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There is hardly a person in the USA who would not know what the NBA is. It is now not only a gaming season but has become a deep-rooted part of American culture. Some would even go to the extent of saying that it represents America. With so many teams competing for the trophy every season, it is obvious that fans get a little too excited every time.

With 30 teams(29 from the USA and 1 from Canada) competing every season, it is no news that the fans want to have the best time possible. NBA athletes are, on average, the most well-paid stars in the world of sports.

This is one of the reasons why some fans also want to have a part in this profit and indulge in betting. There are many gambling websites on the internet which provide some decent NBA odds during the playoffs season. Fans and other gambling enthusiasts have a gala time during this period.

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NBA players are real-life celebrities, with millions of fans all around the world. These fans are so devoted that they do not miss even a single chance to get live updates about their favourite stars. There are many sources on the internet to get these, and a few of the best are mentioned below in the article along with some calculations for your reference:

The Official NBA Website

Official NBA Website

The most accurate, up-to-date, and easily accessible site with all the information that you need is available on the official NBA website ( This is the home of all the details, and almost every other online resource is updated from these records. It is generally easy to use and access, with zero to minimal subscription charges.

On the official website, players are divided based on their feats and achievements, rather than just the teams. For instance, if you are searching for the most blocks per game category, then as per the recent records, it would show you Jaren Jackson Jr. This easy interactive interface makes it one of the most trusted and used sources of information online.

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Unofficial Sources

There are many unofficial sources also on the internet which are in no way affiliated with the NBA or any of the sponsors. However, these sources have a well-dedicated system of workers, reporters and fans all around the gaming season which makes them credible and trustworthy.

These have compiled the data available online, along with offline inputs from live games and seasonal changes. These data provide a more robust and accurate prediction about the various players, teams and the season overall.

Unofficial Sources - Comprehensive NBA Stats

Things To Look For In A Comprehensive Stat

To begin with, there is no such thing as a perfect stat that would guarantee the win or defeat of any team or player in general. It is all scientifically calculated, by using the data accumulated from the past seasons, as well as the current conditions of the games and the players. All these are then put together in the form of numbers and variables along with the percentage next to them using mathematical equations.

There are many deciding factors in this comprehensive statistic. These include the total number of rebounds, field goals missed, free throws and free throws missed, along with points and turnovers. All these are football terminologies, which carry distinct meanings with them.

1. Points

NBA Stats Points

These are the most basic systems used for evaluation. These are the actual points scored by a player during a game, based on which the fate of the match is decided. These are divided into three major systems: pointers, two-pointers and three-pointers.

As the name suggests, these indicate the points that are awarded to the team upon each basket. As far as points are considered, sitting at an undefeated mount is LeBron James, with a staggering total of 38,390 points till now.

2. Turnovers

Turnovers occur when a team loses the ball before they can make a shot. This can happen for a variety of reasons, the simplest being a ball pass getting interrupted and intercepted. Turnovers are usually considered bad for a team, as this can decrease their positioning from the hierarchical ladder of the gaming season, thereby affecting the entire team.

3. Player Efficiency Rate

PER, or simply the Player Efficiency Rate is one of the most important factors that take into consideration all the aspects of a game. It is an easy metric to understand which player or team would be performing better in the next league season.

However, not all that glitter is gold. There are a few major drawbacks to this, which make it quite controversial. It was first used and developed for ESPN. It summarizes everything that one needs to know and can be easily understood even by beginners.

4. Win Shares Per 48 Minutes

Developed by Justin Kubatko, this is an interesting metric to measure how the stats would look in the next season. This takes into consideration all the important factors, along with the total number of times a player has contributed to the victory of their team.

It is interesting, as it can be quite a scene to see who all have been lucky enough to score a basket for the team. This is also a bit controversial, but it does the trick of being a good and comprehensive stat tool.


The NBA is not just a gaming league anymore, it has made its way to the hearts and the TV sets of millions of people all around the world irrespective of their race, nationality and sex.

Though it is primarily based in the USA, it still somehow manages to represent diversity and incites a love for the game in every fan. There are many metrics and tools which can be used to predict how the season would roll out. But remember these estimates, no matter how true they turn out to be, are only predictions, and reality can change in no time.

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