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By purchasing and selling Internet gambling voucher codes at your preferred casino, sportsbook, and poker sites, you may use P2P apps to make deposits and withdrawals. Given that it is not a typical kind of wagering, voucher-employed betting necessitates special consideration, which will be provided in this article.

Even though access to regulated online gambling is increasing every day, US gamers still face certain particular difficulties when making deposits. The most widely used e-wallet services and P2P applications, specifically, are still ineligible for use in funding bets.

Of course, this is all changing now that participating sites are accepting legal online gambling vouchers, as the new banking method provides a good workaround.

Gamblers in the USA can exchange online betting balances privately within their own country using vouchers. As a result, online gambling through PayPal, Venmo, Cash App, and other services is now accessible with a few clicks.

Though just a few of the most reputable legal online betting companies in the business currently accept betting vouchers, other brands are likely to “vouch” for the system in the future.

Is It Legal to Make Use of Vouchers for Online Gambling in the USA?

Is It Legal to Make Use of Vouchers for Online Gambling in the USA

Absolutely! Online P2P and e-wallet instant-pay transactions for Internet-based gaming deposits and withdrawals are both permissible when using betting vouchers.

Although the finest legal betting sites cannot directly accept payments made via apps like PayPal, Venmo, Cash App, and other comparable ones, vouchers are an acceptable workaround for this issue.

All of the websites we are to mention in this post abide by US gambling rules, accept gambling vouchers, and welcome most US citizens who are at least 18 years old.

E.g., all inhabitants of Washington State are currently prohibited from engaging in online gambling, although historically, these laws are not upheld. We cannot, however, recommend it if you reside in WA and want to gamble online. Only continue at your discretion.

The first legal gambling website to accept betting vouchers was Bovada. Actually, as a trailblazer, Bovada was the first venue for online gambling to offer US players a variety of other banking options, such as Bitcoin, MatchPay, and more.

Bovada is followed by Slots.LV, Café Casino, and many more sports wagering establishments listed on Bookmaker-Expert.com for using online gambling pre-paid vouchers to support PaySafeCard, PayPal, Venmo, CashApp, and other P2P app and e-wallet systems.

How Do Gambling Vouchers Work and What Do They Entail?

How Do Gambling Vouchers Work and What Do They Entail

In a word, US players can use P2P solutions and e-wallet instant-pay ways for making betting deposits and request payouts at offshore operators thanks to online gambling vouchers. From a legal standpoint, no online betting site will process P2P app payments for depositing or paying out your wins via the same, even while these sites themselves operate in full conformity with all US and international gaming laws.

For instance, it is not possible to gamble online using Google Pay or PayPal. The same is true for online betting with Venmo, Cash App, Square Pay, Zelle, and other services. You can utilize these services at websites that accept gaming vouchers, though!

This is possible as the voucher system enables site users to privately exchange their betting funds between themselves utilizing well-known P2P instant-pay applications and e-wallet networks.

The majority of these providers do not charge for private transactions, which is the best part. This means that using Internet gambling vouchers through the following US-friendly businesses will allow you to wager more, deposit more, and win more money:

  • Venmo
  • PayPal
  • Zelle
  • Cash App
  • Apple Pay
  • Apple Pay Cash
  • Square
  • Samsung Pay
  • Google Pay etc.

Casino Gambling Online with Betting Vouchers Where It is Legal

Casino Gambling Online with Betting Vouchers Where It is Legal

At websites that accept them, betting vouchers are eligible to be utilized with any type of online gambling, but online casino gamblers make up the majority of those who use them to make deposits.

Despite this, it is crucial to keep in mind that not all legitimate online casinos accept vouchers, and vouchers are not always eligible for immediate deposits or withdrawals.

To use these methods safely and legally with the top offshore gambling sites, vouchers are still the only option if you are seeking a reputable Venmo casino, Cash App casino, PayPal casino, and so on.

Naturally, once you make your deposit, you will have access to all the traditional casino games, including legal online roulette, blackjack, baccarat, craps, keno, online live dealer casino games, and a whole lot more.

Sports Betting Online with Betting Vouchers Where It Is Legal

The most accessible type of gambling is sports betting, and legal Internet betting on sports is even more accessible. No gambling industry is expanding more quickly thanks to the simplicity this betting market provides, combined with distinctive characteristics such as full in-game betting and specialized prop maker tools for every event.

Given that bettors must have funds in their accounts to place wagers as soon as the lines change, sports betting also happens to be dependent on time in a way that most other gaming marketplaces are not.

