Using Video Chat for Online Customer Service

The COVID pandemic introduced the advent of using the video chat method for customer service. It was an effective method to be used during times of social distancing and allowed businesses to run remotely. Now, this feature is being used everywhere and can be found in many apps as well. It allows people to communicate with each other using an internet connection and a device with a camera. This article will detail how having a video chat as one method of communication will benefit businesses as well as their customers.

Before the video chat method, there was just social media messaging, phone calls, live chats, text messaging, and the likes. None of these options had a video chat communication feature. Customers would reach out to the support reps via texting or a phone call and have their issues resolved through this method. For instance, Comcast Xfinity has a phone number dedicated to helping customers resolve their issues about their products or services. You can read more about it on their Xfinity customer service page, which is dedicated to resolving customer issues. All these activities have mainly been performed without any video communication, but that is about to or has already changed.

The video chat communication method stems from programs that are incorporating a two-way video interaction. It is also known as video conferencing and video calling and can involve more than two people as well. Video chat communication in customer service is gaining popularity since it can save costs and provide a personal touch in the interaction. This low technical barrier allows customers to learn about knowing and trusting a brand.

Advantages of Using Video Chat for Online Customer Service

  • Cutting Time & Costs. In-text messaging chats, there are pauses in the natural flow of conversations – when a customer is typing and the rep has to wait for their answer and vice versa. Or the customer support reps fill in these waiting times by switching to another and then coming back to the first customer a bit later. This can create hurdles too because then the customer has to wait for a reply back. In this scenario, a video call would’ve been effective so that the customer and rep can have a conversation at a time where the rep is merely focused on resolving issues of one customer at a time. Also, video chat communication is faster and time-saver since it allows information to be exchanged in a shorter time. Another issue with standard use of client service is that a lot of people would rather try to avoid it, even if that means looking for some other solution, company, or brand. In that matter, implementing this system can also lead to increased revenue because people could become more attracted to your services and products.
  • Reduced Follow-Ups. Video chat communication allows covering more grounds in a shorter time. This makes it easier for customers to add in more questions and drive into more details than they would otherwise omit in text messaging communication because it was too much of an effort. We all know how struggling it can be when we are facing certain issues when trying to find some product or service online, or when the payment processing simply won’t work. Describing the problem can be challenging and frustrating. Thereofre, this new approach is providing benefits to both sides. The clients will be more satisfied since it will be easier for them to explain the problem. On the other side, companies will improve their efficiency since the support will provide much better results.
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction. In any given situation, customers want the most convenient method that requires lower effort and more comfort. Video calls do just that along with providing a personal touch. When customers are experiencing a problem, it is harder to describe everything through texts. With video calls, it is better for customer support reps to understand their body language as well as be able to see the issue they are having with the products. Both phone calls and emails simply arent’t good enough for any situations. For example, you got a product in a box that is clearly damaged. When you want to describe that though email, you will have to deal with a more complicated process. On the other side, if you get a damaged product that you want to refund, making a video call will make it easier for both sides to comfirm that.
  • Increase in Brand Trust. Adding a personal touch to the interaction with customers means that the customers start to trust the brand, leading to stronger relationships. Trust in this relationship means repeat business, which works out for the brand. While customers have frequent interactions with the brand, customer support reps are able to better understand the customers’ emotions through face-to-face communication. There is no better solution that providing your clients with this option when they have a question or a problem with some of your products or services. Also, people don’t like to deal with any sort of issues, and contacting the support is often challenging and stressful for them. However, video support is a whole new level that will make the procedure faster and easier.
  • Personal Support. In an emotionally charged situation, observing verbal and visual cues are essential. For instance, dealing with high-cost purchases, tense situations, and high-stakes situations such as ones related to finances, the law, health, etc. through chat, email, or phone can feel too impersonal. But through video chat, you can understand how serious such an issue is for your customers. Hence, you would make an effort to put in extra time and extra effort for them. As we already mentioned, it can be difficult for people to explain a problem by writing a mail. Also, they find it challenging and annoying. Thereore, providing them with this ability will show that you care about their needs.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, video chat communication is much more personal and effective than other means of communication. It can result in better lead generation, increased customer loyalty, and a good reputation for the brand, as a result. Keep in mind that some people might rather decide to look for another brand when they have certain questions, but they now have to write an email or call a support.

However, this can change with the ability to talk some in person. The only thing to be aware of is that there is a possibility that some people might try to make fun of this solution, or become too forcing with certain questions. You can deal with that by allowing people to register and then filter only your loyal customers to have this ability.

In the end, keep in mind that some challenges will remain. For example, determining the right amount of people who will work in the customer service. The new option might significantly increase the need of people to contact this service, and if they need to wait for long time for video call, it won’t lead to any benefits. Still, you can choose a great and affordable option to hire freelancers to work part-time, and make your service available all the time. The only thing to pay attention to is that these people are fluent in English.

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