Great Barrier Reef – Best Tourist Place in Australia

Great Barrier Reef

Home to a wide variety of brightly colored marine life, the Great Barrier Reef offers great adventure opportunities, both in luxury and on a budget. Whether you’re exploring the amazing Whitsunday Island, taking a walk on the ancient Dintree rainforest, or relaxing on a luxurious island-like Hayman and Lizard, a day on the reef is an unforgettable nature all around you.

Adopt the Australian style when you hop on the island or live on many coastal routes. Such as Cairns, Early Beach, Harvey Bay, Mission Beach, and Port Douglas. Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is great in every way. One of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, it is a World Heritage Site.

Great Barrier Reef – Best Tourist Place in Australia

Which are the largest coral system and the largest habitable structure on the planet? It covers an area of ​​344,400 square kilometers from the jaw. This is a large area that can be seen from space. Located off the coast of Queensland, the reef consists of 3,000 individual reef systems, 760 fringe reefs, 600 tropical islands, and about 300 coral keys.

This intricate maze of habitats provides shelter for an amazing variety of marine life, plants, and animals. From 134 species of ancient sea turtles, rockfish and sharks, and rays to 400 different hard and soft corals and marine life.

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Great Barrier Reef Australia
Great Barrier Reef Australia

As the center of attention of world-famous tourists. The reef is world-famous for its turquoise waters, kaleidoscopic corals, abundant life, and more than 900 islands. These include the Whitsunday Islands, Lizard Island, and Heron Island.

Don’t Miss

  • Sail through the 74 ideal islands of the Whitsundays
  • Stay in island resorts among the reasonable, warm waters of the Incomparable Obstruction Reef and the Coral Ocean
  • View and experience fantastic marine life, from over and under the water

How to get there?

Worldwide flights fly straightforwardly to Cairns Air terminal. While residential flights fly to Hamilton Island or Persepolis (on the Whitsunday Coast) or to Townsville Air terminal on the territory. The gateway to many of the island’s resorts in Whitsundays is the town of Airlie Beach, a 25-minute shuttle bus from Proserpine Airport.

Cruise Michaelmas Cay 

See the Atlantic Ocean Spirit in style on the Great Barrier Reef, a 32-meter (105-foot) high-performance catamaran. It travels daily from Cairns to MichaelMas from an amazing reef sand island.

You can jump and snorkel among turtles and vivid fish, rests on the deck and absorb the sun. Or appreciate a glass-bottomed pontoon trip. MichaelMas is additionally home to in excess of 23 types of marine creatures. And is one of the most significant fowl asylums on the Incomparable Hindrance Reef.

Seaplane over Heart Reef

Make the ideal sentimental astonishment for your cherished one by flying over the world popular normal marvel, Hart Reef. From above, you will not only marvel at the pure turquoise waters. But also see the coral reefs that naturally shape themselves into a heart.

This common flight is one of the visits offered via Air Whitsunday and GSL Aviation, which likewise has the white silica sand of White Shelter Seashore on White Hand Seashore on the menu.

Cruise the Agincourt Reef

Agincourt Reef is home to 16 different dive sites, making it a popular destination for divers and snorkellers. Quicksilver Cruise will take you on an excursion to the well-known Gem like Ribbon Reef directly on the edge of the Incomparable Barrier Reef.

With a wide scope of action stages, you can investigate the submerged world in beautiful, jumping, and protective cap rich hues and brightness.

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