The Best Personalized Thermal Stickers for Small Businesses: Heat Up Your Brand

Every business needs to raise awareness about its products as it is the only way to create a brand and establish yourselves on the market. Understandably, there are plenty of ways to do so, and one of the things that can be of much help here is picking the right thermal label printer. Yes, even though some might think that this process will just take too much of their time, this is far from the truth, as there are extremely easy ways to do so. Namely, every package we receive already has plenty of stickers on it, and guess what – that is what can interest people in our brand. That is why this list of the best thermal printers on the market should be of much help, but let’s first focus on the specifics of what you might need and want.

Before we start listing the best thermal printers for small businesses, let’s first go through all the options, as this will make your decision much easier in the future.

Check the material

These printers use high temperatures to create an image, and due to the complexity of the process, the material used is heat-sensitive. That is why picking the right material is of vast importance, but the great thing is there are a variety of options. Namely, you can opt and go with plastic which is a to-go option by many businesses, but if you prefer eco-friendly options, you will be glad to know that Avon Classic Crest, TerraSkin, and Kraft Paper are also available. Overall, there are more than a dozen materials to choose from, so make sure to go with the one that suits your needs and preferences the most.

Product Type

Okay, depending on the nature of the company, one will need different products, and luckily, there are plenty of options. Understandably, the cost is also something we need to focus on, which is why planning ahead is a must, as it is the only way to find the right cost-value ratio. On a plus note, customizing labels so that they fit the company goals, raise awareness about the brand, and send a message you want is a great way to advertise, just like video marketing.

Now that we have settled that, let’s check the best options.


Finding a cost-efficient thermal shipping printer can be a bit challenging, but this one is one of the most popular on the market, which speaks volumes about its preferences and quality. Namely, there are two models to choose from, and you can opt and go with the basic package or a pro. It supports Windows, Mac, and ChromeOS operating systems and provides a variety of options regarding images, shapes, designs, etc.

Overall, everything one might need from a labeling company they can find here, as they can go with a classic black-only print to a more delicate and unique product packaging. Keep in mind that if you want to stand out from all the rest, every business needs to be unique and interest people in what they have to offer, and this thermal sticker labeling company can make that happen. Besides that, it’s also possible to customize labels so that they match the company logo or send a message your business wants, and more info on that you can find at Munbyn.

2. Sttark

Another great option for new small businesses who do not want to spend a real fortune on advertising is to choose Sttark. The fact that this company has been operating for more than 20 years speaks for itself, as they needed to create quality products to owe the trust of their customers. Experienced employees can even help you create the best possible design for your thermal labels, and trust us, no matter how creative one is, when it comes to the final design, professional help is always needed.

Sttark uses different materials, so one can choose an eco-friendly version and give their contribution to the mission we all have – to protect our planet, or decide to go with a waterproof one that ensures that the sticker would last much longer.

3. Label Market

The company that guarantees the lowest prices and high-quality products is Label Market from the UK. The number of customers is huge, and many of them return to Label Market every time they have a new project. Thanks to the years of operating, they can brag with experts able to give the best possible advice on everything – from the design of the sticker, through the choice of material, to the choice of the best adhesive option. It is perfect for small businesses, especially for new ones, as they will get the necessary help and make this process much simpler than it is. Their stickers are compatible with various printers, such as Primera, Epson, Zebra, and many others, and that gives you the option to order unprinted or pre-printed labels.

Benefits of thermal stickers

The benefits of thermal stickers are numerous, and there is literally a bad side to printing them. Namely, they come in various shapes and designs, and it is up to you to create the one that represents your company or brand in the best possible way. Once it is done, they can be put almost everywhere, which means that many people will see them and learn about your company. The best thing about them is their price, which is not high, so you will make a great marketing campaign for less money than you thought.

Final thoughts

As you can see, creating custom thermal stickers is one of the best ways to show the world your company exists and make it improve from a small business to a company that everyone has heard about. There are different ways to do that, but the easiest one is to hire a professional, as they will ease the entire process and help you from the beginning to the end. Of course, the creative ones can always decide to finish everything without any help, and they will need a quality printer for that.

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