Are Baseball Pants Going to Win This Game: How to Wear the Socks

It is not sure if baseball pants are going to win this game, but that’s not a bet you would take. But you can be sure about another thing: whether or not you wear long socks, short socks, or other kinds of socks with your baseball equipment is really up to you. You can buy all kinds of bulk apparel and see what suits your taste.

All You Have to Know About Baseball Pants

The best type of pants is lightweight and breathable. They should offer plenty of padding to protect the thigh area, but not so much that you can’t move your legs or feel the ground. You’ll want a durable material that will withstand lengthy use; in most cases, this means leather or synthetic leather. They are white or light gray, as they don’t need to absorb the sunlight.

The baseball pants are called pro-flare. You should know that they are not the same as the softball pants, because the second ones are lighter, more focused on the fashion aspect. Speaking about design, when buying baseball equipment from a bulk apparel store like Wordans, you will have to choose from two types of pants, pinstripe and piped. The second type is typically the best option because you can match the color of your pants with your team colors. This will help you get noticed on the field. Between these two models, there is a third one, the braided pants. They have only one braided line sewed on the exterior side of the leg.

The Tweeners and the Knickers


These are the two most known baseball pants models: tweeners and knickers. Because pants are an important part of the equipment, tweener pants are worn from mid-thigh to below the knees and protect against sliding. A player’s uniform consists of sanitary, which should be worn under the socks or socks with stirrups on the outer sides. Knickers were one of the most popular baseball pant models before they were discontinued in 2012. The tweeners are made from cotton and polyester blends which never need to be ironed while the knickers are made from 100% cotton that need to be ironed after washing or dry cleaning them.

The Pants and Socks Dilemma: Which Sock Length to Choose

You may wonder why it is such a big deal to choose a pair of socks for your baseball equipment. Well, the dilemma exists because pants come in a great variety of models: they can be long, they can be under the knees, they may have bands on the leg, and they may be too tight or not. Every team has its own preferences. According to the pants model, you can choose the socks: long, short, or with stirrups.

Long socks


It is considered that long socks are comfortable, easy to wear with baseball pants, and stylish. You should buy medium size pants with bands for them. The debate here starts whether you should put the socks over the pants, or under the pants. It’s mostly a matter of fashion, but when it first appeared, many fashionistas started to argue if they look good or not.

Besides the discussion about the look, you should consider that long socks need to be well tight up on the leg, because they are slippery. For this, some players wear the socks over the pants, others use the bands of the pants to keep the sock. When wearing the socks under the pants, the elastic band of the pants hug the socks on the calf of the leg, tightly.

Long sock with stirrups

This idea tries to recreate the elegance of horse-riding outfits. The stirrups also have the role of keeping the sock without any wrinkling, so the overall look is very good. But the stirrup will force the sock to slip over the leg, so you need an even better system to keep it tight on the leg, like an elastic band. So, the long socks with stirrups are elegant but not very comfortable. Nowadays, many teams put their logo on the stirrups. It is affordable to find socks with stirrups when buying online bulk apparel.

Short socks


Short socks are suitable for long pants, even if they have bands or not, or they are slim fit or they are large. The focus here is not on the socks, but the point goes to the pants. Base camp runners wear leg protection under the pants, because they can injure when slipping.

Is Bulk Apparel a Good Investment?

Bulk apparel is a good idea when you know very well what model you need for you or for your team. Once you have found a good provider that can guarantee you a qualitative stock, there’s a good idea to invest in baseball equipment. Whether you are a parent of a young player, or an adult player yourself, the right baseball equipment is important to be durable and to protect against injuries. Buying this equipment as bulk apparel can give you some great savings and help keep your budget in line.


Because baseball pants have stirrups for the long socks, there has been a debate about whether to wear long socks with or without stripes. Some players feel more comfortable with long pants and short socks, while others prefer knickers with long socks. About the long socks, they will not look good over the stripes of the pants. Others say that wearing stripes on the sock will clash with vertical lines of the pants and make them too busy.

The best length of sock to wear with your pants is one that covers the top portion of the calf. This seems to be a good balance between the long socks which have been popular in recent years, and traditional short socks. So, when you are buying bulk apparel, you can include jackets, pants, caps, sliding mitt and long socks as well as short socks, depending on your preferences.

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