Margo Harshman Bio, Facts, Life, Age, Net Worth, Instagram, Movies, TV Shows

Margo Harshman Bio

Margo Harshman Bio

Margo Cathleen Harshman is an American actress who portrayed the role of “Tawny Dean” in the original Disney comedy series “Even Stevens.” Margo Harshman also starred in the show’s adaptation, ‘The Evening Stevens Movie’. She was nominated for two Artist Awards at the Young Artist Awards for her work in shows and films. Margo Harshman also appeared in the lead role in the sitcom “Run of the House.”


Margo Harshman Bio
Margo Harshman Bio

She played the role of “Alex Jensen”, the secretary of Sheldon Cooper (one of the main characters, played by Jim Parsons) in the set work ‘The Big Bang Theory’. Her other notable works include shows such as ‘Tilt’, ‘Betas’, and ‘NCIS’, in which he played ‘Delilah Fielding’. In addition to finding success in the movie ‘The Evening Stevens Movie’, Harshman also appeared in several other films where she had a number of supporting roles.

Professional Career

Margo Harshman was introduced to the glamor world at a very young age. When her grandmother showed her beauty spectacle at just two years old, and a year later, she began to learn dance and gymnastics. She also joined acting classes and began to learn piano in a young girl. Harshman appeared in some films before she entered her teenage years, but it eventually took her another few years to play a regular role.

Her first notable role came in 2000 when he launched the comedy program ‘Even Stevens’ on television as ‘Tawi Dean’. The show aired on the Disney Channel between 2000 and 2003, and Harshman appeared in 47 episodes during that time. She was nominated for the Young Artist Awards for her outstanding performance as a TV movie, miniseries or special – supporting young actress. In the twilight years of the show, it was announced that Makers would bring a movie based on the show. She appeared in the film along with the original cast which also nominated her at the Young Artist Awards.

Margo Harshman portrayed Brock Franklin, the lead character in the WB site work “Run of the House” between 2003 and 2004. Makers shot 19 episodes, but only 16 of them could be aired before it was canceled. In 2012, Harshman was cast as Alex Jensen on the famous comedy show ‘The Big Bang Theory’. In this show, she played the role of Secretary Jim Parsons’ Sheldon Cooper. The character was short-lived and appeared in only four episodes.

Between 2013 and 2024, Harshman appeared in the American Action Police procedural television series ‘NCIS’ as ‘Delilah Fielding’. She plays the role of a disabled intelligence analyst who is the wife of Sean Murray’s character ‘Timothy McGee’.

Family & Personal Life

Margo Cathleen Harshman was born March 4, 1986, in San Diego, California to Janelle Harshman. After spending the early years of his life in San Diego County, Harshman moved to Orange County, California, and attended Foothill High School. In 2017, she married Margo Harshman Austin Hooks but within a year Margo filed for divorce.

Personal Information:

Birth Name:  Margo Cathleen Harshman
Mother Name:   Janelle Louise Harshman
Father Name:   David Harshman
Date of Birth:   March 04, 1986
Nationality:   American
Birth-Place: San Diego, California, USA
Profession:  Actress
Marital Status:   Married
Hair Colour:     Blonde
Eye Colour:   Blue
Ethnicity:  Mixed(German, Swiss-German, Danish, Norwegian, English, Irish, Scottish, and French)
Weight:  54 kg
Margo Harshman Height:         5 feet 4 inches
Margo Harshman Net Worth: $6 million
Spouse-Ex: Austen Hooks

Marriage & Relationships

Margo is now 32 years old, and some social standards will say it’s time to start a family. However, reliable sources claim that Margo is still fully focused on his career, and romantic relationships are not her priority at this time. The media hinted about her case with her acting partner Josh Keaton, but it seems to have ended, and in 2003, Margo was in a relationship with Chris Marcotte, but her relationship in 2005 broke down. Soon anyone will find the ‘one’.

Margo Harshman Net Worth
Margo Harshman Net Worth

Margo Harshman Net Worth

According to authoritative sources, Margo’s current worth is about $30 million, which is not surprising if we consider the sheer volume of its acting plans. Of course, the success of these shows played a vital role in boosting her fortune, and she seems to be comfortable enough now, if not full of lifestyle.

Margo Harshman Bio, Facts, Life, Age, Net Worth, Instagram, Movies, TV Shows.

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