How Get People Stop Scrolling their Feeds After Stumbling on Your Visuals?

Creating engaging social media content is a beeline way towards attaining success. Since the world is moving towards digitalization and almost every company has a presence on social media, it has become vital to stand out. Only when a brand stands out from the rest do people notice it and take it seriously.

Among the most useful methods to get quality traffic on your page is by spending a significant part of your day crafting perfect and relevant images. A brand may also consider outsourcing the designs or investing in their design time to see the best results. However, it doesn’t guarantee success because almost every other brand follows this trick. And so, all the brands seem identical to the users.

So, the main question is, how to create such content that people are compelled to stop scrolling their feeds soon after stumbling on your pictures? If you are here to determine a relevant answer to this question, we can assist you. This article will discuss the various tips and tricks you can employ while designing matter for social media so that it doesn’t get overlooked by your users.

1. Collect Relevant Data and Follow it


The foremost thing to do is collect data on your customers – their gender, age, interests, and so on. You might need to survey to collect the data. It is a critical thing to do because it affects every decision you make relating to designing in the later stages. If you’re a designer planning to start a firm, you must know the importance of data and analytics in creating relevant content.

You can make the task easier by asking yourself – what are my customers engaging with?

Sleep on this question to get answers relating to your brand uniformity on social media, the shades and fonts you employ, frequency of engagement, dimensions of pictures, impressions, and so on. Experiment with the photos using different shades, fonts, and photo types to determine user interests. It will encourage you to make an informed decision relating to the content you must create.

2. Optimize Each Platform Differently

If you understand how to get traffic on Google, doesn’t imply you possess an understanding of Instagram as well. All platforms work differently, that’s why you must optimize them to succeed. For instance, if you’re employing Facebook tactics on Pinterest, and it is working well, there’s no guarantee that it will work for other platforms also.

To use each platform in the best way, you must first learn its functioning. The video you shared on Pinterest will not work for Instagram. It is critical to make sure that social media posts comply with every platform’s needs. However, it doesn’t imply optimizing the posts is merely about the proposition. It is more about understanding why your followers prefer a platform over others. Learning about the reason will assist you in making better decisions about posting.

Before choosing a platform, first, learn about its suitability for a business because every app has a specificity. Platforms that highlight your creations the best through graphic designs are preferable.

3. No Need to Be Perfect All the Time


Sometimes, posting not-too-perfect posts can make people stop scrolling and scan the page. The photo or video may be funny, sarcastic, or witty. Whatever it is, you don’t need to work too much on improving it. It is a good strategy to experiment with unpolished pictures and see how they work and can generate any leads. It is so because sometimes we spend hours making the perfect post, but it doesn’t work well. So, why not give the unpolished ones a chance?

Brands must remember that sometimes too polished images may backfire. Instead of giving an authentic impression, connecting with the public, and making them feel warm, they may appear cold and way too formal! So, considering a company’s appearance, you may also post random images.

4. Learn About Composition & Colors

The photo or video must tell an anecdote that relates to the public in a few seconds. It should be interesting, attractive, and appropriate. While it is a real challenge, there’s nothing that the correct composition and shades cannot do. If you wish to harness the strength of great style, understand how to construct attention-grabbing posts, whether image-based or text-based.

It is crucial to comprehend the relationship between composition and hierarchy design to use this strategy. Know your goals to draft a message that becomes the center point of your company.

You can click photos and videos to add an individual touch to the posts and ensure they are rare, unlike stock photographs. You may use realistic lighting, discover a unique angle, experiment with your fashion, and habit great design. You may also use animations to take a leave from usual posts. The best way to create them is by using an animation maker that gets people to stop scrolling their feeds. Animated ads not only help boost sales but also make you stand out!

5. Don’t Forget to Offer Additional Value


While creating engaging content is crucial to expand your customer base, it is equally vital to provide additional value to your customers. Although social media is helpful, it has significantly affected the mental health of the masses as they compare themselves too often to others.

So, if you want to connect to your audience on a large scale and register yourself in their good books, it is a good strategy to create posts that are not promotional. You can share your life, experience, knowledge, hobbies, and more with your followers by creating well-designed carousel posts or reels.

Wrapping Up

If you want people to stop scrolling their feeds when they come across your brand, create a social media profile. It will allow the audience to connect with you and feel like a part of something bigger – a community. But don’t forget – creating eye-catching graphics is the key to their heart and building stronger relations with them. We hope reading this blog helps make your journey a little less confusing.

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