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Dirk Nowitzki Wife

Dirk Nowitzki Wife Bio (Jessica Olsson)

Dirk Nowitzki Wife’s name is Jessica Olsson. Also, Dirk Nowitzki Wife is a basketball player often counted among talented players from Europe. Dirk Nowitzki Wife was born into an athletic family, and his extraordinary stature forced him to choose basketball among other sports. He was naturally flourishing in the game. When he was just 16 years old, he joined “DJ K Wurzburg” and later had to trade with the Dallas Mavericks in the “National Basketball Association (NBA) Draft.” He holds the record for most of the season (21) with the same club. In his career, he has won numerous ‘Most Valuable Player’ (MVP) awards.


Dirk Nowitzki Wife
Dirk Nowitzki Wife

He became the first European to launch an ‘All-Star’ game. At the end of the season in 2018, he is ranked sixth on the ‘NBA’ Top Scorers list, with over 31,000 points. His signature jump shot is talked about by many other basketball players. Nowitzki’s popularity and consistency won him several awards, including the famous ‘Nasmat Legacy Award’ in 2012. He also played regularly for his national team and helped Germany win the bronze medal at the 2002 FIBA ​​World Championship. Dirk Nowitzki Wife’s name is Jessica Olsson.

Natsuki’s inspirational career has been a book and a documentary article focusing on his steady rise as a foreigner in the world of American basketball. He is currently one of the best basketball players. Dirk Nowitzki Wife’s name is Jessica Olsson.

National Career

Nowitzki was named to their national basketball team in 1997. He debuted with ‘Euro Basketball’ in 1999 and was the highest run-scorer for Germany in the tournament. Dirk Nowitzki Wife’s name is Jessica Olsson. In 2001, he was the highest run-scorer in ‘Euro Basketball’ despite his initial defeat to Germany, and he was selected to the ‘All-Star’ team. 2002 In 2002, Germany won the bronze medal at the ‘FIBA World Championship’. ‘It was his first international medal.

Dirk Nowitzki Wife
Dirk Nowitzki Wife

He was the tournament’s top scorer and retained the ‘MVP’ award. However, in 2003, he performed poorly in ‘Euro Basketball’ due to a foot injury. 2005 In 2005, Nowitzki returned and led his team to the finals. Dirk Nowitzki Wife name is Jessica Olsson. Although the team lost to Greece, it was the highest scorer in the Nowitzki series and made ‘MVP’.

Family & Personal Life

Nowitzki was previously in a relationship with basketball ‘DJ JK Wurzburg’ partner Sybille Gerber. “They lasted about 10 years but in 2002 their relationship ended. However, their good friends remain intact. In 2010, he began dating Jessica Olson. In July 2012, they were married in Dallas. They have one daughter, Malaika, and two sons, Max and Morris. German journalists Dino Reisner and Holger Sauer chronicled Nowitzki’s life in 2004 in a book called “Dirk Nowitzki: German Wonder Guide.” The book also shows evidence of his early life, success and rapid rise in the NBA. It also covers other personal stories. Dirk Nowitzki Wife’s name is Jessica Olsson.

Personal Information: Dirk Nowitzki

Birth Name:             Dirk Nowitzki
Mother Name:         Helga Nowitzki
Father Name:          Jorg Werner
Date of Birth:           June 19, 1978
Nationality:              German
Birth-place:               West German
Profession:               Basketball Player
Marital Status:        Married
Hair Colour:       Blonde
Eye Colour:     Grey
Weight:          111.1 kg
Dirk Nowitzki Height:     7’0
Children:  Malaika Nowitzki, Max Nowitzki, Morris Nowitzki
Dirk Nowitzki Net Worth: $140 Million
Dirk Nowitzki Wife: Jessica Olsson
Siblings: Silke Nowitzki

Jessica Olsson

If you are well acquainted with the famous German NBA star Dirk Nietzsche, you will certainly want to know more about his wife, Jessica Olson. Although she is married to a superstar, Jessica never enjoys the light of the day. While Dark is wandering the big screens, Olson, on the other hand, is happy to have a low profile. She came to light shortly after her marriage to the NBA star and now has three children. Read on as we look for Jessica’s family life, age, parents, husband, and children.

Early Life

The amazing wife of an NBA star was born in Gael, Sweden. Dirk Nowitzki Wife is the first child of her parents and is raised with her two younger siblings. Olson has not yet disclosed her age to the media, she is a Kenyan – Swedish ethnic and of Swedish nationality. From her youth on, Dirk Nowitzki Wife Jessica has always kept her personal details in the shadows. Although little is known about her early life and educational history, we can tell that she previously worked at an art gallery in Dallas before marrying an NBA star born in Germany in 2012.

