Advantages and Disadvantages of Formula Feeding for Babies

Feeding a baby is becoming one of the most controversial issues today. Because many young mothers do not have the opportunity, or for some reason do not want to breastfeed their babies. Therefore, it is extremely important to understand the pros and cons of baby formula feeding to choose the best diet for your baby. Yes, there are many brands and types of these formulas, and each is individual and performs different functions. However, there are some obvious advantages and disadvantages that apply to all baby formulas. So let’s consider them more closely.

Disadvantages of Formula feeding for babies 


Let’s start with the shortcomings of baby formulas. The lack of nutrients in the composition is probably the most discussed among them. Although formula makers do their best to make it as nutritious as possible, it is not a winner in the fight against breast milk, while the mother’s body produces everything the baby’s needs.

It is believed that breast milk directly affects the baby’s immune system, that later has its consequences in the future. In fact, this is true because breast milk contains antibodies that prevent infection. Bottle feeding will fill your baby with useful elements, but it will be deprived of the necessary antibodies.

Unfortunately, there is also the option that the baby formula will not suit your child in composition. Your baby may develop allergies, diarrhea or other adverse reactions. In this case, you should consult a doctor and look for the cause of such a reaction, which can take a long time and worsen the child’s well-being. But there are also good news, because there are many formulas on the market with different functions, and we can choose a hypoallergenic formula based on goat’s milk, or any other that is perfect for your child. It is not a problem to see all the variety. You can do this on the page.

Advantages of Formula feeding for babies


First of all, baby formulas are ideal option for those babies who are lactose intolerant. This is actually a rarity, but there are cases when the child does not accept breast milk or milk of animal origin. Therefore, there are special formulas based on soy protein that solve this problem. In addition, there are other baby formulas that are designed for a variety of health problems that children may encounter, so it’s great that every family can choose a formula that will suit their child perfectly.

Many mothers wonder if they can eat certain foods, if they can drink a little alcohol or fizzy drinks and, as a result, how it will affect the well-being of their babies. Of course, constant eating unhealthy foods or tasting alcohol will have an impact on the health of the mother and, consequently, on the health of the child. Therefore, baby formulas are a good option for those mothers who lack the willpower. It is also safe for the baby to be bottle-fed if the mother has certain health problems. This will not affect the baby in any way as well as the mother’s diet and lifestyle. In that way a child will  not consume harmful bacteria and unnecessary substances.

Today, manufacturers are trying to create infant formulas that would be closest to breast milk and perform all the functions for the well-being and development of the child. High-quality formulas are organically created and endowed with essential minerals and vitamins. In some cases, the formula is even more nutrient-rich than breast milk. Accordingly, the child will have a extensive supply of those elements that will improve immunity and development.

Advantages and disadvantages of Formula feeding for parents 


Undoubtedly, baby formulas have their pros and cons that apply to parents. It is necessary to mention that feeding babies from a baby makes life much easier for the mother, if it is not possible to feed the baby at any time of the day. Then every member of the family will be able to do it. Moreover, it can be done where necessary, even in public. Some mothers experience significant discomfort when breastfeeding in a public place, so baby formula becomes a good alternative. It is also important to mention the painful sensations that a mother may have during breastfeeding, sometimes it is almost impossible to tolerate, so the baby formula can not even be consumed on a regular basis, but when necessary. Moreover, the mother can enjoy any food she likes, including spicy and salty food, citrus and even alcohol, but without worrying about the child’s reaction to a product.

Of course, there are certain shortcomings of children’s formulas. First of all, this applies to the prices that can be noted on the family budget, especially if the formula is really high quality and proven. Unlike free breast milk, parents are forced to pay for each can of baby food and pay a lot.

Preparing formulas can also cause some inconvenience. And, although this process is really easy, but one way or another it takes some time to prepare the bottles and the substance itself. You will need to constantly sterilize the jars to avoid any bacteria and heat the milk. And it is necessary to do it correctly and carefully, because otherwise sterilization will not work. Moreover, when leaving home you will need to take all the necessities, such as bottles, nipples, baby formula and others, which will definitely take up a lot of space in your bags.

Right, baby formulas have both pros and cons. After reading this information, parents can decide which option is more convenient for them and what is best for their child. It is important to remember that the most important thing is the baby’s well-being and it is necessary to follow his or her needs and monitor all the reactions to various products. In addition, do not forget to consult a doctor, as one is more knowledgeable in this area.

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