HIPAA Compliant Efax Provider Recommendations

One of the most secure ways of sending information is through fax. This creates a need for healthcare organizations or professionals to have a HIPAA compliant fax service provider to ensure the smooth sending of their electronic messages. On this note, the diverse recommendations discussed here might be of great help.

According to the information found on Googleonlinefax.com, the protection of some sensitive information is very vital. Hence, the need for a compliant efax provider is very essential. It is important to note that these recommendations are not based on a hierarchy.

Below is a list of HIPAA-compliant eFax provider recommendations that provide


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Innoport is a HIPAA-compliant fax service primarily known for its cloud service feature and function for healthcare organizations. They have good security features and even encryption supported up to 128-bit, Encrypted emails, TLS, and HTTP API. Also Innoport has a very strong security system and servers.

This allows it to store a vast amount of information and also a good information retrieval system that always comes in handy. Its encryption makes it possible to send and receive an encrypted attachment from fax through email. It also allows the use of an online secure portal to view faxes.

New users can always get a walkthrough when signing up for a new account. Using innoport basic business plan costs around $9.95 per month. A personal plan is also available for those who wish for it. They offer many account allocations but, this is mostly for a larger organization. A smaller business might be left out of this option.


WestFax creates a way to easily migrate customers by creating a good porting system. They make it easy to migrate customers from Ring Central, RightFax, and so much more. You can easily run a smooth transition because all the needed features are already preinstalled.

There won’t be a need to worry about extra, fax server hardware, which might be costly as well. WestFax has a user-friendly interface which very convenient to use without any interruption to your daily setup. This is because they are a 100% cloud-based platform. It offers an explicit security feature that ensures user privacy.

Their password complexity policy helps to ensure that passwords cannot be guessed. They have a good Tech support team that helps both new and existing users with their setups. The basic plan for WestFax starts at $14.99, and a free trial is included as well.

The free trial helps you discover if using WestFax is a choice you are willing to make.

Concord Cloud Fax

The first advantage of Concord is how it arrows your internal and external faxing needs. Sending secure HIPAA-compliant faxes to a large number of users can be done with ease. It has a way of ensuring that the right individual or team gets the right faxes at all times.

It is easily accessible in the sense that every document can be located by text search. Concord offers machine learning that allows you to easily find data on patients from documents. It is an easy way for bringing data on a patient into the system without fail.

It has full encryption over communication. Its technical infrastructure is optimized for secure data. You can receive online faxes in your email box, this allows you to manage your faxes like a normal email. Concord allows you to build your own HIPAA-compliant cloud fax estimate.


FAX.PLUS is recommended for a HIPAA-compliant efax system which you to partner up with any third party you work with. They have a very unique security feature, which includes administrator privilege to grant and remove at will. It also has other security feature that allows asses to authorized personnel only.

You can receive and send faxes via your Andriod, IOS, desktop, google product, or programmable fax API. The cost of FAX.PLUS is around $59.99 per month, this comes with features like; priority support, Zapier integration, and other security features, this is for the enterprise plan. The basic plan comes at the price of $19.99 for monthly use, with the benefit of enjoying the enterprise features.

With FAX.PLUS can easily let you send faxes to over 180 countries across the globe.


SRFax makes it possible to allow or restrict which pc can have to assess to your account. It is known fax recommended by many medical professionals over the years. They have a well-improved firewall and SSL encryption which are put in place to protect your information.

Anyone can use an unrestricted number of accounts for the sake of user security and protection. This can help to limit who has asses to sensitive data. The platform offers optional optical character recognition (OCG) and download data through the safe fax downloader feature. All you need is a web browser or an email account to asses to start using SRFax.

The small business plan for healthcare and businesses starts at $7.95, which can also be scaled depending on the volume you intend to handle. The platform gives you unlimited online storage, a local customer care number, and simple fax management compatible with several email services of your choice.


Source: documo.com

Basically, documo’s platform is designed to send and receive fax to the healthcare organization. This allows them to achieve tremendous results and fast delivery including cloud storage to ensure you don’t lose your fax. You can manage your users, and asses your fax from any device. They allow sending and receiving of fax online.

The platform gives the ability to restrict asses to specific IP addresses and 256-bit SSL Encryption. Their smart encryption ensures that data is decrypted for authorized users only. Documo is built on the cloud feature designed by Google.

Documo ensures that your data is protected with a dedicated data backup function and alternative. Documo cost about $10 monthly, basically for individuals, and increases based on your number of teams.

Upland InterFAX

InterFAX has a reliable and flexible platform that allows your business to grow effortlessly without any interruption. They employ HIPAA/PCI compliant features for faxes. This helps to ensure that patients’ data are well protected.

It is one of the best solutions for all healthcare businesses and is recommended globally because of its specialty in cloud fax communication technology. It allows your staff to gain asses to the InterFAX control panel across your device. Upland also has an internal platform for faxing and removal of fax automatically, which helps to delete sensitive messages when delivered.

InterFAX helps healthcare businesses to minimize risks, increase productivity, and lower costs for better results. InterFAX has no capital cost, but it is efficient and worthily known for its cost-saving factor. They have different subscription plans which include a prepaid package or a monthly


Faxage provides an online and efax solution for a healthcare organization. This includes tight security and encryption so that one is aware of what users send across or receive.

Faxage is a fax system that has been in use over the years which recommendable by many healthcare businesses. They have been proven to deliver secure fax online.

Its security feature also includes sending and receiving PDS that is secured by a password, SSL for web purposes, and API-based faxing. The platform has a walkthrough for new users to enable them to set up an account and ensure HIPAA compliance while sending secure messages. The company has its own infrastructure as well.

The platform allows you to send and receive faxes online using unlimited fax storage which costs no additional charges. Faxage has different types of pricing plans but all Faxage pricing plans have the same features.


Source: blogs.opentext.com

SOFTLINX platform has been used by many healthcare organizations. They provide a well comprehensive cloud faxing, and also a good document delivery service. The platform helps you integrate your cloud faxing method, boost your efficiency, and productivity, and minimize security risks.

They have a security system that is 100%compliant, which helps to ensure that patient information is safely kept. The platform also has a user-friendly interface which can help to enhance workflow. Their online faxing tool via emails and the web helps to manage the most demanding fax requirements.

It has a  fast delivery system to ensure that there is no late delivery of faxes. The platform provides a convenient cloud faxing automation tool.


IFax tries to offer a good ground for online faxing which makes it trusted by many healthcare organizations. Its security system has a safe transmission method and strong encryption of over 256-bit. The platform also has a high-volume faxing solution.

The platform makes it possible to protect patients’ records through its military-grade security system. It has cross-platform accessibility which helps you to assess your files across different computing platforms. These features are mostly why many healthcare organizations recommend IFax.


To end it all, avoid making a mistake when choosing your HIPAA-compliant Efax provider. You need to understand your need for efficiency and match it with compliance to avoid affecting your workflow. It is important to note that each of these platforms offers a secure HIPAA-compliant service at different prices.

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