6 New Casino Games That Are Going to Be Huge in 2023

In the world of gambling there are always novelty games that try to change the winning formula as much as possible without disrupting the known elements players love. Over the years and as online gambling became more and more prominent, the classic games everyone knows have tried to introduce new gameplay elements. Modern graphics allowed game designers to do things they could never before do. During that same time, the need for true classics persisted as there will always be a market for poker, blackjack, roulette, and the rest of the famous casino games.

But what about some of the modern takes on wagering money on luck and skill based games? Is there anything that exists more on the new and exciting side instead of familiar territory? What about the new takes on slots or other formats that are more like video games than casino games? Well, we live in the age of technology after all where entertainment has never been more important. As a gambler yourself, you probably want new titles every year since much of the same becomes boring and tiring quickly. In this article we talk about the best new casino games that are going to be huge in 2023.

1. Jet X

Source: azworldnews.com

The aircraft theme is one of the more popular trends in any sort of gaming, a tradition that has been present from the earliest gaming days. There is simply something spectacular and interesting about aircrafts that hooks the players and glues them to the seats. SmarSoft Gaming knows this as they develop their new Jet X title. The goal is as simple as always. All the player needs to do is bet on the result of the flight the plane takes on the screen. The more you wager, the more you can win. It is both easy and quick to have fun with this title. The trickiest part is to withdraw your money before the plane explodes, but nobody knows when that will happen. It is a fun concept about which you can learn more by visiting https://www.9winz.com/jetx.

2. Gonzo’s Quest

If you know a thing or two about online gambling, you have probably heard of the Gonzo series of games. It is certainly among the most well-known and respected slot series in the world. The developer behind it is NetEnt, one of the giants in the industry. Their newest title involves searching for a secret lost treasure that has been hidden in the mystical, legendary city of El Dorado. The slot has 20 pay lines and five cascading reels. Each spin allows you to play from 0.20 to 40 euros. It is not a jackpot slot but the rewards can potentially be huge, as much as 2500 times of what you bet. The graphics are great, the gameplay is fun, and the music is addictive. What else does an online gambler need? No New Year can go without Gonzo making a hard case for itself, and the same will be true in 2023.

3. Mega Fortune

Source: games.netent.com

Players from all over the globe know and love Mega Fortune, a mega jackpot online slot that has already given out millions of dollars’ worth of jackpots. It is a familiar name in the industry and one of the staples when it comes to quality slot wagering. The series even holds a few records for paying some of the biggest jackpots recorded. The slot utilizes the familiar theme of speed boats, limos, diamond rings, and an overall high life of luxury. The reels are fun to look at so there is no wonder Mega Fortune has been a regular destination for players, both the newcomers and those more experienced.

Banana Jones: The Future of Online Casino Gaming

Step aside, traditional slot games! Enter Banana Jones, the most popular online casino game of 2023. This unique and refreshing addition developed by RealTime Gaming (RTG) has successfully shifted the dynamics of online casino gaming, offering an exhilarating board game-style experience.

Players embark on a thrilling journey, guiding the main character through a jungle filled with both challenges and treasures. Unlike the classic spin-to-win, he uses a dice-rolling mechanic. As players roll, they either confront obstacles or uncover opportunities, making each move a suspenseful event.

Central to the game are crystal bananas, the precious currency players eagerly seek. These crystals aren’t just shiny baubles; players can exchange them for enticing rewards. The real charm? The strategic decision-making involved in collecting these crystals, striking a balance between risk and reward.

This slot doesn’t just play well; it looks and sounds impressive. With vibrant colors painting a captivating narrative, the visuals alone are a treat. The cherry on top is the catchy soundtrack, amplifying the game’s allure and entertainment factor.

4. Book of Dead

The iconic title by Play’N’Go is another one of those staples present in hundreds of online casinos. It is a fan favorite, among other things, because it offers free spin bonuses. This is always a great way to have players come back, and they really do. Another fun feature exists, one that can double or even quadruple smaller wins you have made already. Some of the biggest earnings are made thanks to the 5,000X per line wins, or 250,000 coin wins. These are large numbers that show just how much money you can walk away with even if you are a small time gambler. The RTP ratings is quite high at 94.25%, there are 10 pay lines, and 5 reels. The game takes inspiration from the great explorer titles like Indiana Jones, Tomb Raider, and Uncharted, as it includes themes of quests for lost treasures and items.

5. Starburst

Source: games.netent.com

Here is another familiar name in the online gambling world, and a title that numerous casinos have in store for their players. With themes of science-fiction and space, it is guaranteed to offer you colorful visuals, amazing gameplay, wacky audio, and most importantly, hours of real gambling fun. There are five reals and three rows at the core of the game with good payouts and an overall fair chances of winning. If you want an easier or a more challenging set of circumstances, the game can be scaled accordingly. Rewards can be quite big in certain scenarios, but the game can also be unpredictable and challenging to figure out. For those who like taking risks before winning considerable awards, Starburst is the place to be. Starburst is looking like one of the familiar hits of the year 2023.

6. Live Games

With no specific title to mention, live games will always be popular due to their concept of joining sessions already in motion. Roulettes, blackjack, poker, craps, or baccarat, online casinos have it all. If you want something with a smaller learning curve and a greater luck factor, go with roulette, craps, and baccarat. For those among you who want to control their fates and win based on strategy and skill, live poker and blackjack are the best choice. All of these classic games have traditional titles and modern takes on the well-known formula. Older players usually like it when they are unchanged, in their original state, familiar and straightforward. On the other hand, younger gamblers who also enjoy playing video games love modern gimmicks that elevate the experience to new heights. Whatever floats your boat, know that live games will remain popular in 2023.