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Daily Bumps Net Worth

Daily Bumps Bio-Wiki

Daily Bumps has over 5 million subscribers as of 2024 growing by 2,000 new subs daily and has accumulated over 3 billion views since the channel was started. As of 2024, Daily Bumps net worth estimated at $12 Million USD. In a day, the videos within the channel cumulatively get around 2.5 million views per day. this could lead to a calculable revenue of around $10,000 per day ($3.6 million a year) from ads that run on the videos.

YouTubers get paid between $2 – $5 per a thousand monetized views once YouTube takes its cut. Monetized views vary from 400th – hr of the whole views. of these are influenced by many factors like device content, the situation of the viewer, ad inventory, what number of ads there are on a video, what number of folks skip the ads, ad engagement, etc. The family makes further financial gain from mercantilism merchandise like shirts, posters, etc. They conjointly get paid tens of thousands of dollars to push totally different products through their channels and social media pages. they need to have deals promoting products like Family Mobile, HP, and others.

Personal Life

The couple started when the young lady created her own YouTube channel to document it and facilitate abortion and missed births for others. In a few months when she had an abortion, the young woman became pregnant again. The young woman gave birth to her first son, Oliver James, on July 27, 2013, through a cesarean section. As of 2024, Daily Bumps net worth estimated at $12 Million USD.

On February 9, 2015, she found out she was pregnant with her second child. The young woman gave birth to her second son, Finlay J., on October 24, 2015, through a cesarean section. Also, the young lady and Brian both have their own personal channels. The young woman focuses on beauty, pregnancy, maternity, cooking, and halal while Brian focuses on music.

On Feb 9, 2015, they learned she was pregnant with their second kid. the young lady gave birth to their second son Finley Jay, via cesarean section on October 24, 2015. Both the young lady and Bryan have their own personal channels. Young lady focuses on beauty, pregnancy, motherhood, cookery, and hauls, whereas Bryan focuses on music.

Professional Career

The couple daily visit their families from home, Eli and Jared to Elle and Jared McMahon, their three sons, Jackson, Calvin, and Kelman and Katie to Tommy Klein and Katie Bynings, Johnson’s fame Jeffrey, Missy’s cousin, his wife, Natalia. Are close friends with, And their daughters, Olivia Leaf and Patton.

On December 4, 2017, Jeff and Natalia announced that they were expecting their third child, which was due in July 2018, but on January 16, 2018. It was revealed that Natalia had suffered a miscarriage. And Calais and Corbin, their daughter Juniper, and another baby due October 2024.

Missy and Daily Bumps were actually married on August 8, 2008, but they later found out that they married very soon and divorced. Eventually, they got together and fall in love, and remarried. It is said that they celebrate their anniversary on August 8.

There is conjointly a program referred to as Google’s most popular wherever deep-pocketed firms will target ads on the highest five-hitter most well-liked content. The ad rates here are above normal. except for ads, YouTubers conjointly generate further from YouTube Red viewers who pay a monthly fee to look at premium content on YouTube and watch videos while no ads. Here they get paid supported watch time on their videos. The longer the viewers watch their videos, the extra money they earn.

Daily Bumps decided not to keep his Bengali cat Zuri and gave it to Jimmy’s younger brother Jimmy. On July 24, 2017, Masai announced in his latest vlog that his fish hashtag had passed away and brought two new fish clickbait and viral on July 26, 2017. They found a rat named John Pinky in July 2017. React to the Box Challenge Chick Reach!

Daily Bumps Net Worth
Daily Bumps

Bumps on The approach

In the starting, a couple of days before Christmas 2011, they learned a young lady was pregnant. However, at their 10-week ultrasound, they learned the baby did not have a heartbeat. a handful of weeks when they lost the baby. They got a decision from the doctor telling them it had been a boy. Shortly when they lost him, they started attempting and she or he quickly got pregnant once more.

At sixteen weeks, that they had an ultrasound party, and that they learned they were having a boy. Then, they lost him at twenty weeks. a young lady delivered him still on Sept 7, 2012. They determined to call him Gabriel Bryan Lanning. shortly when they lost Gabriel. The young lady started a YouTube channel to stipulate their loss.

Reason for Miscarriage and Abortion

On November 8, 2013, a young lady denotes a video on her personal channel titled WHY I LOST MY 2 BABIES. She was unconcealed that there was a full septum in her uterus that was inflicting pregnancy losses. Oliver was a miracle since she was pregnant with him at the time and had no plan regarding the septum. On November 7, 2014, a young lady had surgery to induce the septum removed. Read About Nicole Briscoe Biography

Birthdays and Ages

  • Bryan Lanning (born: Jan 20, 1990 [age 29])
  • Melissa young lady Lanning (née Hollister) (born: Oct 27, 1989 [age 30])
  • Oliver James Ollie Lanning (born: July 27, 2013 [age 6])
  • Finley Jay Finn Lanning (born: day, 2015 [age 4]


Missy’s family typically seems within the vlogs whereas Bryan’s family lives out of state. Though each Bryan and the young lady are about to their family. Bryan grew up while not a father.  However, he got to facilitate and at last, met his birth father and his family.

Bryan’s Family

Daily Bumps is that the youngest out of him and his sister Bev, they share a mother, Nancy.

Missy’s Family

Missy is the oldest out of her 3 siblings Jimmy James Jr. and huisache YouTube Channel Their oldsters are Jim James Sr. and Suzzane. Daily Bumps Net Worth, Income & Career (You Tuber).

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