The Future Of Arcade Gaming: Impact of VR on Games

Arcade games have been an important part of the childhood of the previous generation. People in the past used to frequent arcades to get a break from their everyday work and enjoy their time. Because of the development of computer and cable box games, the popularity of arcades went down. But with the development of … Read more

Texas Hold’em Chips For Advanced Players

Texas Hold’em is the most popular form of poker today, a game with two pocket and five community cards used by all players to make combinations. I think everyone who reads this article already knows this. But here’s the challenge, how do you improve your hold’em game to make it effective? On the expanse of … Read more

Evolution of Football Games

Sports video games have existed since the beginning of the history of video games. In fact, if we consider that Pong is the first video game and that it is a simulation of ping pong, then the essence of the video game is the simulation of sports. Although there are many sports in video games, … Read more