2023-24 NFL Season: Who Are the Early Favorites?

The heat for the National Football League (NFL) never ceases, and it sparks even more brightly as this season’s kickoff is almost here. Fans will again watch news outlets for the latest updates and best game odds since the NFL Draft is over.

Now that it’s time to look ahead to the upcoming season, here are the early fan favorites based on off-season games, records and performances, and fan-favorite rookies. When it comes to the NFL, it never hurts to be prepared and get to know the different fan favorites:

Early Favorite Rookies

The NFL Draft has just recently been completed, but there are already fan favorites among the rookies. The players were chosen according to their full workload and past performances as starters before the big league.

Here, you can find the favorites in the 2024 NFL odds, including Anthony Richardson, Devon Witherspoon, and Emmanuel Forbes:

1. Anthony Richardson

Anthony Richardson stuns with his offensive ability, so he made it to the top of fan favorites this season. This Indianapolis Colts quarterback had an impressive record in 2022. He led the quarterback offense in 12 games, finishing with 17 touchdowns and tying it perfectly with an average of 212.42 yards per game.

Additionally, Richardson became the best prospect for teams during the NFL Draft, even having him indicated as the next Josh Allen (a Buffalo Bills quarterback who was seventh place in the overall 2018 NFL Draft).

2. Devon Witherspoon

To counter the offensive ability of Richardson, you’d have the fan favorite for the best defensive rookie of the Seattle Seahawks, Devon Witherspoon. This Illinois player was the fifth overall pick during the drafting.

Richardson was also considered one of the toughest rookies during the drafting, a competitor with the potential to rise as the best cornerback.

3. Emmanuel Forbes

Another defensive monster is Washington Commander’s cornerback Emmanuel Forbes. Although Forbes lacks weight, he makes up for it in skill, speed, and frame. He can exude explosiveness in the field – especially when he ran a 4.35 second time for a 40-yard dash.

With this ability, you can expect Forbes to make a name for himself this season with his excellent speed. To match that, he is also an opportunistic player with good ball and hand skills to dislodge the football or swipe it through the catch point.

4. Darnell Wright

It’s been a surprise for some fans that an offensive lineman is at the top spot of the early favorites rookies this season. However, Wright deserves to be in this place, especially since he has the most significant impact among all the rookies on his team.

Standing at six foot five and around 330 pounds, he also boasts 34-inch arms, making him one of the most effective protectors. The Chicago Bears know what they were doing when drafting Wright, and fans can certainly look forward to what’s more to come as the new season unfolds.

Team Favorites Based on Offseason Choices

You won’t find favorites without talking about the whole team. Here, fan favorites are based on their off-season games as the season is yet to start.

Moreover, fans read up on the latest performances of each team, where the Detroit Lions, New York Jets, Kansas City Chiefs, and Carolina Panthers emerged as the teams to look out for:

1. Detroit Lions

The Detroit Lions saw a rough first half in the 2022 season – but they soon countered that with defensive restructuring and improvement. During free agency, the Lions signed multiple defensive players, such as Emmanuel Moseley, Cameron Sutton, and C.J. Gardner-Johnson. With their addition, you can say that the Lions are sure to bite this season.

2. New York Jets

During the offseason, the New York Jets signed Aaron Rodgers – an impressive move for a team needing a vigorous offensive.

Rodgers is the best quarterback in the league, with a record of having the highest touchdown-to-interception ratio. In 2022, he became the fifth quarterback to have 450 touchdown passes, so imagine that number increasing as he continues to play this season.

3. Carolina Panthers

Although the Carolina Panthers lost D.J. Moore during the offseason, they guaranteed themselves a package by having the No. 1 pick Bryce Young. During college football, Bryce Young earned a record of four rushing touchdowns, 32 passing touchdowns, and 36 touchdowns.

4. Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs already have several Super Bowl wins, including the recent Super Bowl LVII, where they won against Philadelphia Eagles 38-35. Although the team will have to say goodbye to a few talents to free agency this year, including Jerick McKinnon, Juju Smith-Schuster, and Mecole Hardman, the fans are still hopeful.

One of the reasons is that despite trading away a significant member, Tyreek Hill, the Chiefs still won the Super Bowl. Furthermore, star player Patrick Mahomes isn’t going anywhere, and if things continue to go well with them, they might even get to win their sixth consecutive AFC title game the following year.


Aside from the rookies and the team with the best off-season moves, there are also MVP odds for this season. Here, fan favorites include Miami Dolphins Tua Tagovailoa, Dallas Cowboys’ Dak Prescott, and Buffalo Bills Joshua Patrick Allen:

1. Tua Tagovailoa

Quarterback Tua Tagovailoa is the top favorite for MVP Odds this season. Last season, he held 25 touchdowns and placed fifth overall. Additionally, he has a high average quarterback rating total of 68.8.

2. Dak Prescott

This no. 4 player tops second in the MVP odds, and it’s no question as he held 23 touchdowns last season. Furthermore, Prescott holds a quarterback rating of 57.9 points. In the 2022 season, he held 261 completed passes and ran an average of 2 860 yards.

3. Joshua Patrick Allen

Josh Allen entered the 2022 season in glitter as he became a crowd favorite to win the MVP award. Moreover, the fame continued this season as he still has the records and stats to do so. Additionally, Josh Allen intends to change his hard-charging style in the field, which is already considered a threat as he can run 421 yards each season.

Final Thoughts

With this, you already have a whole view of prospects that will potentially make a name for themselves this season or veteran players and teams looking to polish their skills and make it to the top. Nonetheless, don’t forget to consider this information when choosing your favorites and odds to win!

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