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Eve Plumb Bio

Eve Plumb Bio

Eve Aline Plumb is an American actress, singer, and artist. When she was just six years old, Eve Plumb joined the glamor and entertainment world. After appearing in a series of commercials, she debuted her own TV series ‘My Brother the Angel’ and soon appeared on several popular TV shows. After being cast as John Brady on the comedy show ‘The Brady Group’, when she was only nine years old, she found success. The show was a mega-hit and Eve became a household name. Furthermore, since then, she has appeared as John Brady in several spin-offs and reunion specials.


Eve Plumb Young
Eve Plumb Young

Eve Plumb’s popularity was on the rise during the 1970s when she became a regular feature on numerous TV shows. In addition to family comedy, she is also known for his roles in films ‘Dawn: Portrait of a Teenager’ and ‘Blue Ruin’. In the 1990s, Plumb split his focus between acting and painting and began hosting exhibitions. She returned to the big screen in the 2000s with a few guest roles. Recently, she appeared in the movie ‘MonSoon’ during the Miguel, which nominated her at the Hoboken International Film Festival. Furthermore, currently, Eve Plumb divides her time between Eve Plumb painting and acting. Eve Plumb artwork is very famous.

Childhood & Early Life

Eve Plumb was born on April 29, 1958, in Burbank, California to Neely and Flora Plumb. Eve Plumb’s father worked as an executive of a recording company, while her mother was a popular dancer. In addition, Eve Plumb has three siblings: Flora Plumb, Benjamin Plumb, and Catherine Plumb. Eve started advertising when she was only six years old. Also, in the meantime, Eve Plumb began receiving offers from TV for minor roles. Moreover, she stepped on TV in 1965, when she was just seven, with ‘My brother Angel’.

Early Career

Eve Plumb’s career as a child actress has grown since her debut, and she has appeared in ‘The Big Valley’ (1966), ‘The Virginian’ (1967), ‘Lassie’ (1967),  Thief ‘(1968),’ Mannix ‘(1968),’ Family Affair ‘(1968),’ Lancer ‘(1968),’ Gunsmoke'(1969), and’ All My Children ‘(1970). It was created for her career as an actress.

Also, her most popular role as a child was her portrayal of John Brady in the family comedy film ‘The Brady Group’, which brought her fame. Also, she played the role of John Brady in 117 episodes from 1969 to 1974. Furthermore, not only did this character popularize her, but she also became a favorite in many homes. In 1972, Eve began acting in long roles. She played John Brady in the famous animation series ‘The Brady Kids’ from 1972 to 1973. In addition, by association, she watched the TV movie ‘The Brady Group on ABC’s Superstars on Saturday’ and ‘The ABC Saturday Superstar Movie’.

Eve Plumb Worth
Eve Plumb Worth

197 In 1974, Eve Plumb starred in the series ‘ABC Afterschool Specials’ and ‘Sigmund and Sea Monsters’. Furthermore, in the years to come, her projects were cut short, and she was only seen in the 1976 TV movie ‘Dawn: Portrait of Ten Age Runners’.

In 1977, she appeared in numerous TV series and films, including ‘Unexpected Tales’, ‘Alexander: The Other Side of Dawn’, ‘ Telethon’, ‘Wonder Woman’, and ‘The Power of Evil’. Also, while they only appear in supporting roles, their abilities immediately. Moreover, in 1978, she played the role of Elizabeth March in the famous series ‘Little Women’. Also, she later appeared in the series ‘Biggest Heroes of the Bible’ and the TV movie ‘The Secret of Three Hungarian Wives’. Eve moved to Los Angeles at the age of 18 to establish a long-term career in theater and film.

