in love with each other at their first meeting. The couple first met at a party, held at a Yoga retreat in the Israeli desert. Besides the party, they both enjoyed each other’s company. Not long after their first meeting, they found themselves in a relationship. Jarron told Gael on his second date that he would marry her two years later.


Alma Versano’s grandmother, Nate Arthur, was a teacher, while her grandfather, Michael Gadot, worked as an engineer. Her maternal grandparents were imprisoned in the Auschwitz concentration camp and included Holocaust survivors.

Personal Information

Full Name: Alma Versano
Alma Versano Age: November 2011 (9 Years Old)
Alma Versano Birthday: November 2024
Birth Place: United States
Alma Versano Father Name: Yaron Versano
Mother Name: Gal Gadot
Siblings: Maya Versano
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: White
Finally Horoscope: Scorpio

Alma Versano’s Wiki-Bio (Birthdate, Parents, Siblings, and Education)

Alma Versano, the eldest daughter of Aaron Versano and Gal Gadot, was born in the United States in November 2011. Her father, Aaron, is a real estate agent and her mother is an actress who became known for her film Wonder Woman.

Talking about Amla’s nationality, Alma Versano is an American of white descent just like other Native Americans. She also has a younger sister named Maya Versano. But Alma was not in the news like her sister during her mother’s pregnancy.  However, her mother was in the news when she was pregnant with her sister, Maya. Also, Alma Versano Date of Birth is unknown.

Alma Versano’s Career

Alma Versano is now 9 years old. And at age seven, who would expect a child to be abusive or to be involved in a career? But in the future, we can expect him to follow in his mother’s footsteps.

Alma Versano Bio
Alma Versano Bio

Alma Versano Age, Height, and Measurement

Also, Alma Versano, the youngest and eldest child of Israeli parents, is 9 years old after 2024. Alma Versano is very young now so other information about her is not yet known. However, the Hollywood actress has a pair of eye-catching brown eyes as well as a long blonde. We will be displaying more realistic figures about Alma Versano in the coming days. So, stay tuned!

Alma Versano’s Parents

Parents’ alma; Gail Gadot and Yaron Vorsano are of Israeli origin. Alma Varsano’s father, Aaron, is a real government investor born on June 28, 1978, in Amsterdam Holland. Talking about his education, he is a graduate of the New York Institute of Technology.

And after his graduation, he started a business with his brother, Guy Varsano, and to this day, his business is doing well. Alma’s mother, Gail Gadot, is a famous Hollywood face. Actress Gail is the one who portrayed the role of Wonder Woman exactly.

Alma Versano was born on April 30, 1985, in the Russian city of Rosh Hain. The American actress is also a singer, martial artist, and model who honored Miss Israel in 2004. Gail and Aaron tied the knot on September 28, 2008, after a two-year-long relationship at the David Intercontinental Hotel in Tel Aviv. Although they share some age in their relationship, the couple is living their relationship at ease and throughout their lives.

Alma Versano Parents Net Worth

Alma Varsano’s parents have both received huge sums of money. His mother has accumulated a combined wealth of over 10 million. However, the total cost of his father is not known. In addition, Alma’s parents owned a shop in Tel Aviv and later sold the hotel to Roman Abramovich for $ 26 million. So far, Alma is enjoying her parents as well as their parents. At a young age, they are living the lives of celebrities.

Social Media Presence

Different countries have different laws for the use of social media. Yes, people in the US use social media at an early age, but the daughter of a Hollywood celebrity is not yet in use on any type of social media such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, or any other social media. Can come. But Alma and her sister Maya often appear on social media through their parents’ social media accounts.

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