Fantasy Basketball Insights: Use Data to Inform Your Fantasy Basketball Draft Picks and In-Season Roster Moves

Fantasy Basketball Insights - Inform Your Fantasy Basketball Draft Picks and In-Season Roster Moves

Do you know that the NBA season is about to begin on Tuesday? If you are a big basketball fan, you will want to stay on-topic and on track when it comes to it all.  Rankings are not a silver bullet, just like ADP, but they can offer another piece of knowledge that can help fantasy managers as they get ready for draft day.

It is mathematically impossible to predict the right outcome for every player. However, you can get the right insight and knowledge with our helpful article. Here is all that you should know.

So, what is fantasy basketball?

When playing fantasy basketball, you have the opportunity to be the general manager of your very own NBA team.

You earn points each week based on how well your NBA team performs, and you select your squad from the league’s greatest players.

You have the ability to choose your team’s starting lineup, make and maybe accept trade offers, sign free agents, and compete with other teams in your league.

If you have enough interested pals, you can organize your own league and have the time of your life along with them.

For a deeper understanding of the data and statistics that underpin fantasy basketball insights, our article on NBA stats provides detailed information on every player and team in the league.

what is fantasy basketball

The basics you should know

Did you know that it is predicted that the worldwide fantasy basketball industry would grow from $3.8 billion in 2021 to $6.7 billion in 2030, a CAGR of 12%? Although fantasy basketball team is a made-up squad whose members are drawn from real NBA and collegiate teams, it is gaining more & more recognition.

Players are selected based on their real statistical performance as well as personal preferences like position or favorite player.

After that, points are awarded based on the players’ roster composition.

Individuals or groups of friends can compete against one another in online fantasy football leagues utilizing services like Yahoo Sports Fantasy Football Manager (Yahoo) or others where players can be traded between games.

Where to make a winning bet & a system that works?

make a winning bet

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Trading & strategy to follow

There are usually a few ways & tactics for you to appreciate the art of the deal in most leagues.

If you fit that description, one of the best parts of fantasy basketball for you will be trading.

When done correctly, it’s a terrific chance to expand your roster while getting rid of someone you might no longer need or desire.

So, you must take a look at the team’s roster to determine which players, if any, the manager could be prepared to part with.

For instance, it would be foolish to make a trade offer for a point guard on a club that only had one healthy point player due to injuries.

Be careful not to offer up too little, even though you may never want to send your greatest trade offer with your initial proposal.

That can offend the other manager, who might therefore not only reject your offer but also end all further trade discussions with you.

During-season tactics

During-season tactics - head-to-head playoffs

In addition to trading, there are other things to think about during the season, such as how to manage your roto league games, how to approach head-to-head playoffs, and how to use the waiver wire effectively.

See our draft kit’s section on in-season tactics.

Understand the format

As in all fantasy sports, league format affects player value.

Fantasy basketball is usually scored in four ways:

Roto (categorical), Head-to-Head Roto, and Points.

  • Head-to-Head Roto pits you against a league every week, with one winner and one loser (or a tie, depending on your commissioner).

Like basketball, victories, and losses determine playoff eligibility.

Whoever has the most stats in each category wins (points, rebounds, assists, steals, etc.).

For example, if your team accumulates 300 points, 200 rebounds, and 100 assists, compared to my team’s 450 points, 150 rebounds, and 99 assists, you’ve won the matchup two categories to one.

  • Head-to-Head Points are similar, except the winner is the team with the most fantasy points, defined by a fixed number for each statistic. What those numbers are? You are looking at Rebounds (+1.2 or 1.25) Assists (+1.5) Steals/Blocks (+3).
  • Turnovers (-1) (-1) – With a result being something like 78 points to 67 points. This is the typical format for fantasy football that one can bet on.

Knowing your commissioner’s values is crucial for you to make a smart move.

Turnover-prone point guards may be worth more if your commissioner thinks turnovers should be -1.5 instead of -1.

Why is scoring so important?

Why is scoring so important

You can’t make a good tactic and a thorough plan without knowing the basics of scoring systems.

Each time a player contributes to a game event, you get a Roto unit.

Rebounds boost your rebound category by 1. So, all the points are provided after comparing your team’s rebounds to the league’s.

The league’s size determines a team’s category points.

The league’s best stats team gets 12 points.

The second-best squad receives 11 points, followed by the weakest club with 1. Although it may sound complicated at first, you will get the hang of it after a while.

Each team’s league ranking is determined by aggregating points in all categories.

The scoring system determines which team has the most points (Assists Equal 1.5 points in the Head-to-Points example).

Points leagues have weekly lineup deadlines and a season-long champion. The scoring structure can greatly impact a player’s fantasy value.

If you’re curious about how midseason trades affect NBA championship contenders, our article on ranking the top teams after midseason trades is a great read.

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