The Importance of RNGs in Online Slot Games: Ensuring Fairness and Randomness

There are numerous misunderstandings regarding the gambling industry, with misconceptions regarding playable games. There have also been allegations of “rigged” or unfair games being offered.

Anyone new to online gaming or looking for a site should make sure that they are receiving an equal opportunity of potentially winning while being assured there are no external or internal influences affecting the games being played.

Random Number Generators (RNGs) are one of many techniques widely employed by the industry to ensure players are treated fairly. Their significance cannot be overemphasized or underestimated; their importance cannot be underrated or overemphasized enough.

What are Random Number Generators?

You may be asking yourself what an RNG is and how they can ensure fairness is experienced with every gaming session that you enjoy. An RNG works as an algorithm that is able to generate a sequence of random numbers. Once the sequence has been randomly generated, it will determine the outcome of the game that is being played.

They are typically found in online video slots, as the numbers can be easily matched up and related to the available reels and symbols. With the algorithm programmed correctly, each spin will then be independent of the other, thus creating fairness and randomness that cannot be predicted or influenced.

How do RNGs ensure fairness and randomness?

Given the randomness of the algorithm and the outcomes that are determined, an element of fairness is achieved. As stated, an aspect of unpredictability is created, as no one can try and pre-determine what the next outcome of a spin might be.

RNGs can do this by using the sequences they can create, with different numbers being produced each time the reels are spun. As a result, players are then able to feel assured that the casino is not influencing the result, and they have a reasonable opportunity to win the prizes that can be offered.

Why are RNGs important?

The use of an RNG cannot be understated. Their importance is significant for many reasons, with each of them designed with fairness in mind to both the casino and the player. There is a plethora of advantages that can be experienced with the use of an RNG:

  • Casinos can be viewed as fair if they utilize games that come with an RNG attached to them. There have been many rumors and myths that suggest the house cheats by rigging its games. The use of an RNG should eliminate any doubt about a title’s fairness.
  • Trust can be built between an operator and a player. With the technology in place, players can feel comfortable that they are able to get the best gaming sessions possible. They can also feel as though they have a reasonable chance of potentially obtaining prizes in the games that they play. This can be useful in scenarios such as when playing in slots tournaments, as players will be able to feel the huge prizes that are typically on offer are actually attainable.
  • RNGs can also provide transparency about the fairness of these games. While some in the past have suggested that table games can be fixed in the casino’s favor through various means and tactics, the technology used ensures that video slots are not.

What games can RNGs typically be found used in?

Given the ability that technology has nowadays, it should not come as a surprise that most games played digitally at an online casino will come equipped with an RNG.

Video slots are the most common type of game to utilize an RNG. As mentioned, the algorithm helps create random sequences, which then helps to provide an unpredictable outcome. Other types of games that can utilize the technology include video poker, video blackjack, video roulette, and many others.

Who actually uses RNGs?

It can be confusing to understand who or what uses RNGs if you are new to the technology. However, it is important to remember that the game developers are the ones that actually implement the technology within their titles, not the casino itself.

This helps keep things as random and fair as possible, as it means the casino cannot influence any outcome achieved, thus not being able to potentially keep more money in its coffers than handing it out to its players.

Do RNGs get tested regularly to ensure fairness and randomness?

Before games are released and available to play on a site, they will typically undergo a strict testing process. This will be carried out by an independent auditor who will look at various aspects of the algorithm to ensure a safe, fair and random outcome can always be produced with each spin.

Although there are different types of RNGs available – Hardware Random Number Generator/ True Random Number Generator (HRNG/TRNG) and Pseudo Random Number Generator (PRNG) – they are each tested vigorously by the auditors to ensure they deliver the expected results. The difference between each one is through its use of certain strategies, but they each share a common goal: producing a random sequence of numbers with each use.

If you want to be able to distinguish whether the games and the casino have been audited for fairness, then you can check to see if they have certain certificates. Among those available include:

  • BMM Testlabs
  • iTech Labs
  • Gaming Labs International (GLI)
  • eCogra (eCommerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance)

These are the most recognized and widely used auditors across the entire iGaming industry, with each of them being extremely trusted.

Final Thoughts

RNGs play an incredibly vital role across the iGaming industry and ensure players are able to obtain fair experiences with each session that is enjoyed. They do this through the use of numerical sequences which are entirely random and cannot be tampered with. They go under vigorous testing by independent auditors and can be on a frequent basis. If you want a safe online casino experience, check to see if they have any of the mentioned certifications in place.

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