Olivia Wildin Height, Weight, Net Worth, Age, Birthday, Wiki

Olivia Wildin definitely knows how to catch the attention of the audience through her videos. But do you know that apart from making TikTok videos and posting pictures on Instagram what are the hobbies of this beautiful and glamorous girl? What goals are set to achieve in life? Nobody knows about them yet.

If you spare 5 minutes from your busy schedule then you will be able to find out every detail about this stardom that is winning thousands of hearts through her amazing and hilarious content. Moreover, I will also cover the details about your favorite and glamorous, one and only Olivia Wildin’s height, weight, net worth, age, birthday, wiki, and much more. Let’s begin then.

Olivia Wildin Biography

Olivia Wildin Tiktok star
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Olivia Wildin the famous TikTok star and Instagram influencer was born in Los Angeles, America. She has an American nationality and mixed ethnicity. Her date of birth is unknown but it is said that she is in her mid-20s. Moreover, her height is 5 feet and 3 inches and her weight is approximately 60 kgs.

The most important aspect of Olivia’s life that nobody knows yet is that Olivia Wildin is not just a famous social media personality but also a great makeup artist. However, she has not learned makeup from any makeup school nor did a makeup course. She always has that urge to explore makeup and when she was in school she used to put on makeup from her mother’s dressing.

Now let’s talk about her earlier life here. She completed her school studies at the local school in her town and then joined the university to complete her bachelor’s degree. Olivia Wildin always knew that she had a makeup talent and therefore she did experiments on herself first and groomed herself so much that changed her life to the extent that she turned into a glamorous Instagram star.


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Due to her glamorous photos and amazing content she amassed a huge number of followers on Instagram and TikTok, in a very short time. This is because Olivia Wildin doesn’t only share makeup clips over the social accounts but also shares dancing and comedy lip sync videos as well. The content is relatable to the audience and thus her videos get quick likes within a minute. Moreover, she doesn’t make long videos that could bore the audience.

From her social accounts, we found that Olivia Wildin has a very enthusiastic personality. She cherishes every teeny tiny thing going around. She shares each and every detail with her fans who want to know what is going on in Olivia’s life. She is not one of those stardoms who keep their personal life in a secret box.

The most asked question about her followers is whether she is single or not? Well, Olivia is single and is busy elevating her career. She says that she doesn’t have much time for relationships. I agree with her that she is not in a relationship because she must have shared a picture of her boyfriend as she doesn’t hide anything from her fans and shares each and every detail about her lifestyle on social media.

As Olivia Wilde has thousands of followers on social media, she is approached by various brands and advertising companies to promote their products. Her income through advertisements is increasing day by day. As per the report, the current net worth of Olivia Wildin is $600 USD. But there are chances that it will skyrocket the way her fan following is increasing.

Lastly, I would like to inform you here that you will not find anything about Olivia Wildin on Wikipedia as she is still struggling in her career. But you don’t have to worry as I am still searching for more updates about her personal life that she doesn’t share on social media. As soon as I get any more updates I will share them with you all, till then stay tuned.


Olivia wildin faq

Does Olivia Wildin love traveling?

Yes, she loves traveling and wants to share each and every moment of her adventure with her fans through her social accounts.

Olivia did any makeup course?

No, Olivia was always fond of makeup. She tried makeup on herself and learned on her own and now she is a fabulous makeup artist.

Does Olivia live with her family?

Yes, Olivia lives with her family and she has a strong bond with her siblings.


In this stressed-out routine, Olivia brings up enthusiasm for her fans through her comedy and dancing videos. People relate to the content she brings through her Twitter and TikTok videos and thus her popularity is tremendously increasing as time is passing. Her net worth is approximately $600 USD right now but there are chances that it will increase as she is getting attention from around the globe. Moreover, she is single right now and is not looking for a relationship.