Later Career

In 1979, she played several roles in the famous TV series ‘Fantasy Island’ and appeared in three episodes. Moreover, then she appeared in a major role in 1981 with the TV series ‘The Brady Brides’, where she played John Brady Covington. She also acted in the TV movie ‘The Brady Girl Married’. 1980 In the 1980s, Plumb was seen in lesser projects. Furthermore, her prominent performances include ‘One Day at a Time’ (1982), ‘Reality Life’ (1983), ‘The Night the Bridge Fail Down’ (1983), ‘Masquerade’ (1984), ‘Murder, She’ Written ‘(1985),’ Television ‘(1989), and’ The Super Mario Bruce, Super Show! ‘(1989). In 1990, she was cast as John Martin Brady Quinton in the TV series “The Brady’s,” which follows her popular role from the past decade.

She appeared in five episodes. Eve was spotted on the big screen in 1992 with the TV movie ‘Tomorrow Today’. Furthermore, the next year, she appeared as Mrs. Noah in the movie ‘The Making of’ and God spoke. Role with guest representation in TV series ‘Louis & Clark: The New Adventure of Superman’ in 1994. In 1995, Eve Plumb was cast in the lead role in the family comedy “Fudge.” She appeared in 25 episodes and shared screen space with Jack Richardson and Forrest Witt. The show was a hit for viewers. Also, despite the popularity, Plumb’s career as an actress began to decline in the late 1990s. In addition, her final projects this decade include ‘Nowhere’ (1997), ‘Breast man’ (1997), ‘That 70s Show’ (1998), ‘Canon and Cal’ (1998), and ‘Total Man’ (). 1999).

Eve Plumb TV Series & Movies

With the new millennium, Plumb began focusing on her career as a painter and began hosting exhibitions across the country. Her paintings were well received and were considered a success in many art galleries. Furthermore, Eve Plumb returned to the big screen periodically in the 2000s. Also, she first appeared in the movie “Manifest” in 2003 and later in the 2008 TV series ‘Our Day’.

Eve Plumb Wiki
Eve Plumb Wiki

In 2012, she starred as a Nurse Dremel in the TV movie ‘The Pox Show’ and also appeared in the comedy film ‘The Sisters Plotz’ that same year. The following year, she played a supporting role in the popular show ‘Law & ORDER’ as Angela Brooks and later appeared in ‘Army Views’ as Reba Green. Moreover, her recent roles include the films ‘The Sisters Plotz’ (2015), and ‘Grease Straight!’ (2016). Also, she played a recurring role in the TV series “The Way” (2017) and appeared as a guest on the crime drama “Blue Bloods” (2017).

In 2018, she plays Gail in the Magellan Doran romance drama ‘MonSoon’. In addition, the film became a subject of criticism, and many critics portrayed Plumb’s talented painting. Eve Plumb was also nominated for Best Supporting Actress at the Hoboken International Film Festival. In 2024, Eve Plumb played Marcy in the comedy series ‘Crushing’ in the episode titled ‘Christian Tour’.

Personal Information:

Birth Name:             Eve Plumb
Mother Name:         Flora Plumb
Father Name:          Neely
Date of Birth:           April 28, 1958
Nationality:              American
Profession:               Singer, Actress
Marital Status:        Married
Hair Colour:               Brown
Eye Colour: Brown
Ethnicity: American
Weight:       52 kg
Eve Plumb Height:         5 foot 2 inches
Eve Plumb’s Net Worth: $5 Million
Spouse-Ex: Ken Pace (M. 1995), Rick Mansfield (M. 1979–1981)
Siblings: Benjamin Plumb, Catherine Plumb, Flora Plumb

Major Works

Eve Plumb is best remembered for the role of Jan Brady in the famous family comedy ‘The Brady Group’. Also, Eve Plumb played that role in 117 episodes over seven years and made a name for herself in every household.

Family & Personal Life Eve Plumb

Eve Plumb is married twice. Moreover, Eve Plumb was first married to Richard Mansfield from 1979 to 1984, before they ended their divorce. 1995 In 1995, Eve Plumb married Ken Pace, a businessman in 1995. Moreover, Eve Plumb kids are three in number.

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