How To Dress For Your Summer Flights

How To Dress For Your Summer Flights

Dressing for a flight is usually high up on the agenda when packing for travel. Whether you’re taking a relaxing flight to a vacation destination, the red eye to San Fran to be there for a meeting in the early hours, or you’re on a business trip, whatever your reason for travel, the way you dress may be more important than you think.

Not only do you want to be comfy on the plane, but it will depend on whether you’re traveling to a hot or cold climate, whether it’s a long haul or short haul flight, and who you’re traveling with.

In addition, depending on what class you are traveling in, there may be certain dress requirements by the airline too, or if you are visiting a lounge beforehand then there is usually a dress code.

Panicking about what to wear? Don’t sweat it as below, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about how to dress for a summer flight.

Airline dress codes

While airline dress codes generally aren’t too strict, there are some basic rules to abide by to ensure you get on your flight without any hassle.

  • Make sure you’re wearing shoes. It seems obvious but some people get into holiday mode quite early and might take on their flip-flops a bit too soon.
  • Don’t show too much skin – It’s important to dress moderately and in a way that doesn’t make other passengers feel uncomfortable as remember you’ll be sitting within the close confines of other strangers.
  • Don’t wear anything with offensive images or slogans on

In addition to this, some airline lounges have slightly stricter dress codes that may include the following rules:

  • No sports clothes – including tracksuits, gym clothing, or trainers.
  • Men must wear long pants and women must have shoulders and midriff covered.
  • No onesies or pajamas.

To get the most accurate information, be sure to check the website of your airline or airport lounge before you travel to avoid disappointment as each may differ depending on their values and even which country they are flying to.

Summer travel outfit ideas

Summer travel outfit ideas (1)

Now that we’ve established what not to wear, it’s time to dive into some simple yet chic outfit choices for traveling on a summer flight this year.

Stacked sweatpants

If you’re traveling on a long-haul flight, it’s important to dress comfortably as you’re going to be in the air for a while. In addition, long-haul flights can get pretty cold especially if you fly at night and there’s nothing worse than trying to sleep while being cold.

The Stacked fit pants look a little more sophisticated and put-together than your average sweatpants, meaning you’ll still be traveling in both style and comfort. The added material at the bottom will help keep the lower section of your leg warm as it will be your hand and your feet that will go cold first.

Long shorts and a T-shirt

Long shorts and a t-shirt are classic and comfy look that works great if you’re traveling on a short-haul flight to a warm destination. If your flight is very early in the morning or late at night, then be sure to include a sweater in your carry-on as temperatures tend to drop around these times of the day.

This is also a good outfit choice if the temperature of the county you are landing in isn’t very warm.

Also, adding sunglasses to this outfit is a smart move, especially if you’re heading to a sunny location. Not only do they protect your eyes from harsh sunlight, but they also add a touch of style to your travel ensemble. Sunglasses, especially those from goodr, are particularly useful if you’re landing in the daytime and have to navigate through bright, unfamiliar surroundings. They are a small, easily packable accessories that can significantly enhance your comfort and look, making them an essential item for any travel wardrobe, regardless of the destination’s temperature.

Support or compression legwear

While it doesn’t sound too glamorous, compression socks or leggings are essential if you are on a very long flight as they help to reduce the possibility of a blood clot and keep blood flowing in your legs.

They also aid in relieving the discomfort caused by sitting on long flights and will help reduce fatigue. It is shown in some studies that wearing compression socks help relieve jet lag.

Whether they are really that effective is up to you. If the thought of compression socks horrifies you or takes you back to memories of the unglamorous later pregnancy weeks, try covering them with flared trousers and no one will be any wiser.



It may seem tempting to wear your flip-flops straight from the beach to the plane, but it is best to pack your flip-flops before flying. Closed-toe shoes are a priority footwear choice when flying as you should aim to be comfortable and not pose a safety concern.

The obvious choice to avoid is wearing heels on a plane. These will affect your balance and in case of an emergency, you may benefit from wearing flats.

A note to remember is not to be the person who pokes their bare feet under the person’s seat in front of you. Remember to stay in your designed foot space and depending on the flight’s status walk down the aisle if your legs need stretching or without kicking the seat in front of you, raise your leg and rotate your foot in circular motions for each leg.

This will help stretch and work the muscles up the leg to help relieve the discomfort from sitting for hours.

Accessories to pack in your hand luggage

A summer flight essential is to pack a pair of sunglasses if you have a morning or mid-day flight. Or a hat; Stepping off a flight in the blazing sun requires preparation and the last thing you want is to burn your head or hurt your eyes when entering or leaving the airport.

Protecting from the sun is important and some even say to wear SPF for your flight due to the high levels of UV rays when flying.

When preparing for your summer flights, don’t forget to choose glasses frames that suit your style and face to complete your perfect travel look.

Overall, choosing your outfit for travel can be an exciting time, yet it is important to remain practical too, and take into account the climate, time of day you are traveling, and the cultural norms of the airline and the destination you are flying to.

Make sure that comfort is your priority as you may want to dress stylish, however, this may change once you begin to swell or possibly bloat. All these factors will help you have the best and most comfortable flight you can have without any complications. Now you’re all set to fly like a fashionista.

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