Public Proxies Unveiled: Pros, Cons, and Best Practices

public Proxies

We cannot imagine our life without the internet, regardless of the browser we use and how skilled we are to do, check, or find something online. Now, this unfortunately doesn’t mean that most people are educated about how it all works and all the possibilities.

One of those things not that many people know about is proxy servers, or, to be more precise, servers that allow people more safety and higher anonymity.

Of course, these are just some of the things where proxy servers can be of much help, as there are many other perks, but, just like with most things, there are also certain downsides. That is why we will focus on the key aspects of both so that you will get a thorough insight into what these servers are, how they work, and all the benefits that come from using proxy servers.

What is it, and how it works?

The best way to describe these servers is by looking at them as the intermediary between the device you use to connect to the internet and the internet itself. This is the key aspect because everything you do online cannot be traced to the location where you are at the moment, hence higher anonymity. Just imagine typing something in the browser and clicking enter.

That info will not be sent directly to the server you intend to check, as it will first go through the proxy server from which your request is sent to the intended server. Understandably, this doesn’t mean there is some waiting period or that if you use a proxy server, there will be some glitches, as all of these actions are performed instantly.



staying anonymous

Online safety and data privacy is one of the most talked about topics today, and rightfully so because there are so many ways our private data can be accessed by third parties. Of course, there are also many ways to prevent this and to be as safe as possible while online, but one of the aspects that are not granted when you use a direct connection to the internet is your IP.

Namely, since the IP address is visible and can be checked out by third parties due to the network being free and direct, this means that via GPS, one can easily track where we are at any given moment. Besides that, when we use a direct connection, cookies from various sites are stored on the computer, which provides an even higher level of personal information that’s open to the server we use.

It’s needless to say how much info one can gather regarding every single one of us, which is why using proxy servers is so popular.

When you use proxy servers, the IP is hidden, meaning that one cannot geographically locate from which place you are connected. On the other hand, cookies, where so much sensitive and personal data are stored, are blocked here, meaning that you can be much more anonymous than when using different types of connection.

Also, even if certain cookies cannot be blocked, the proxy server will accept them but will not save them to your computer, meaning that your personal preferences and data are protected from third-party access.

Unlimited access

Internet censorship

There are many restrictions regarding the content one can access, which is why one of the most popular uses of proxy servers is to bypass internet censorship. Take China as an example – we all know that certain things and online activities are censored. This can be avoided by using proxy servers as your connection cannot be located, meaning that the censorship will not apply to you, even though you live in China.

Another reason people use these servers is the services that are available only in certain countries. So, if you want to use some service that’s reserved solely for people living in France, for example, you can bypass the connection and use some proxy server based in France and gain access to that service without any limitations and without having to travel there.

Of course, many companies and services use various tools to detect such online behavior and prevent such actions, but there is always a way to avoid these censorship and limitations.




One of the biggest disadvantages of open proxy servers is security, as they see all the income connections in the same way, which can be pretty dangerous. Namely, not all the connections are safe and secure, and without the improved layer of security (which usually private proxy servers have), our devices are in danger of being hacked.

Luckily, this problem can easily be solved if you decide to use the public proxy server from a reliable company, and if you are not sure where to look for it, visit

In that way, you will be much safer while surfing online, as reliable companies pay more attention to their client’s sensitive data and try to make them as safe as possible.


proxy to use

One of the most popular misconceptions about proxy servers is that they are used only by criminal organizations to cover their traces, but this is far away from the truth. Of course, there is always a chance that criminals use them too, but it is too much to say that they are created only for them and that every person who uses them is a criminal. They are simply good for keeping and sending sensitive data, and anyone in need of that can use them.

Why to use them?

As we have already mentioned, proxy servers are perfect for people from all over the globe because they have wide usage, and every person in the world can find a purpose for them. Whether you want to visit some website restricted because you do not live in a certain geographic region or want to send some confidential information that should remain secret, using a proxy server can be the best solution.

Of course, the most important is to find a reliable company, as we are all aware that modern times bring modern threats, and one of the biggest threats is online scams.

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