Sports betting vouchers are not always the ideal choice if you suddenly run out of money and need to place a wager. However, we strongly recommend using sportsbook voucher deposits if you have a plan and want to partake in Venmo sports betting, PayPal sports betting, etc.

Poker Online with Betting Vouchers Where It Is Legal

Poker Online with Betting Vouchers Where It Is Legal

One of the most popular casino games in the world has a natural extension in online poker, which you can play at many of the top betting websites for both small and significant real-money winnings. However, vouchers are not constantly going to be the ideal deposit option while enjoying poker at the finest online poker sites, much like sports betting.

This is particularly true if you want to play in a Sit & Go or the next weekend’s major online poker event but you have not got any money in your account. Credit/debit or cryptocurrency deposits are best in certain circumstances.

Still, online poker vouchers constitute a secure, reliable choice for the amateur mobile poker player. Online poker services like PayPal, Venmo, Cash App, and others are legitimate when using vouchers.

What to Do in 2024 to Use Gambling Vouchers for Online Deposits

You must utilize vouchers at the sites we suggest if you wish to top up your authorized online betting account using PayPal or any comparable method. But keep in mind that voucher deposits may not always be as quick as credit/debit or cryptocurrency transactions because they depend on both seller and buyer demand.

Approximately 75% of the time, in our experience, voucher deposits can be completed within two hours.

The fundamental steps of depositing a legal online betting voucher are as follows:

  • Register at an online casino, sportsbook, or poker room that accepts vouchers.
  • Please include/fill in all necessary personal data.
  • Choose the option for a voucher deposit.
  • Check the member forum or official community page of your website to see if any gambling vouchers are for sale.
  • Utilize a P2P or e-wallet service you are entitled to, contact the seller after discovering an advertisement for a voucher at the cost you like, and set up the transaction.
  • Send the voucher vendor your payment and then wait for them to send you the code via chat, email, a messenger app, etc.
  • Once you get the voucher code, copy it and then enter it into the appropriate space on the voucher deposit page of your gaming site.

Deposits made with a voucher are secure, but only if you obtain your betting coupon code via the official website’s channels. While it is possible to purchase coupons in other forums (such as the Bovada Reddit page or the Café Casino Reddit page), doing so is only advised if you are familiar with and/or confident in the seller.

Your legal betting site does not charge extra for online gaming voucher deposits, however certain P2P services and e-wallet instant-pay apps may levy a small credit card or debit card fee for processing. For further details, please refer to your P2P/e-wallet Terms of Service.

Online Betting Payouts Using Gambling Vouchers in a Legal Manner

Online Betting Payouts Using Gambling Vouchers in a Legal Manner

If you have ever placed an online wager, you are aware that Bitcoin, Cardano, Litecoin, and other altcoin betting choices (Avalanche, Solana, and Shiba Inu betting) offer the best payout speeds. In actuality, the only choice for same-day payouts at any reliable online casino is cryptocurrency.

Having said that, voucher payouts can occasionally be obtained on the same day as your request. This is not assured because, like with deposits, voucher withdrawals are based on member demand.

However, if you prefer to use P2P or e-wallet services and are not concerned with the quickest online casino payments, quickest online sportsbook payouts, or quickest online poker payouts available, voucher payouts are a terrific option.

Here is how the finest legal gambling websites handle online voucher withdrawals:

  • On the payout menu on the cashier page of your betting site, choose the voucher withdrawal option.
  • Submit the request after entering the amount you want to withdraw from your balance.
  • Your site is going to deliver your voucher code to the email address on file. Although processing times vary, this normally just requires a few hours.
  • Post your discount code for sale in the community forum of your website. Make sure to mention any P2P services or e-wallet platforms you presently use, as well as the entire voucher value.
  • When a buyer reaches you about buying your casino voucher code, complete the transaction and wait for P2P/e-wallet payment.
  • Issue the voucher code to your buyer through the specified method as soon as you have been paid. Do not wait, as all of the leading legal gambling websites demand that coupon vendors give their codes to customers as soon as possible.

It is crucial to remember that even if you deposit via vouchers, you are under no obligation to withdraw with vouchers if you do not want to. You can withdraw your winnings using any method that your site supports, including Bitcoin and MatchPay (only on Bovada), as well as conventional bank wires and courier checks.

You can use MatchPay gaming deposits to use P2P apps while speeding up the voucher procedure. When using online gaming vouchers, MatchPay is a third-party technology that completely automates the procedure and eliminates all the necessary effort.

The MatchPay betting platform is presently only supported by Bovada, and transfer limits for MatchPay are considerably lower than those for vouchers. As more sites join the initiative, hopefully, this will soon change. We will be sure to update you!

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