Online Casino Market – A Bright Future Ahead

Europe is one of the continents leading the charge when it comes to online casinos. Dozens of countries have regulated them to a certain degree. While some countries like the UK have regulated every aspect of it, other countries still have more lax regulations. However, ever since the internet gave us online casinos and sportsbooks, the market has been growing.

The biggest reason for that is the fact that it’s a much more practical way of gambling, as you can do it anywhere. Additionally, if you want to learn more about different casino games, you can find plenty of information on everyone. If you want to learn how to play roulette, or as Czechs would say, jak hrát ruletu, you can do so in only a couple of clicks. This type of convenience has motivated millions of players to move to the online world of gambling. In this article, we’re going examine what are the current market trends and what to expect in the future regarding online casinos in Europe.

Steady Online Casino Growth Forecast

An increasing number of players are signing up on online platforms, and this trend is likely to continue for the years to come. That’s why new platforms are consistently being launched by both new and old brands. Players of Sportaza casino understand this well, as the online casino is considered one of the newer platforms when compared to the older brands that have been online for decades now. Many others will soon follow, as they’re aware of the potential of the European market.

The data clearly shows that the market has grown, especially after the covid crisis, which showed the ultimate advantage that various online platforms had over retail businesses. According to the current estimations, the market will stay on its growth path during this decade. A realistic estimate is that the market will grow on average 8% annually until 2027. Many argue that the growth trends will continue even after that period.

Mobile Continues to be the Primary Pick for Casino Players

It’s no wonder that the mobile continues to dominate the market in multiple industries. These devices are extremely practical, which results in more people choosing them to browse online. The same translates to online casinos. According to EGBA’s data, the final takeover by mobile users occurred in 2020. That’s no surprise, as COVID regulations shut down retail casinos. Players still wanted to have fun, and mobile usage tipped the scale and went over 50%.

What’s more, future estimations predict that 64% of online casino players will use mobile devices to deposit, play and withdraw potential winnings. That’s an important signal for developers who are creating mobile-focused gaming experiences. As powerful mobile devices keep entering the market, this trend will continue. Currently, in 2024, 55% of players are using their smartphones to play.

More Countries Will Regulate Online Gambling

Even though there are plenty of countries that have already regulated online gambling, there are those who need a lot more work to do. France and Cyprus are perfect examples, where online casinos are completely prohibited. However, a significant percentage of gambling revenue goes to offshore casinos. Given that those translate to hundreds of millions of dollars, it’s very likely that these countries will regulate online gambling.

That will benefit the local economy as more taxes will land in the government’s hands. Then, it can pour back the funds into different projects that will stimulate further growth and job openings.

Countries Leading the Charge with Online Casinos

While some countries are yet to regulate online gambling, others are enjoying its complete benefits. The best way to see how far they’ve come is to take a look at the acceptance of online casinos among the population. That’s where a couple of countries are clearly leading the way with online casino acceptance. According to YouGov’s International Gambling report, these percentages are:

  • Great Britain – 70%
  • Italy – 69%
  • Poland – 65%
  • Denmark – 61%
  • France – 60%
  • Spain – 60%
  • Germany – 58%
  • Sweden – 58%

As Great Britain was the first to completely regulate the market, it’s likely that the other countries on the list will follow. Additionally, those countries that are yet to regulate online gambling will probably see similar percentages.

More Online Casinos Expected to Launch

To abovementioned annual anticipated growth indicates that more brands will join the race. This trend is always the same, the only thing that’s different is the pace of growth. There are hundreds of new brands being launched every day on a global level. Even though Europe is smaller, there are still plenty of new brands entering different markets. While some are completely new, others are expanding from one market to another. In either case, players in different countries will see more gambling companies available.

This is great for everyone, as more competition means more welcome bonuses and lower house edges. That means that players can look forward to bigger jackpots with a slightly higher chance of winning than before.

Not only are new casinos going to launch, but new technologies will create new types of online casinos. As VR keeps steadily growing, more companies will launch unique casino experiences. They will make players feel like they’re in a real casino.


As you can see, the future of online casinos is bright not only in Europe but the rest of the world as well. We can expect to see more countries regulating online gambling. That way, players across Europe will know that they’re having fun in an industry that respects fair play and safety. More people will use mobile devices to play casino games. That will result in more developers creating games that seamlessly perform across multiple devices. We already see that happening with modern titles.

As competition toughens, it’s safe to assume that more brands will start developing their games internally. That will let particular brands truly stand out with exclusives available only on their platforms. Last but not least, more online casinos will join the iGaming landscape. As people seek more variety and a higher number of welcome bonuses, more brands will enter the market to meet its demand.

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