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Fashion trends are often dictated by the celebrities we idolize. Recently, lapel pins have seen a surge in popularity among renowned celebs who use them to enhance their outfits and make bold statements. To find out which were the most popular lapel pins for celebrities, as well as some of the famous names wearing them, we did our research.

1. Soaring American eagle pin


Representing courage and strength, the soaring eagle is an icon of American patriotism. Adorning this symbol on your lapel will be noticed by all those around you, making it the perfect way for celebrities to show off their love for their nation. Available in a range of designs and crafted from durable metals such as gold or silver, these pins are ideal accessories for famous figures wishing to highlight positive nationalism.

2. Holiday pins

Celebrities can take their sophistication to the next level with fashionable holiday pins. From extravagant parties and events to create costumes, these eye-catching accessories make a perfect addition to any look. Notable stars should keep 3-4 of these on hand for different holidays throughout the year such as Christmas, Halloween, or Independence Day! Shopping online or in stores are great options; however, if you’re looking for something unique and personalized lapel pins, Vivipins is your go-to place with no minimum order required at an unbeatable price.

3. National Flag Lapel Pin


Show your patriotism by proudly wearing a national flag lapel pin. These pins are designed to look exactly like the real thing – you can choose between still and waving flags. For optimal quality, make sure that your pin is made with enamel; do some research on reliable manufacturers before making your purchase. With an authentic-looking national flag lapel pin, you’ll be able to express pride in your country wherever life takes you. No matter the event, national flag lapel pins serve as a subtle yet tasteful fashion statement.

Expressing a sense of national pride with a lapel pin depicting the American flag is permitted, and celebrities have leveraged this to draw attention to vital matters. During the 2018 Oscars ceremony, numerous celebs wore an orange American flag lapel pin in support of gun violence victims nationwide. This subtle but powerful addition sent out a call for more action against firearms in America.

4. Crown lapel pin

Nothing can make you look more elegant and stylish than a crown lapel pin! Whether it comes with tassels or not, this small metal accessory is the perfect addition to complete any formal outfit. Even celebrities are seen wearing them for their charm and appeal. While minimal lettering may be used where necessary, these pins typically stand out on their own as subtle yet alluring fashion statements that will surely draw admiring glances from everyone in attendance at your next gathering.

5. Custom numbers lapel pins


At the 2018 ACM Awards, country music stars paid tribute to those affected by gun violence with specially designed lapel pins that featured the numbers 851, 1, and 58. This symbolic gesture was a heartfelt remembrance of those who were tragically lost at a Las Vegas music festival shooting earlier in the year. Superstars Karen Fairchild and Tyler Hubbard were seen wearing lapel pins that symbolized the 58 individuals who lost their lives, as well as the 851 others who suffered injuries due to a shooting. Moreover, number 1 signified one life that could be saved if better conversations are initiated by renowned figures like them.

6. Raised fist pin

Celebrities have long been involved in the protest, whether they participate or produce content related to it. The Black Lives Matter movement offers a statement of solidarity and resistance – the black raised fist lapel pin. Worn by both genders, this subtle yet powerful symbol conveys one’s stance on civil rights issues and can make for an excellent gift item as well.

7. Animal Lapel Pins


Celebrities are renowned for their passion of animals, and some even own exotic creatures or zoos! You can now showcase your favorite animal with the help of a lapel pin. These pins also serve as an emblem to spread conservation awareness around you. As seen in 2018’s Royal Wedding, Tom Hardy made quite an impression wearing his tiger-head lapel pin– proving how these accessories can instantly elevate one’s styling game. So don’t wait any longer – consider getting yourself a statement-making animal lapel pin today and show off your fashion sense too.

8. Custom Insect Lapel Pins

When it comes to fashion, Ivanka Trump is a leader. Half because she knows how to make an investment in her wardrobe and a half due to her collection of lapel pins! During the American Flag Day holiday recently, she showed up rocking the Stars and Stripes on her lapel. But this time around? She switched things up with an insect-inspired accessory – a bee pin made mostly from metal but likely containing some soft enamel detailing that matched perfectly with everything else in her ensemble. We’re sure you know who we have to thank for such sartorial inspiration…Ivanka Trump.

9. Peace sign lapel pin


The international peace sign, formed by the index and middle fingers slightly separated in a V-shape, has made its way into fashion. The neutral lapel pin of this iconic symbol is ideal for any formal or casual gathering you may attend – it’s available in various colors to match your clothing perfectly. Wear the peace sign lapel pin with confidence and spread joy wherever you go.

10. Social Causes and Awareness pins

Celebrities often lead the charge when it comes to raising awareness and advocating for social causes. At 2018’s Golden Globe Awards, many prominent celebrities used lapel pins to vocalize their support for the #MeToo movement against sexual harassment and abuse – none more so than Justin Timberlake who rocked his pin with undeniable style! This united stand called attention to a cause that is unfortunately still relevant today.

Justin Timberlake wearing a lapel pin

For decades, the military has been known to wear lapel pins; it’s no surprise that now everyday people and celebrities alike have picked up on this classic fashion accessory. With these 10 lapel pin designs inspired by famous personalities, you can make a statement – regardless of your fame or influence! These small yet powerful pieces are perfect for any occasion and will help showcase who you are as an individual. Embrace your style today with one (or two) of these stunning celebrity-inspired lapel pins and watch how they transform your look instantly.

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