Dirk Nowitzki Wife Height and Family

Olson is from a loving and caring family. She was born to a Swedish father and a Kenyan mother. However, she has not disclosed to the media about her parents, her name and their current location. She has the twin children of younger brothers Marcus Jonas and Martin Tony Olson. Martin and Marcus are professional football players and they were born on May 17, 1988.

Dirk Nowitzki
Dirk Nowitzki

Marcus is a left-handed player from the Derby County team, as well as the Swedish national team. Her brother Martin is a Swedish national team in England and a left-hander at Swansea City Football Club. Dirk Nowitzki Wife’s name is Jessica Olsson. The twins represented their home country of Sweden in the U-19 and U-21 World Football tournaments. During the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia, Martin was part of the Swedish 23-man squad representing their country in the tournament.

Jessica Olsson Husband and Kids

Jessica Olsson is a very beautiful and attractive woman. She was happily married to Dirk Nowitzki, a basketball player. The couple met in 2010 during a charity event for Sports and Education for Economic Development (CED) – after which they terminated their relationship. Dirk Nowitzki Wife. After two years of successful relationships, the two engaged in a passionate marriage on July 20, 2012. The wedding took place in both Germany and Kenya.

Together they have three children – a girl Malaika, born in July 2013, and two boys – Max, born March 24, 2015, and Morris, born November 11, 2016. Dirk Nowitz is a professional basketball player with the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks. The Milwaukee Bucks were drafted as the 9th overall pick in the 1998 National Basketball Association draft, right away. Dirk Nowitzki Wife’s name is Jessica Olsson.

The deal was signed at the Dallas Mavericks, where he is playing as the team’s power forward. Dirk is a one-time NBA Champion, a 13-time NBA All-Star, a one-time NBA Finals MVP, and the 2007 NBA Most Valuable Player. He is the greatest power ever. He is the first NBA player to record at least 31,000 points, 3,000 assists, 10,000 rebounds, 1,000 three points, and 1,000 steals. Dirk Nowitzki Wife’s name is Jessica Olsson.

Dirk Nowitzki Jessica Olsson

Along with the German national basketball team, Nowitzki is a one-time bronze medallist at the FIBA ​​Championship in 2002 and a silver medallist at Euro Basketball in 2005. Dirk was named the Euruscar European Basketball Player of the Year for five years by Gazzetta Dello Sport, similar to Mr. Europa’s European Player of the Year by Italian Sports Magazine, called Super Basketball. In addition, he has won the FIBA ​​European Basketball Player of the Year award twice in 2005 and 2011.

He became the first basketball player to be named German Sports Person of the Air in 2011. Dirk also became the first non-American to gain fame. Legacy Award in 2012. Although Jessica Olsson is married to a superstar, Dirk Nowitzki Wife is still a low profile and does not have social media accounts. Olson and Dirk are having a wonderful married life and there is no sign of their breakup yet.

Personal Information: Dirk Nowitzki Wife

Birth Name:             Jessica Olsson
NickName:              Jessica
Mother Name:         Sal Gibson
Father Name:          Yvonne Cole
Date of Birth:    1982
Nationality:   Swedish
Birth-Place:    Gavel, Sweden.
Profession:     An employee at Dallas Art Gallery and Associate Director
Marital Status:      Married
Dirk Nowitzki Wife Hair Colour:      Black
Dirk Nowitzki Wife Eye Colour: Dark Brown
Religion:          Christianity
Ethnicity:           Multiracial
Weight:          60 kg
Dirk Nowitzki Wife Height:    Feet & Inches: 5′ 9″
Dirk Nowitzki Wife Children:    1. Max Nowitzki.
2. Morris Nowitzki.3.Malaika Nowitzki
Dirk Nowitzki Wife Net Worth: $120 Million
Husband: Dirk Werner Nowitzki
Dirk Nowitzki Wife Siblings: Martin Olsson and Marcus Olsson

Dirk Nowitzki Wife Height and Body Measurements

Wondering how tall she is? Well, Dirk Nowitzki Wife Jessica Olsson is of average height that can’t be compared to her husband who stands 7 feet (2.13 meters). Dirk Nowitzki Wife’s hair is black and Dirk Nowitzki Wife has brown eyes with an unclean body. Dirk Nowitzki Wife’s age is 38 years old.

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