4 Best Cities for Real Estate Investment in Arizona

Arizona is a top pick for nature enthusiasts due to its beautiful scenery. Additionally, the prices of buying a home are quite friendly, making it a preferred place to buy a home. Here are four recommended cities to buy a home in Arizona.

1. Scottsdale

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As a new city, Scottsdale is different from the rest and is associated with luxury. There are 21 neighborhoods in Scottsdale. Parents love this city as it has the best school in Arizona, the Scottsdale School District. Furthermore, the city is safe from crime and ideal for picnic lovers due to the many parks. There are plenty of job vacancies in the town in the tourism, hospitality, and commerce sectors.

Fun Things in Scottsdale

Scottsdale has plenty of diverse tourist attraction sites for all kinds of people. For instance, golfers would find this place ideal as it is famed as the best-golfing hub worldwide. Train enthusiasts would enjoy train rides at McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park. There are plenty of cultural activities such as arts fete, cooking festivals, and museums. The city also has more than 125 art galleries for artists to display their work. You can tour the Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center, which has a variety of wild animals. Other fun activities include picnics, kids’ events, go-karting, and hiking.

Median Prices and Real Estate Trends

The average home price in Scottsdale is $784,305, although this figure fluctuates with seasons. At the moment, listing prices of homes average at $848,300. Currently, there exist 1850 Scottsdale homes for sale, with the cheapest selling at $24,600 and the highest at $19,500,000. Homes in Desert Mountain have the highest asking price at $3,000,000, whereas those in Monterey Arcadia have the lowest asking price.

As of the start of the year, the demand was higher than the present number of Scottsdale homes for sale. According to Scottsdale real estate team The Kay-Grant Group, the selling price of homes was almost the same as the listing price. Moreover, homes in Scottsdale sold quickly, taking an average of 47 days. However, the period varies with seasons, as evidenced by the recent decline in selling homes from the previous selling rates.

2. Tucson

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Tucson has 171 neighborhoods and is ideal for arts, culture, and a relaxed environment. The city lies to the south, closer to the Mexico border than to the town of Phoenix. The city has the University of Arizona, contributing to high rental charges in areas near the university. It has a low population of 548,073 people and is a good city for families to look for an exciting residential area. Despite having a university nearby, the cost of living is below the national average.

Fun Things in Tucson

Tucson is mainly famous for its desert climate that draws travelers and birds. The mountainous and desert environment is great for picnics, hiking, biking, and camping. Moreover, tourists also frequent the many cultural sites and natural sights. There are prestigious resorts with swimming pools that offer relief from the heat. During winter, the golf courses are ideal for fighting boredom. History lovers would enjoy a trip to its fascinating museums and ancient sites.

Median Prices and Real Estate Trends

Normally, homes in Tucson average at $300,924, but the figure varies periodically. The asking price for homes in Tucson was $329,900 in January 2024 and increased by 20% each year. The number of prospective buyers exceeds the number of homes available for sale in Tucson. For that reason, the asking price for homes has been the same as the selling price. On average, it takes 54 days for homes to sell, an increase from 49 days witnessed in December 2024. Homes sold quickly from April last year to September.

3. Flagstaff

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Flagstaff lies to the north of Phoenix, a distance of a 2-hour drive. The city’s pine trees and snow vegetation are ideal for outdoor events. Unlike other cities, it does not have any shortcomings of a small town partly due to the presence of Northern Arizona University. The city is unique from other towns listed here in that it undergoes all the seasons. There are a total of 34 neighborhoods in the city.

Fun Things in Flagstaff

The varying seasons in Flagstaff offer a wide range of activities to partake. During the summer, a ride at the ski conveyor in Arizona Snowball provides a beautiful view of the city. The aspens that change colors give a scenic view to people walking nearby in the fall. A snowboard or a ski session during winter is ideal. Flagstaff also has coffee shops and breweries where you can head over and grab your favorite drink. An expedition to the Museum of Northern Arizona will enlighten you on the Native American culture. There are pet-friendly parks for taking your pet out for a walk while enjoying the beautiful mountain scenery.

Median Home Price and Real Estate Trends

The normal home price in Flagstaff is $602,944, but the figure varies periodically. The majority of homes in Flagstaff are condos, and they sell from $20,000 to $8,000,000. The asking price for homes was $632,500 in January 2024, increasing by 19.6 % annually. The number of prospective buyers exceeds the number of homes available for sale in Flagstaff. As a result, the selling price of homes was roughly the same as the asking price. Furthermore, homes sold faster, taking 47 days to sell in February 2024.

4. Buckeye

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Buckeye has many big and unique residential homes built on a stretch. Buckeye experiences a comfortable climate in March, April, and November, while a harsh environment is present in July and August. Several of the best schools in the nation are in Buckeye, thus making it preferred by parents. Moreover, it is ideal for all due to low crime rates that make the place safe.

Fun Things in Buckeye

If you are a golfer, you will relish the many golf clubs present in the city. Buckeye has parks that offer good hiking sites, picnic sites, and camping. You can also attend a baseball game at the Goodyear Ballpark or go for a swim in the Buckeye Aquatics Center.

Median Price and Real Estate Trends

The normal average price for a home in Buckeye is $401,093, but the price changes with time. As of January 2024, the asking price for homes was $430,000, increasing by 27.6% from the price in 2024. The number of prospective buyers exceeds the number of homes available for sale in Buckeye. Thus, houses sell for a price the same as the asking price. In addition, homes sell after a relatively short period of 50 days in February 2024.


The good weather, natural scenery, and top-notch facilities make Arizona an ideal place for anyone to buy a home. Consider these mentions when purchasing a home in Arizona.

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