6 Places to Discover the Hidden Treasures of Loire Valley

Travelers do not yet visit many French places; hence, there is much more to explore. Loire valley is an attractive France countryside with beautiful castles, historical museums, and excellent infrastructure. Many unexplored hidden treasures are there that are a must to visit.

While traveling to this city, you can explore places that local people or tourists have visited less. You can be the person who can discover some hidden spots and get an opportunity to know more about this valley. This write-up will help you know all the places that are worth exploring, hidden treasures of Loire valley in France.

Undoubtedly, you can get a new experience, which will be pretty different from other cities. If you find this place interesting, you can stay here permanently by becoming a resident. You can invest in real estate and stay here for as many years as possible. The better you know about this city, the better you can easily connect yourself to the valley.

Chateau de Chambord

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It is an authentic monument which is located on the left side of the Loire river. It is a breathtaking royal castle that is worth exploring. The building is quite old, constructed in the 16th century for Francois I without sparing any expense. The perfect thing about the construction is its amazing proportions.

It involves 440 rooms, a long staircase, party halls, etc. A long wall of 32 km is a massive France attraction. One property section is covered with pristine forests out of 5500 hectares. All the flowers and shrubs are placed in a geometrical pattern.

The Italianate garden terrace was the place where the king resided. You must drive to this place from Paris or reach the Blois Chambord station by train. From the chateau, the taxi ride is 25 minutes. You can enjoy delicious food in the chateau and explore the historical details of this place.


It is another old palace which is a highly photogenic place for tourists. This French cathedral was built in the 12 to 13 centuries and appeared giant and impressive. Due to massive towers and doorways, your mind will get blown. Four evangelists are the symbols that surround the castle. All the windows are made up of high-quality stainless glass material.

It is a significant attraction for people who want to visit something unexplored and new. You can read more to get more details about this place and add it to your bucket list. The architecture is quite mesmerizing, and you will love to explore the historical buildings of France.


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You might have dreamed of visiting a storybook or a fairy tale castle, and then you must add this place to your list. It is located on the river Indre’s island. This old castle was constructed in the 16th century. Its beautiful architecture will mesmerize you.

A kitchen is there on the ground section with a massive dining hall. The chimneys are well-decorated and look pretty stunning to travelers. In this town, you can also visit the church in a unique Gothic style.

If you go 10 Kms far from this town, you can easily enter the Langeais town center. You can check in different luxurious hotels and guest rooms with enough space and delicious food. You can explore beautiful gardens, a pool, a big and spacious terrace, and other nearby things.


If you desire to know about the largest Loire valley town, then Orleans is the one. You must visit an ancient museum to collect historical information about this town, which was established in 1429. You can call this museum the Joan of Arc if you want to spend some time in a peaceful place where you can silently do prayers and get connected to god.

This monument has massive towers, doorways, big halls, and rooms. The entire building is well-constructed and decorated. You can explore beautiful paintings by artists, decorative items, and sculptures. It is the best way to get knowledge of historical architecture. After many wars, this building remains the same.


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This beautiful town is located on the river Loire bank, which is covered with dense evergreen forests. When visiting the fascinating and attractive destination in this town, you must visit Royal d’Amboise. You can get a complete view of the valley landscape by climbing the cliff.

It was constructed in the 15th century by Charles VIII. It is a beautiful castle that is worth visiting for every traveler. There is a Chapelle, known as St. Hubert, which Charles VIII and his wife again constructed.

It will mesmerize you with its authentic beauty and sculptures you will not find anywhere across the globe. In previous years, Leonardo da Vinci also visited this town and worked here with dedication. If you are a big fan of da Vinci, then you must visit Amboise and his research work in botany and geology.


This old-ambiance city is located above the river on the hills. You can observe narrow streets, monuments, buildings made with half-timbers, etc. The architectural structure appears the same as in the mid 13th century.

The stunning masterpiece is the octagonal staircase. Due to stained-like glass-based windows, the sanctuary becomes bright and keeps shining. Many travelers plan to visit this place and admire houses in the town. It is a well-known French town, and you must add it to your bucket list.

The Bottom Line

If you desire to explore the hidden treasures of Loire valley, then you must consider visiting the mentioned places. You can explore beautiful castles, museums, towns, and more in these places.

It is easy to reach any place by traveling a small distance. You will not be disappointed once you reach there. You must explore all the mentioned places to discover the city’s hidden treasures and French culture. It is necessary to add all the places to your bucket list and plan to visit there.

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