Sheryl Berkoff Bio, Facts, Life, Net Worth, Career

Sheryl Berkoff Bio

Sheryl Berkoff Bio

Sheryl Berkoff is a famous Hollywood makeup artist known as the loving wife of actor Rob Lowe. This biography profiles some of her childhood, family, personal life and some interesting facts. Sheryl Berkoff is a famous Hollywood makeup artist known as the loving wife of actor Rob Lowe. Now they have been married for more than two and a half decades, which is an achievement in Hollywood.


Sheryl Berkoff Wiki
Sheryl Berkoff Wiki

Sheryl Berkoff always stood by her husband during his trial hours. Rob also never missed an opportunity to recognize Sheryl’s contribution to the beauty of her journey. She also describes how she manages to balance her professional and personal life. Sheryl Berkoff and Rob have been blessed with two sons and are currently living happily in their luxurious penthouse in California.

Early Life & Career

Sheryl Berkoff was born on June 20, 1961, in Los Angeles, California. Although she doesn’t know much about her educational or family background, it is a well-known fact that she is the sister of Academy Award-winning actress Hilary Swank. Sheryl Berkoff Sister’s name is Hilary Swank. Sheryl is a famous makeup and special effects artist in Hollywood and has helped a lot of celebrity artists. She did a remarkable job in the 1992 film “Glengarry Glen Ross.” He also showed off his amazing abilities in the film ‘Frankie and Johnny’. Sheryl Berkoff’s work in the film ‘The Washing’ reinforced his popularity. Sherrill’s other notable works are “The Evening of Destruction” (1991) and “Reigns” (1989).

Sheryl could have been a great makeup artist in Hollywood, but she chose to be a successful wife and mother. Sorry, Sheryl Berkoff is proud to be part of such a passionate and beautiful family. She never repents on choosing a family in her career. According to Sheryl, her comfort and happiness lie in her family. She has maintained a low profile and has been photographed only when she met Rob at important events and premieres.

The Love Story of Sheryl & Rob

Sheryl Berkoff and Rob met in the early ’80s when Rob was already a star. They were first introduced by a common friend. Sheryl Berkoff was meeting an actor named Emilio Estevez, one of Rob’s friends. During the first meeting, she never thought about starting a relationship. But destiny had more plans for them.

198 In 1983, they went on a blind date and were surprised to see each other. However, the meeting ended again as a casual meeting. But this time, they made a choice. Six years later, she once again met on the sets of the movie, “Bad Impact,” which features Sheryl Robb’s makeup artist.

Sheryl Berkoff Rob Lowe
Sheryl Berkoff Rob Lowe

They had to spend a lot of time together, which only strengthened their friendship. Sheryl Berkoff and Rob Lowe Young soon started dating each other. They finally took their relationship to the next level after enjoying two years of companionship. In 1993, they welcomed Matthew Edward Low’s first embrace of happiness. Two years later, their second son, John Owen Lou, was born.

Rob Says About Sheryl

According to Rob, Sheryl has been a wonderful wife and wonderful mother. She always stood side by side with Rob in good and bad times. When Rob was accused of physically assaulting one of his employees, it was Sheryl who raised the allegation. When the matter came to light, the employee concerned falsely accused Rob of spoiling his wife. But Sheryl’s overwhelming reliance on Rob did not allow the employee’s unclean intentions to affect their marriage.

Rob recognizes his efforts in making his journey a pleasure. In 2016, on the ‘Rachel Ray’ show, Rob made a statement revealing the reason behind their successful marriage. He said one of the strong points of their marriage is their friendship. He also said that he was the reason for his sons’ educational achievements. After leaving home for higher education, Sheryl also made it easy to reconnect with her sons.

Sheryl Berkoff Net Worth
Sheryl Berkoff Net Worth

For Sheryl Berkoff, being an actor’s wife has never been easier. Living in a field where relationships are always unsafe, Sheryl and Rob’s relationship is exempt. Sheryl never felt insecure about their relationship. She’s just proud to be a beautiful hunk as her husband. Actually, Sheryl Berkoff likes to see other girls and actresses roaming her husband. In 2015, a tabloid posted some photos of Rob and Sheryl’s vacation in Hawaii. Regardless of their age, they both look fantastic in beach attire.

Personal Information:

Birth Name:             Sheryl Berkoff Lowe.
NickName:              Sheryl.
Date of Birth:           June 20, 1961.
Nationality:              American
Birth-Place:               LA, California (United States).
Profession:               Makeup Artist
Marital Status:        Married
Hair Colour:               Blonde
Eye Colour:                Brown
Religion:                   Christianity
Ethnicity:                 White Caucasian Descent.
Weight:                    62 kg
Height:                     Feet & Inches: 5′ 5″
Children:                Matthew Edward Lowe and John Owen Lowe.
Net Worth: $30 Million
Ex-Husband: Rob Lowe.
Siblings: Brother: None.
Sister: Hilary Swank (Film Actress).

Sheryl Berkoff Has Two Kids

It was not long after Sheryl Berkoff and her famous American Actor husband legalized their union, that they welcomed their first child, a son born in 1993 who they named Edward Matthew Lowe. He was followed by a second son who was born sometime in 1995 and was named John Owen Lowe. Their children have long grown into adults who are doing well in their respective endeavors.

Sheryl Berkoff and her famous American actress husband legalized their union, after which they welcomed their first child, son, born in 1993, whom they named Edward Mathew Lowe. He then had another son, who was born sometime in 1995 and was named John Owen Lou. Their children have long grown into adults who are doing well in their own endeavors.

Sheryl Berkoff Net Worth

Although there is no clear cut record as to how much makeup artists earn for every job they do, it is a common belief that they should be well-versed in their artwork. Payment is made. Talking about how much Sheryl Berkoff has made so far, her total worth is still under consideration but her famous husband is worth about $ 30 million.

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