3 Benefits Of Auto-flowering Marijuana Seeds: 5 Things To Know

Are you looking for an easy and convenient way to grow marijuana plants? Auto-flowering marijuana seeds may be the solution you’re looking for! With these seeds, you can grow your own plants at home without having to worry about special lamps, specific light cycles, and other complicated cultivation techniques.

Advantages of Growing Auto-Flowering Marijuana Seeds

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Autoflowering cannabis seeds for sale are becoming an increasingly popular choice for home growers, as they offer several advantages over traditional photoperiod-dependent marijuana strains. They provide shorter growth cycles, require less lawn maintenance, and have higher-THC potential, making them ideal for those who want a fast, rewarding harvest. To help you get the most out of growing auto-flowering marijuana plants, here are some things to know about their benefits.

  • Shorter Growth Cycles: Perhaps the biggest advantage to auto-flowering cannabis plants is that they require much less time to grow compared to their photoperiod-dependent counterparts (traditional cannabis crops). This is because auto-flowering plants only need 8 weeks in total from seedling emergence until harvest time. By comparison, photoperiod strains often take an additional 2 weeks or more. This makes them great for growers who don’t have the patience or resources needed to wait out the longer growing season of traditional cannabis plants.
  • Less Lawn Maintenance: Since these plants flower independently on their own schedule and not necessarily when outside environmental factors such as light temperature and hours change, they don’t need nearly as much attention as regular cannabis crops do in order to thrive and produce top-shelf buds.
  • Higher THC Potential: They can sometimes produce higher amounts of THC than standard photoperiod strains do. This often comes down to genetics; some auto-flowering varieties will naturally grow buds with higher levels of THC than other regular varieties might be able to achieve during their given seasons. Therefore, many growers prefer auto flowering since they don’t necessarily sacrifice potency when trying to shorten the growth cycle from seedling emergence until harvest time!

Tips for Growing

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Growing auto-flower marijuana requires some specialized knowledge and tips for achieving the best harvest possible. Here are some helpful tips for ensuring successful growth:

  • Start Seeds Early – Auto-flowering marijuana seeds should be started indoors six weeks prior to the last frost of the season for an optimal yield of buds. Starting them early helps ensure healthy growth and maximizes bud production.
  • Provide Adequate Lighting – A minimum of 18 hours of light a day is needed when growing these plants indoors. Using high-intensity discharge (HID) lamps helps maintain consistent flowering and maximizes yields.
  • Nutrient Requirements Vary Depending on Strain – Some strains will require more nutrition than others; adjust your compost tea feedings according to different strain nutrient requirements in order to attain maximum bud size and weight.
  • Plants Need Space – Auto-flower plants often need less vertical space compared with standard cannabis varieties; however, it’s essential that each individual plant has enough room to spread its roots outwards, which leads to larger yields with healthier plants overall.
  • Make Sure Temperature is Stable – Consistency is the key to success when growing auto-flowering cannabis strains at home; temperatures should not exceed 28°C (83°F) or soil may dry out quickly leading to poor growth rates. Ideal temperatures range between 21–24°C (69–75°F).


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Whether it’s for personal use or business purposes, growing autoflower cannabis provides an efficient and gratifying experience for all types of growers. With some basic knowledge and understanding of how auto-flowering cannabis works, you can easily maximize yield potential while spending a minimum amount of time on your crop. With successful growth and proper harvest techniques, you can enjoy high-quality buds throughout the season.

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