Psychology of Slots: How Music and Design Influence Our Behaviour

Psychology of Slots machines

Today, psychology is used in virtually every area to persuade or seduce us humans to do something that we would not do without such influences with logical expertise.

It already starts with the layout of supermarkets. We humans tend to look more to the left, which is why, for example, we are guided through the assortment in the supermarket in an anti-clockwise direction. At the beginning, there are always the less relevant items with special offers and only somewhere in the middle are basic foodstuffs. Also, the larger the shopping trolley is, the more a shopper is inclined to buy more, otherwise the trolley looks quite empty.

Casinos are structured very similarly. Although you are not necessarily led in a certain direction in a land-based casino, special tricks are also used there. These are mainly for the purpose of:

  • To prolong your stay
  • Put you in a relaxed state of mind
  • To focus your attention on one game
  • Operate the slot multiple times without thinking

Magical lighting effects

Slot Machines lighting effects

As soon as you enter a casino, you enter a room without windows. You may not have noticed this because the casino is lit up from the inside in all colours. The reason for this is quite simple: our biology is such that as soon as it gets dark, we relax. Just pay attention when it gets dark outside. The dim daylight initiates our natural resting phase. However, thanks to our modern lives, we are already more and more removed from this natural daily rhythm.

But the effect remains the same. However, it goes one step further with the absence of windows. As long as you cannot look out of a window, you cannot estimate how much time you spend in the casino. This is quite intentional, as at best you stay in the casino as long as possible and simply forget the time.

With an online casino, these light effects do not occur and you can always look out of the window. However, the screen light from smartphones and tablets lowers melatonin levels and increases a gambler’s excitability in return.

The power of colours

Slot machines colour design

Casinos are usually relatively darkly decorated, but the exciting lighting effects come from the slot machines – along with some well-considered lighting to keep it from looking too gloomy. The trick behind it is simply to create attention through the light-dark contrast.

By nature, bright and glaring colors like yellow, red, or orange naturally draw our attention. In contrast, dark colors tend to register in our perception more subliminally. In the context of slots, including online slots, the background is typically kept dark. This design choice makes sense because it directs your focus toward the playing field with the reels. If you’re interested in observing these design elements, you can take a look at free games here:

While you sit down in an extremely comfortable chair in front of a slot in a casino, you will soon no longer be completely focused on the game. The chair is designed to be so cosy that you don’t want to get up from it. While you already don’t know what time it is, your entire attention is drawn to the slot in the otherwise dark atmosphere with brightly shining colours.

If you still have a drink in your hand at best, the world around you gradually disappears. So you get into a relaxed state on the one hand and on the other, why within a few minutes there is nothing but you and the slot in front of you.

Sophisticated designs

slot machines sophisticated designs

Technological progress has also left its mark on slots. From more or less very clumsy graphics, real animations are possible for slots nowadays. Both the theme and the design are immensely important in order to also attract the attention of the slot again and a player thereby shows interest in the slot.

Whatever moves and looks visually appealing will act like a magnet. For example, eyes on slots or themes are an absolute magnet like players. When you walk past a slot, you can’t help but look into the eyes of a graphic. The more animations a slot has, the more interesting it looks.

This also fits in with the new generation. Although there are relatively few Millenials or young people of Generation Z, they have already grown up with computer animation. Accordingly, game developers are following up with 3D graphics as well as absolutely new designs.

The playing fields can then be designed as a kind of 3D game board, for example, where characters disappear into the ground and reappear with every spin from the playing field. This has nothing in common with a traditional slot, but you won’t be able to take your eyes off it either. The faster the result of the spin, the faster you will be prompted to activate the spin more often.

The sound design

Sounds and music are already used in many areas to influence people’s behaviour. In the casino, too, different music is played depending on the gaming area. In the poker area, rather calm music is played, while the slots area is accompanied by snappy rhythmic music. The faster the music, the more likely the player is to quickly activate the spin again – without thinking.

Other sound effects entice the player to play, giving them the feeling of having received a reward. Slots always use a special sound effect when a win occurs, which is always played in the C note range. The special pitch sounds pleasant to the human ear. Even if the win is only a few coins, the player gets the impression of having landed a big win. This can be enhanced with appropriate graphic animations.


The sound design of slot machines

In summary, the psychology of slots is a fascinating journey into the world of human behavior and how it’s influenced by design, music, and other factors in casinos. Whether you’re walking through the doors of a physical casino or playing at an online casino, the environment is carefully crafted to keep you engaged and immersed in the gaming experience.

So, the next time you’re in a casino or playing slots online, remember that there’s more to the experience than meets the eye – or ear. Understanding these psychological aspects can give you a deeper appreciation for the world of slots and how they influence our behavior.

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