10 Essential Video Marketing Tips Small Business And Start-Up Must Follow For Brand Awareness

Video marketing for enterprises is not as costly and difficult as many people believe. Videos have quickly turned out to be the most popular medium for content around the globe. That is why brands have started to focus more on content that can be presented in the form of a video. Tik-Tok and Instagram being the most popular ones in recent years.

Videos are not only interesting and exciting to watch, but they can also deliver a better ROI for businesses that use them regularly. More than 86% of businesses use video as a marketing tool, and that tells you a lot about its popularity.

However, video editing can be an arduous task and time-consuming. We recommend using Invideo for your video editing task as this tool has more than 4000+ templates to use from, drag and drop technique, and a simple interface to use with host other excellent features that take care of your entire video marketing strategy and implementation.

If you run a small business and want to make full use of video marketing, then let’s talk about some important points in today’s blog in detail.

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Why is Video Marketing Important?

Video content has a lot of potential that brands can use for their benefit. Video content is helpful because it helps to make product descriptions very easy. 94% of all marketers said that video content helped them briefly explain their products to people. As a result, the viewers had a better understanding of the products or services.

Customers will buy your products only when they understand how it is helpful, right? So it goes without saying that video content is beneficial. People can understand and observe videos much better than regular texts. Video provides marketers with a much better return on investment, which is not surprising. Over 75% of all marketers agree that return on investment has improved with the help of video marketing.

Video marketing allows brands to show their customers better what their products are and how they can help them. As a result, people are more confident when shopping for a particular product. The production costs can be quickly recovered from increased sales and revenue. On the other hand, video marketing is also a good way to promote your SEO strategies and target the potential audience in the best way.

86% of video marketers have agreed that they have seen a significant spike in their website with the help of video marketing strategies. So, there are several other reasons why we believe that video marketing is the best strategy for small enterprises to reach out to more people.

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10 Essential Video Marketing Tips

Here are some excellent video marketing tips that you should check out and follow now –

  1. Shorten the Video – Short video content is not only much easier for brands to create, but it’s also the kind of content customers want to consume. Did you know that people’s attention is only 8 seconds? Short videos are much more likely to watch a video until the end if it is 2 minutes long than watching one for more than 35 minutes. Make use of video editors available online such as Invideo, Filmora, iMovie etc.
  2. Get Attention in the First Few Seconds – Speaking of short attention periods, marketing videos can get viewers’ attention in the first 3 seconds of the video, increase viewer interest, and increase engagement with the video content. You must use a good video intro to grab the audience’s attention very quickly.
  3. Use High-Contrast Text – It’s a good idea to add high-contrast text to your video because it makes it very easy to read. A good way is to add uppercase text in contrasting colours, such as dark and bold fonts, on a lighter background. High contrast texts will enable the users to read about your content with ease and comfort.
  4. Post Your Video on Facebook – This may seem like a trivial piece of advice. Still, new platforms like Instagram and TikTok have many new short-format video options that small businesses often miss on Facebook. However, Facebook can become a powerful search engine for small business marketing videos as well. It is the biggest social networking site. So, posting your videos on Facebook is an excellent idea for small businesses.
  5. Make It Fun Without Audio – Make sure marketing videos are appealing and interesting, with or without audio, as many people watch their videos without the audio, both at home and in public. An easy way to do this is to add captions to the videos you create. This will help them to understand what the video is about without the audio.
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  6. Create Detailed Title and Description – When uploading a native video to Facebook, remember that it will take a few more minutes to write some detailed and descriptive words about your marketing video. If you have a clear title and a short description of your video content, your clients will soon know what the video is. It looks more professional and gives a little SEO boost to your website as well.
  7. Don’t Forget the Music – Create videos to reach out to your customers, but don’t forget to add trendy music. Select popular music, add it to your video, upload your original audio, and turn down the volume of the music you want to add. This will help the video to be more interesting and appealing to watch at all times.
  8. Cross-Platform Promotion – If you’ve already created great video content on Instagram, post those videos on LinkedIn and Facebook as well. Cross-platform promotion is a great way to increase your chances of being seen by more people. The best way to expose your brand’s video content is through cross-promotion.
  9. Use Good Lighting – The lighting of your videos should be top-notch. Lack of proper lighting can make your video look poor and unappealing as well. Try to shoot your videos in natural light or have the right artificial lighting tools.
  10. Be Consistent – Last but not least, you should be consistent when uploading videos on social media. It will take some time before your video marketing strategies show you the right results. So, keep constantly uploading your videos.
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These are all the tips that we believe will help you create the best video marketing strategy for any small business in every industry.

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