What Shoes To Wear On First Day Of Work: 5 Guidelines for Men

The first day at a new job is often one of the most memorable and interesting moments in life. You will need to meet your new co-workers, make a good impression, etc. In the new environment, it is simply important to us what our colleagues think about us. Don’t worry, because there are some details that we can pay attention to, so that the first impression of us in the new team will still be positive. It is important that you wear clothes that fit into the company’s code.

You want your appearance on the first working day to tell your new colleagues that you are professional and capable of doing the job for which the company hired you. You will hardly feel like a professional in comfortable soft sneakers instead of wearing one of the best business shoes for men. In order for you to feel confident and have a positive experience in the work environment, we have selected some useful tips for you. Shoes are an important part of an outfit, so you must choose them carefully.

1. Men’s Leather Penny Loafer Shoes

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Work shoes should be fashionable and comfortable and in line with your dressing style. You should follow three rules: modern, business, cute. The right combination of clothes makes you more confident. Also consider whether you spend most of your work time sitting or standing. For example, if you mostly stand, you need shoes that are comfortable. They must not constrict you. Shoes made of artificial materials prevent the feet from breathing. A bad choice can lead to the formation of blisters or foot deformities. Whether you’re standing or sitting, you’ll love leather loafers. You will look professional and seductive in them. We are sure that you will charm many people and thus strengthen business relationships.

Leather moccasins go well with any outfit. This means that you will spend a lot less time thinking about work clothes. You can wear them every day, because it is a durable material that will look good on your feet for a long time. If you are often in the car, you need light shoes with a flexible sole, just like leather moccasins. You will have great freedom of movement and stability. Therefore, you will drive safely and comfortably. Finally, moccasins have a very casual look if you combine them with a basic piece of clothing. That’s why you should consider this model, because it perfectly suits every occasion. Check sizes at https://www.brunomarcshoes.com/collections/loafers.

2. Alden plain toe blucher shoes

When you are looking for a reliable pair of shoes, then you should not skip Alden shoes. At least think about their features, because they are really a quality model. You won’t have to change them for sure for several years even after daily wear. Although you will pay a little more for them, they are a great investment. Think about how it will fit into your daily habits and the code of the company you work for.

However, you will easily match them with any suit and other clothes. These shoes have an elegant look and are an eternal classic. The company has been around since the early 1800s and hasn’t stopped surprising its customers since then. The most interesting thing about this brand is that the models are unique. They’ll look just as good wearing a sport coat and jeans as they do wearing a suit.

3. Trickers “Bourton” derby brogue

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There are many examples in human history that confirm that men care about inheritance. It’s the same thing with clothing. Many years passed until a man gathered enough courage and replaced the classic object with something different. The result is the monk strap shoe. The model appeared during the 2000s and they were different from the others in everything. They are designed for men who are aware of their style and are not afraid to show it. Interesting design is not their only advantage. It is a quality pair of shoes that will protect your feet at all times. Thanks to them, the line between classic and contemporary is covered. It’s an opportunity to look professional and show off your personal style. We are sure that your team will like you even more because of it.

So, instead of laces, these shoes have straps and buckles. There are several different types of monk strap shoes. For example, you can opt for single or double monk straps. It all depends on personal preferences. While single straps attract less attention and offer more subtlety, with double straps you get a totally different outcome. The classic model contains minimal details, unlike the toe cap, they will upgrade any outfit. Wingtip is a more relaxed shoe variant.

4. Noonan Plain Toe Oxford

Oxford shoes are a true classic of a man’s shoe wardrobe. This model comes with a double buckle and is made of leather material. It is a closed lacing system, a low heel and an open ankle. Oxford shoes are among the most elegant shoes in the world and have a long tradition. They are known for the drops on the top of their shoes. They have the status of an elegant and formal type of footwear, but lately they are appearing in trendy colors. You will often see two-tone oxfords or flip-up leather oxfords on the market.

5. Derbies

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Derbies are a little less formal than oxfords, but it’s not a big difference. Both models are equally popular with men who strive for a professional look. It all depends on the rest of your outfit. Derbies are a great choice if you need footwear to wear all day at work and then go on a date night.


The right shoes have the power to instantly give you a burst of energy. However, choosing the perfect work shoes is not that simple. Do not forget that you will spend most of the day in them, but you also want them to be attractive. Pay attention to quality, price, brand. Also consider what occasions you want to wear them. For example, a universal model of shoes can be combined with most things from the wardrobe.

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